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Grounding with Mother Earth and The Universe:

Allow the light (whatever color is best for you at this time) to enter your whole being. Allow it via your crown to slowly and lovingly enter, descending in a rate that is true to you. When the light has descended throughout your whole beingness allow it to descend even further into Mother Earth. Allow yourself to believe that you can communicate with her energy. Allow yourself to receive her love and her healing energies. Once this is done, allow this accumulated energy to ascend back up through Mother Earth, via your feet and legs, the first chakra and on up and out via the crown chakra. Allow the energy to ascend even further! Allow it to enter into the Highest Realms Of Love, Light and Sound that the Universe is. Rest there awhile and BE. Once that is done, descend with this accumulated energy, once again via the crown chakra. Allow this wonderful newly gathered energetic you to descend and enter your heart chakra. Feel how that feels. Allow it to fill you with its love and grace. Allow it to warm your heart to Self and to mankind. Allow this energy to fill you with inner peace and knowingness. Allow this energy to show you that you are love.

What helps is to visualize yourself sitting, standing or lying down, observing the self (from a different perspective) and how the energy interacts with you as a physical being, teaches you to remain within yourself and allows the energies to do what they do best with you. In this way you are not willing the energy to do something, but allowing it work as is best for you... Letting go in total surrender to the Light of the True Source is the most difficult thing for most people. But it gives the greatest joy! Practice believing. Practice knowing you are love and that in this love you receive love. The receiving of love comes in all shapes and forms - or energies. Practice allowing.

Never compare your experiences, or way of working to another to see if you're doing "īt" well enough. Always be true to yourself and give yourself permission to do things YOUR way.

I'm giving basic assistance; the rest is up to you.