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Welcome to the Website Loveunite

My goal is to assist those on their ascension path. I hope that this will be one of your most interesting sites. I have worked diligently with my guides and they with me to prepare a site that will assist most people in advancing their ascension process. The goal of mankind is to develop light bodies so that the ascension process escalates. By clicking onto one or more of the pages listed to the left, we hope to have helped your progress in some way.

Included are the stories of the making of the Universal Essences. Even though you may not want to order them, the read is truly worthwhile. By reading the stories of how they were made and the effects that they give, one can elevate their frequency and possibly gain some knowledge.

As this site is still a work in progress please find some time to come back and look again. I hope to have photos of my healing crystals on line so that by looking at them, one can receive the energies that they wish to download. Maybe there will be one that jumps out at you that you would like to work with via its picture.

There are so many ways of working with the energies. I hope that my site becomes a site that fits the purpose of everyone that finds the time to visit with it.

Thank you.