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Universal Light - Soul Healings

What can we do with this energy? We can obtain self realization releasing our soul from its binds.

I first work with the client's aura and chakras cleaning up what I can in one session. How far along a person is in their self realization will determine what I can achieve per session. Also, if the person is in the height of enlightenment, working with them would be very different to when they are on a low or what is called "The Dark Night of the Soul'.

Either way this Universal Light will assist to make whatever transitions are necessary much easier and quicker.

After cleaning and balancing the aura and chakras I then place my hands on the persons head to pass on the Universal Light. The Universal Light opens up the brain chakras that haven't been in use and cleans up the ones that have been. It has also happened that some brain chakras are closed to prevent old thought patterns, programming and/or illusions from re-occurring or coming back.

After the brain chakras are opened the Universal Light can enter and integrate completely. It then begins its descent into the body. Each person receives and allows this Light to travel at its own pace. In all that we do and receive we have free will. Wherever there are blockages, the Light will remain to remove obstructions preventing the Light to flow.

Once the Light has penetrated the whole I place my hands on the person's shoulders to bring everything into balance. Here I thank the Universe for opening the person's heart and soul. It is at this time that a person may experience heart palpitations. When the heart is opened I feel the chakras all line up and the aura slightly tick-tocks in harmony left to right, right to left.

I then go to the feet. Here all that has come to the surface to be cleansed is siphoned away into Mother Earth who receives it gladly. I may also take the person down into Mother Earth if I realize that they are not grounded well enough. From Mother Earth a person will always receive a gift!

At the feet I once again thank the Universe for giving the person what is best for them. Sometimes I will see an Ascended Master or Angel that wishes to pass on extra energies for an even higher state of being. In closing I take in the whole of the person and integrate all that has happened leaving the person harmonized, in a clearer state of mind and an with open heart and soul.