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What the Metatron Essence Gives

Metatron is above the Archangels. It is his task to direct the Archangels, the Angels, The Workings of the Universe on a spiritual level. It is his partner Melchizedek that controls the Universal scientific laws. It is no surprise then that ALL the Universal colors would enter into this essence. This essence allows one to feel and experience Metatron's Universe and the wonders therein. One obtains more insight and understanding of how things relate to one another. By using this essence in connection with Metatron all answers are immediately present, the correct light ray, the correct Deva, Master, Angel and or Archangel. And let us not forget all those Other great Universal diverse beings of light and love, lending their energies for us to see, hear, know, feel and download and then pass on to others while remaining in this very high energy and Universal Awareness. It is no wonder that a client's energy field is uplifted in grace without struggle, to a higher balance of love and wisdom. Even the most closed up, blocked up person receives an opening, an experience, an awakening with this essence!

Using this essence allows the 12 light rays to enter your being - that and activate your Higher Self, and your Angel, Archangel like potential, and your DNA. It also places you in a higher, broader perspective with wisdom, knowledge and clarity. It shows you what yet needs to be cleansed, strengthened and or healed from within this higher knowing. It works on creating your lightbody to ascend to the 5th dimension.

Working with this essence means that you will be working from within all your strengths, in balance to harmonize and integrate the higher spheres. This balance occurs by working from within and without your heart chakra. It is very important in this period of mankind to realize your heart's light potential, and to let it flow.

All the chakras and hara line will be opened, cleansed and repaired with strength and ease.

It is important when first working with this essence that you first allow the essence to take you, or to give you what is best for you at this time in your life.

Then as a second step to work with intentions such as the opening and clearing of chakras, and the hara line.

A third step could be to travel through a dimension, or to go to a planet to learn what lesson is best for you at this time.

A fourth is to have your guide take you to the higher spheres!

A fifth to receive healing.

Metatron is so vast, Be vast yourself!

~ Monique ~