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What the Galactic Sun Essence Gives

This essence opens up ones mind via the soul and heart to oneself, the Earth, guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Universal Beings and the Universe as a Oneness - so that our own Oneness is felt and then experienced.

When working with this essence one receives energies that aid in removing judgements that we have formed in our lives. Our hearts open up to new possibilities with an added joy and warmth. We feel at home in our Selves and all situations, with a greater knowing. Through this greater knowing whatever crosses our path we "know" we can handle it. We accept the situations that arise, work with them instead of against them. Life begins to flow. We begin to flow with life.

Our vision becomes clearer in life. We see things as they really are. We see people for whom they realy are. The masks are removed! As everything is a reflection, your masks will also be removed.

You come into contact with all of your Truths. You hear yourself speaking and know when it is or isn't a truth. You are given space to make choices about these truths.

When using this essence one's head clears up immediately and you're left with a feeling of lightness and brightness. It will help in all aspects of your life. Clarity allows pure decisions to be made - decisions that are best and not based on fear or ego. Therefore, when using this essence while making a decision one "knows" that one's decision is good. All human angst is gone. Only light and Truth remain.

Along with the clarity is an all knowing calmness, respect and gentleness for self and others.

I feel that I would like to say more but wouldn't know how to begin to express the enormity of what I had experienced. Each moment felt as if each individual cell of mine were being instructed, cleaned and restored to a pureness long forgotten. The thankfullness, the happiness and the knowing that I received are beyond words.

The more people become aware, the more we can achieve the same Oneness that the Great Central Sun has achieved. I thank this Great Being for its teachings and hope to pass this on to many others.

~ Monique ~