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The Commonality of Essences:

        11:11, Galactic Sun, Universal Heart

"With these essences one can experience several changes within their being ness. I suggest to you to please read what is written here below before starting on your journey. Thank you."

Love and Light on all your journeying, Monique

General Information

Using these essences you receive an enhanced consciousness. As wonderful as this is, please be aware that a healthy approach to the use of these essences is necessary as they are not ordinary essences. The energy within is quite powerful, and so for those that are sensitive I ask that you be careful with using these essences. It may be a good idea to first only hold the bottle(s) for a reaction before actually placing a drop of essence on your being, or placing a drop under your tongue. These essences come from the highest good and the highest frequency of love.

Written below are the effects that can occur when and while using these essences. Also included is an exercise in grounding with Mother Earth and the Universe for stability. The individual descriptions for the essences explain what I have experienced while creating the essences and what each of the essences can provide.

Even though each individual essence has its separate workings, there seems to be a common thread running through them all. It is that which I wish to address.

A Greater Consciousness:

The enhanced consciousness these essences provide, gives you empathy for mankind. Within this empathy is a knowingness of the greatness of mankind, but also of the pit-falls of mankind. You become aware of your own greatness. You are aware of your mind and that you have become the observer. Things will not affect you as before. You feel that you are leaving the Earthly feelings and familiarity behind you. Your thinking, your reactions become other. Because you are linked in a Oneness Consciousness within the human body, it takes time and observance of self to integrate all that is being received. Practice and grounding will help comprehend what is happening. It takes time and patience with self to be able to deal with this new you. To accept this new you. It may feel that you have lost You. This is also a part of the experience and one of learning. It is called ascending. It is called being enlightened.

When in this new energy, this new re-found you, give yourself permission to BE this renewed you. We think that we need to go back to who we were before the experience, to be grounded and whole. This is not the case. We need (if we wish) to ground and integrate these new energies and allow this new state of being to be. It's like a tree sprouting a new leaf. The tree still remains itself, but with an added energy - the leaf. The tree doesn't question. I will use a story to demonstrate. I was allowed to heal a woman with scoliosis. She has had pain all of her life. Removing this pain was a wonderful gift. Except that the next day she dared not move anymore, afraid that if she did the pain would come back, and she was so enjoying not having pain. I needed to remind her that her renewed self is someone without pain and would always be without pain if she but allows this renewed self to Be. By focusing on the pain she could give it (the pain) and herself permission for it to come back. What is gone is gone unless you truly believe you need it! But what has been added is added. Be like a tree.

These essences work like building blocks. Sometimes after taking one of the essences, the newness of an experience will shock you out of a journey or experience. That is also a part of the learning. Please dare to look again at what you did experience, and when done looking, please look again and again. Even if the experience was minute in length and information and or feelings, it's still vital information for you. By daring to re-look at your experience, you will become used to the experience of experiencing and will no longer find it abnormal, but a part of whom you are. We are all such a many faceted being. Dare to discover all of you! Only in this way can you accept and allow the building blocks you need in building your staircase to the Oneness.

Ascension - Caution and Wisdom

        The Masters, The Avatars, The Angels and Archangels.

A passing on of information is VERY important in this phase, or it may start to feel like you've become claustrophobic in your new knowingness. So it is very important to have someone you can share with, either in person, via the telephone or e-mail, or sharing by healing. Writing a day diary of all your feelings and experiences can help to guide you. By looking back on your writings you will see the links that are important for you. It will also show you your growth patterns. Do be prepared to allow yourself some integration time before sharing with others, or you will be "giving away" instead of "passing on" what you have received.

By sharing your excitement and newly added energy you integrate it even more within the self. Often times when and while sharing, things become even clearer as to the workings of what you have received.

While stating the next I wish to start off by saying that you are NEVER alone on any of the journeys that you take. Guardians of the light will always be in attendance!

The vastness of this Universal knowing and Oneness could possibly give one a feeling of being very alone and unsure of who you really are. Due to the fact that we haven't yet let go of all our illusions, the vastness can be frightening as we take our experiences and fears with us on our journeying. That is why grounding is very important, and the belief that we are All One can support our journeying. This vastness and oneness is also a part of the experience of enlightenment. It takes wisdom and time and experience to be able to go where the Masters and Avatars have already gone, and still are. They are in a permanent state of enlightenment.

When Ascending within the human form we receive experiences that these enlightened beings know we can handle. So if at first you are startled or frightened, please dare to look again, as it is something the Universe knows you can accept. If you cannot accept what you have seen and or experienced at this time, please let it go and look at it at a later date when you feel more comfortable and self confident to be able to do so. Most times these experiences make note of things needing to be cleared. Ask for assistance that is visible or physically felt. You will be assisted! Allow the energy of the essence to do its work for you and know that it will never take you where you are not meant to go.

I do want to mention that most people on the advanced course of spirituality arrive there by going through what is called a "Dark Night of the Soul". I have done this. Even though for me my dark night was on two separate occasions, locations, time zones and methods, and lasted for two weeks, I was well grounded and never frightened during the situation. I "knew" that this too was an aspect of me that I needed to confront. My fears had taken on their own shapes and forms. Even though those two weeks were difficult, my continuous belief is what saved and assisted me. Asking the Christ for assistance, even in the darkness (and it was VERY dark), shed light on all my fears. I was surrounded by beauty, healing and love. I learned my lessons, and as a very changed enlightened human being, continued on my road to learning with a renewed enthusiasm and dedication. I had managed to know that it is love and being love that saves you. I can now look at the darkness of spirits and not be afraid, but work from the heart in love and beauty with them and not against them.

Whenever in a "sticky" situation pretend that you are a light bulb of love. We all know that we receive light, now shed out that light! Walk in your light. Get to know your light. Laugh in your light. Listen and hear in your light. Love in your light. Be Light!

This will always assist you. While still learning who we are, we are allowed to make use of our Helpers by having their light fill us and surround us. The whole meaning of these lessons is to learn how it is to be in high frequency light. We only use the Helpers light UNTIL we can consciously and completely exist, wholly integrated in our own Light. Once we are aware of our own light and how it feels and appears, it is up to us to allow it to expand - ever expanding out into the Universe until connected with Source. This too is a many facetted, adventurous and wondrous journey. Enjoy it!

Via these essences you can come into contact with a greater aspect of your Higher Self and experience what it is like to be an Avatar or an Ascended Master. This may frighten some, and thrill others. Some may journey into the heavens and be glad, bringing back to Earth these wonderful light filled energies. Yet others may feel that the "Who am I?" may dominate. Or the "I am Lost." is very present. Information is light bringing. What we don't know we seem to fear. You can feel by not knowing where you are going, that you are journeying on the outer fringes. On the one hand it is extremely fascinating, while on the other hand you can feel like you're "Out There" all on your own. Each journey is a lesson, an experience. Dare to experience knowing that you are learning.

If you are keeping track of your experiences, as I do, you will see that the advancements are being made in a step by step procedure. And the steps are never too high, nor too low. Nor are they neither too broad nor too narrow. They are just what they are, steps to a higher learning, perception, acceptance and loving. They are Steps to enlightenment and each step is a piece of enlightenment that becomes a whole. Each person will experience his or her own steps. No two people's adventures are ever the same. They may verge on the familiar, but are still formed to serve the individual. "There are many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is still the same."

Therefore a certain degree of self trust and willingness to experience is needed when using these essences. Someone who is more experienced in working with energy, and the Ascended Masters, guides, Angels and Arch Angels may have an easier time working with these essences. They have information that will support them on their journeying.

A person only seeking after a thrill, a joy ride into the Universe, a wow! may meet with surprises. Wanting is ego. Asking, "What is best for me now at this time?"- is wisdom.
When choosing an essence, choose from the heart.

This said, I also wish to say that sometimes, ignorance is Bliss! Through ignorance one is an open vessel to the receipt of enlightenment. Sometimes too much knowledge can be a hindrance. I say again, no two paths of experience are the same. All are important and amazingly wonderful adventures. Remain true to yourself at all times!

"The separated self sense, not only resists the possibility of enlightenment, but actually defends against it, knowing that awaking will end its illusory existence. All that we believe about enlightenment and all that we do to try to bring about this state, arise from the very sense of separate self that must surrender and "die" for grace to descend and enlightenment to occur. Yes, we can prepare ourselves; our efforts are not in vain. But, in the end, it is only through total surrender that enlightenment can occur." (Kiara Windrider, Fire from Heaven)