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What the Universal Galactic Heart Essence Gives

This essence will guide you to first understanding your own pain and sorrow by making them apparent to you. It will do so by opening up your heart. Never before has your heart opened up in such a wonderous way. You become the observer and no longer are you trapped by your mind. With your heart open in love you view all your sorrows and fears and can immediately understand and forgive. You forgive yourself, the world and God. All becomes joy. Anger slips off like an old coat dropping to the floor releasing your shoulders from a heavy burden. Pains ease away as if a bird, a butterfly, or an Angel lifts it and gives it away to God.

You are no longer separate. You are One.

Tears of release and happiness - comprehension and understanding!

You may feel as if your body or portions of your body are wrapped in cotton - a bit fuzzy and warm, and tingley. Allow this to be. It is the energy working with you.

This essence releases old thought habits that you may have. It will remove any programming and or illusions that have rooted in your mind. You may feel a dizziness as your whole aura adjusts to the new you. It begins by filling your chakras with the necessary light ray or rays. Your chakras are opened and cleansed in love and harmony. Light Beings come to assist you. The light then expands into your aura and goes beyond the conventional knowledge that we all have. Your aura is cleansed and healed outwardly in a perfect sphere of connectedness with Source.

It is most important that when first using this essence that you give yourself ample time (at least an hour) to integrate the workings. The longer you remain in working with this energy the more you will experience! You will know when you are done by allowing your body and intuition to let you know.

You may experience heart palpitations as your heart expands. Visions may occur. Spontaneous laughter may erupt out of your body - allow it all to happen. Laughter can raise your consciousness by the evaporation of all your fears. You feel yourself becoming free of body and mind. You feel a true inner peace and knowing never experienced before. You recognize your connectedness with All things.

This essence will also help you to see and understand relationships you have or have had, and all that goes and went with those relationships. But most importantly, it helps you with the relationship you have with YOU. In this new knowledge you find yourself being lifted up in grace and love. You re-recognize your powers, your gifts and why you too are so important. You recognize - beyond knowing, by Being, to love YOU.

This essence will journey you throughout the cosmic ethers, going where you best will learn and or heal. Allow your guides to guide you knowing you are not alone. Dare to experience your many facets and believe that you are guided in love at all times.

May your journeys open your heart to All, especially Self.

~ Monique ~