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Personal Essences, How They are Made

After listening to the customers story I click on to the customers soul signature, either from a distance or while sitting across from me. I place a crystal glass of water in a white shawl to show that I am ready to begin. I have my Universal Travel crystal to the left of the glass, and my Diksha crystal to the right. I have many healing crystals. From these, two are chosen to be placed in the customers hands. If it is a distance healing I place them on the table with the intent that they connect in spirit with the customer.

I then lock onto the Universal Energy and receive what is best for the customer.

This process is best explained by reading the client experiences below.

Personal Essences, Client Experiences


Margo has ostoporosis. She felt that mainstream medicine was not helping her and wished to try an essence. As she sat across from me with two clear crystals bringing in the Universal Light Rays, I began to receive.

First came a monk in a dark rusty brown robe with a large wooden rosary wrapped around his waist. The monk had black wavy hair, a mustache and extremely dark eyes. He dangled the wooden cross of his rosary into the glass of water, and then stepped aside.

Second came Jesus in a white light announcing his arrival. Jesus placed a tear from his left eye with his left index finger into the glass of water. He then stepped aside.

Thirdly came a gold dragon breathing gold fire into the glass for warmth of the blood cells.

Fourth came a star from the Pleaidian galaxy, swooshing like a metorite through the glass to quickly re-join the galaxy it descended from.

Each visitation was more real than this reality. Every sense is heightened. It is a wonder each time that I am capable and allowed to commune with these Beings in such a way.

Since the making of this essence Margo has experienced many wonderful things. Her whole body receives burning jabbing pains that shoot in and are gone as quickly as they came removing blocked energies. Hot spots occur throughout her body. And various clear images have come to her with messages attached. She is still using this essence but is excited and certain that it is "doing" something in curing her osteoporosis.

This story will be updated.


Nicole is lost. She is in a complicated relationship with a husband that has a cancerous brain tumour. She doesn't know weather she wishes to focus on healing her husband or herself. Nicole has a tendancy to be depressed and suffers from burn-out.

Nicole and I sat next to each other, my crystal bowl between us, my crystals in place. I began to receive visions while the water was receiving Universal Light and energy.

First came a light ray of green. The green was very strong in color, but not dark. I saw it turning the water to a mossy green color.

Second the Universe opened up to the Angelic Realm and a half circle of Angels in prayer were singing.

Thirdly an angel wing was brought into focus. The Angel wing began to glisten. The glistening drops of liquid began to climb up the Angel wing towards its tip. The Angels continued to sing. It felt as if the air around us struggled to maintain its quality. Something shifted and the air became sparkling and clear with a noticeable difference. Breathing became easier and it felt as if we were made lighter. All the while droplets were gathering at the tip of the Angel's wing.

Fourth the drop teetered ever so long - would it or wouldn't it drop? Nicole sighed, and with the sigh the drop fell. It fell with beauty and grace and as if time had slowed everything down. It was a wonder to watch it descend, connect with the water in the bowl, splash upwards, and then back down, settling.

Fifth the water again changed color. The color of an Angel's wing.

Nicole is not an avid user of the essence, nor does she meditate with it each day. And yet many changes are occuring. The strength of choice she never realized she had, she is now using. A cleansing of the body has occurred. And a clarity of thought seems to always be present. She now sees her goals and finds it easy to obtain them. Actions are no longer bogged down by a feeling of depression. There is a new calmness. The Angels have truly supported her in her trying times.

Each time I am allowed to make a personal essence for someone miracles occur. I hope that these two stories give you some insight as to how the Universe can work for us.