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There are many things that one could focus on in their lives. I have worked with troubled children, abused horses, owned a restaurant, been a bookkeeper, and even cleaned toilets for a living. I'm a mom, a wife, been out on my luck, have traveled extensively, been rich then poor, met up with people, both nice and not so nice, have been confused, weak and frustrated. I've been angry and disappointed, happy and thrilled. Excited and content and even at peace with everything. From each experience as a human I have learned. All the while remaining true to my calling.

My calling has been to help heal Mother Earth, and to further the ascension of mankind. This I do by being continuously aware of all the changes that take place. With this awareness I assist people in adjusting and integrating these changes that affect them directly. I can help to remove karma from the past. I can help to heal a troubled soul. I can awaken the brain chakras for clarity and insight, wisdom and knowledge. Many others are also working towards ascension. The more we connect with one another Universally in enlightenment the easier it will be for our brothers and sisters to join us on this journey.

I've dedicated my life to learning as much as I can about how energy works with energy. Each time I am surprised at the new levels of awareness that are accomplished. I was born a sensitive, all seeing, all communicating child. All children are.

Some of us keep that knowledge as we continue our life here on Earth. We may have hidden it for awhile, but we remain aware of it at all times. Some things might have gotten blocked, but the awareness of having had it is still present. This allows one to eventually come full circle. After receiving what one was to learn, what was blocked is then removed. In this way, step by step the child as an adult returns to his/her full enlightenment.

My journey back to full awareness hasn't been given to me on a silver plate. But I am grateful that I was allowed to recall what it was like to be enlightened with the All. I have since then returned to this state. I am now in the process of integrating all the facets of this, and passing all my learned knowledge to all those I come into contact with.

Hopefully my website will be able to assist those in need of information not available elsewhere. If I can at least make one person excited about stepping onto the road of spirituality and ascension, then I have done a good thing. And if that one person can make another enthusiastic, then we have done a better thing.

In assistance I hope that should you have any questions you wish to have answered that you would e-mail me at my e-mail address: luvunite@12move.nl.

Should you wish to read a detailed story of how I traveled my road towards ascension, and those of others, you can go to: www.cosmicharmony.com a wonderful website created by my friend Jerry Davidson.

Enjoy this website built in love with the assistance of many "helpers" and friends,