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The Making of The Great Central Sun Essence

Monday December the 19th, 2005
Morning, Netherlands

I had my crystal bowl of mineral water wrapped in a white shawl. My Diksha crystal and my Universal Travel Crystal placed around the bowl. I sat on my red cusion, Indian style.

First I downloaded the Diksha crystal, and then the Universal Travel crystal. How different these two energies are! Absolutely beautiful in their individuality.

Immediately came a bright light. An Angel stood before me. She appears to be lit up from the inside. Very clear, but also very bright. If you were to color her in like in a childs coloring book you would make her outline in a bright yellow gold, and the filling in would be done as air that breathes and moves and reflects, giving off color but has none because the color is gone before you can see it but you know that it is there. And this clarity has form and structure, but it can't be named by me. How can I explain the love and gentleness that radiates outwardly from her to me. This smiling, loving Angel and I travel upwards and outwards. We are traveling towards the sun. I can land on the Sun, or I can enter the Sun. We enter the Sun which is then like an open ended tunnel in slightly eliptical form. The whole Sun is the color of the Angel's outline - a yellow gold which looks like fire constantly moving, lifting, shifting as if it has trouble keeping this opening open. At the same time the opening felt as if it were billions of years old, but that, at any moment, that could change. The beings inside had no emanations of worry, only restful, peaceful countenances. Standing in the middle of this opening inside the Sun I was greeted by a large party of Angels and Beings residing and working there. Most happy were they to see me as was I they.

After greeting everyone, I and the initial Angel guide went all the way through this tunnel to the outer regions. I felt as if I were being pulled and pulled and pulled. My guide was no longer beside me! I was alone racing towards something, but not knowing what. It felt as if I were in a kaleidoscope of colors, fragmented and racing at light speed past me. I was mystified as to who was moving, me or the light or both.

Everything faded to a halt when I noticed a planet before me. The Great Central Sun. It wasn't as I expected it to be. The light was milky white with a bluish tinge - like milk. It was as if it were a ball with vines bluer in color, were wrapping around this white planet. I couldn't tell which was revolving or how.

Here too I was allowed to enter past the milky white. I became aware of a field of mist energy surrounding me. I felt as if I needed glasses because I couldn't "see" too well. I kept peering. When I stopped peering and just allowed I was capable of seeing what my surroundings were. I stood in a crowded plaza of Beings, Beings from throughout the Universe. I of course, being curious, found this quite interesting and started peering again whereupon everything went misty again. I stopped peering. Friendly faces of all sorts passed me by. I saw various vehicles of transport flitting (too fast to be just flying) away and arriving. All these energies were as One with the mist that surrounded me. When one felt and thought, all felt and thought, and thought nothing of it!!! There was no judgement, only acceptance in joy and in harmony. There was complete understanding and knowing in this acceptance. I felt free to be me as a whole.

All fears of how another might judge me left! I could breathe again. I was Me again, like I was when I was a child and only saw the good in all things. I didn't even have the tendency to mistrust or go into non-acceptance. My heart was too open.

And there was more. Not only was my heart opened, but my mind was opened. So I therefore found nothing strange. I could accept all for what it was (is). It was quite interesting to attempt, to practice and to experience being in this Oneness. It made things so easy. I could only do this by releasing all my taught programmings from Earth and allow what was (is) there on this wonderful planet.

When I achieved contact with the Oneness it seemed to me that everything that was human in me evaporated and I became Other. I still had my own Beingness, but in another consistency, materialization, and form. It was then that I noticed a greater Being sitting, working, organizing, planning, directing, interacting, smiling, loving, bestowing, allowing, receiving - Truly Being. This Great Being allowed me to see it, and to feel its presence. This Being had no need of a planet. It resides there for us!

Humans need a planet to make "it" all believeable. Once on this planet and in its atmosphere all needing is gone. This Great Being allowed me to see it and to feel its presence. I also allowed my self to see it, and to feel its presence. Because as soon as I started thinking and peering again the image would fade in the mist. I heard the Great Being in my head say, "No, no. You may come." And it was as if it waved hands which faded the mist so that I could move in closer and see more clearly.

It maintained contact with me while seeing my All but not by looking directly at me. It was as if it first needed to prepare me for such a direct "hit". When she/he DID look directly at me, it was a beam of light that touched upon me. This beam of light asked permission to enter, the beam of light being an extension of the Great Being, I responded in the affirmative. This beam of light came slowly, calmly and lovingly, anticipating my every thought and emotion. It entered with its light my third eye, my brain, my head, my mind to exit out the other end in pleasure as a job well done by both the light and myself. I was most grateful for this gift of vision. I was also grateful for the information that light is much more than light alone. Such vast information that it contains!

My mind was truly opened to new possibilites, new sights, emotions and feelings. I saw that The Great Being was central in everything that occurred here on this planet. I noticed that this Plaza was not unlike our own airports where vehicles of all sorts, from all locations came and went with delight and pleasure - with goals,and jobs to be done. Everyone knew everyone. All was connected to All.

When I came back to my Earth beingness I found that I saw more of me in me. And I saw things with a loving perspective. I had the same calmness, knowingness, and lovingness towards myself as did the Great Central Being towards me. This in turn I can do for others. When working with clients I saw the deceased person they wished to contact with more ease and clearer communication. I saw the past with total recall. My whole working field of possibilities was enchanced.

This enhancement is continuing.