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Working with the Essences:

When working with these essences sit or lie down in a comfortable fashion. Be sure you are warm, especially the feet. Allow for no distractions but the ones that life gives you. Go with the flow, as they say. When I meditate I do not go into a deep meditation... I sit quietly and relax. Do not expect anything, therefore allowing your self to be open for everything. I ALLOW information to come to me, or through me. If there is an intention that I wish to place, or I have a particular question I wish to have answered, I do this before taking the essence while connecting with Mother Earth and the Universe - sending out my thoughts in love, to be received in love. I do not, after taking the essence, immediately start looking for the answer, or try to make a link to something or other. I allow the essence to do its work. I sit back, relax, allow, and receive. If I have received something that causes me or one of my chakras to jump in reaction, I focus on my whole being and my breathing, remaining calm, reminding myself, that I AM. Then calmly remaining in the energy I ask for guidance. Again I allow the answers, via sound, symbols or examples to come to me, or through me.

A lot of times, an answer will be the word "Soon". Soon can mean anything from a nanosecond to a year. Please be patient. It is now well known that things are speeding up. What we wish for happens more quickly than ever before. Be careful, therefore, of what you wish for and ask yourself, do I REALY wish this?"

When I am using these essences I also receive a lot of light. Sometimes the light is blue or pink, green or violet. But mostly it is white or gold and or crystal refractions. Each individual will receive the light ray that is correct for them. (Some people feel these energies rather than see them. It will seem that your sense of awareness is heightened and that you become even more accurate in your knowingness. Don't be surprised if you also happen to visualize things as has happened too many of my clients!) Surrounding yourself in this light on a daily basis will help to expand your consciousness, help clean out your chakras, the aura, and your emotional, mental and spiritual fields. I always place a few drops of essence under my tongue, a drop on my third eye, and a drop on my heart. Then I lightly and loosely hold the bottle of essence between my hands. I immediately see (feel) the color of light that fills me. I have a very chatty mind, so it usually takes a bit for me to shut down and allow. I do this by allowing the mind to chat, but I don't react to it. This way it has no feed back and will eventually stop chatting and go into stillness. Remember that the essences themselves can aid in this by showing you that you are the observer of all that you think, feel and do.

I have said that not only do I place drops of essence on my body, but I also place a couple of drops under my tongue. I have had clients who were afraid to take these essences internally as they felt that it would be too powerful for them at that time. Some clients only hold the bottle and experience. Others place a drop on the forehead and heart chakra only, or on only one chakra. Please follow your intuition. These are very powerfully effective essences!

It may happen that a lot of situations that have occurred in a past life or lives (showing your recurring themes), or many happenings in this life, showing your current theme, may come to the foreground, the surface. Even people that you haven't thought of in years may come in an instant to the surface. This is cleaning, or enlightening, your sub consciousness. How you deal with these experiences will tell how you do or don't grow in your travels via your heart and soul. Pushing things aside to deal with them later is not the answer. Find the time to "deal" with issues either pleasant or unpleasant need to be dealt with. You will be glad of this later as you find that your load lightens each time you do this. At first the cleaning up of your subconsciousness can feel daunting as there are years of accumulated "not now!" situations, thoughts and feelings stock piled up in your subs consciousness. Remember that just by beginning you are enlightening yourself. Beginning is the first and most important step to awareness a person takes on their life journey.

All of these occurrences do not happen in one session but over a period of time. When a person loses weight slowly over a lengthy bit of time, the weight stays off. Give yourself permission to receive and experiences over a length of time so that they can become thoroughly integrated with your whole being.

Also, don't stop using this essence after a couple of times. It's like what the pharmacist always has on his bottles. Even though the symptoms may disappear before all the medication is used up, please continue to use the medication until the end of its use as described by your doctor. The more you use these essences, the more you will receive. So dare to finish up the bottle of essence!

Also, the longer you sit with these essences the more you will receive. Just when you think you're finished, with a slight pause in between, along comes the next gift of receiving. And even though this is true, listen to your body and your heart. If your eyes, head and or mind are tired, please stop experiencing and wait until you are fully recuperated and integrated from the last experience before continuing. You want to ascend, or go forward as a complete whole. Not to do so could weaken your foundation. Therefore a healthy attitude is a must when working with essences or any other spiritual gifts we have.

It is also therefore necessary that before working with these essences you learn to ground yourself. Going into the subconscious often means confronting your fears. Belief in Self and God (Source, Universe, etc.) is what guides and assists you.