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Possible Effects When Working With These Essences:

1) Dizziness as the brain and head chakras and the general aura open up, realign and receive cleansing.

2) Heart palpitations as the heart chakra opens up.

3) Third eye pressure as energy is sent inwards, remember to relax all head muscles.

4) Neck aches as if the neck vertebrae need to be popped. This is due to the kundalini pressure rising up, and/or energy is being released that needs to be released and/or energy is flowing into you. Try to prevent yourself from adjusting the pressure yourself. Let whatever pressure is present, even though uncomfortable; be released on its own time table. This could take days, weeks and or months. Be aware and allow. It WILL go away!

5) DNA re-adjustments in the strands you already have or the DNA strand(s) you are receiving. This is also a cause for neck aches.

6) Backaches between the shoulder blades where the heart chakra on the back is located. The essences cleanse the "need to protect my back" heart chakra and realigns it.

7) The tailbone goes hot then cold, then hot again as energies are readjusted in your hara line and spinal column. This is also cleansing first chakra traumas.

8) Ringing of the ears, skull sounding as if it were a Tibetan singing bowl. The ears can go warm to hot and start to ring at a high pitch. This is normal as the ears receive the adjustments necessary to receive the messages and codings from the Universe. It may happen that you receive Universal Stereo Ears! This is great to experience! The same is true for the skull ringing as all brain and head chakras are opened, cleansed and shifted to a higher frequency.

9) Not quite present, you may feel like you're a piece of cotton.

10) Tightening of the forehead, or feeling as if the forehead has a slight sunburn. This is from the effects of receiving Universal light via the forehead and crown chakras.

11) Due to the new realizations and clarity received with these essences, things in your life such as job , relationship etc. can change - because you've changed. Accepting change is sometimes difficult because we love the familiar. Don't change anything you don't really want to. Sometimes a complete change isn't necessary, but a new perspective can give a situation a new chance, stimulation, and a freshness filled with new found hope.

One can allow the essence(s) to do their work or one can resist. When resisting physical discomforts can be enhanced. Remember to relax. Before beginning in working with the essences be sure to allow all thoughts of things needing to be done to go into the wind. Or write any troubling or interfering thoughts down and forget them. You can take care of them later. These are thoughts that may need addressing, but at another time. Now is the time to give yourself permission to experience what it best for you. Also remember that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. It is WE that enhance the fears that we have to such proportions that we dare no longer confront them. Believe in yourself and all will be well.

Are the journeying and the experiencing worth while? Of course, all lessons are worth while. But how do we want to learn? With fear or in Love for self and the knowingness that we are All One and that there is no separateness from God, The Source, The Universe, and Mother Earth and from each other? Accept all the assistance that is given, using what works best with you. The more you experience, the more self confidence you will receive while working with all of these energies. The fears we have here on earth will also be apparent during our travels. Never mind that. Learn from it. Dare to be joyous in the company of the Masters, entering other galaxies, joining in chorus with the Angels. As Above, So below. So Below, As Above. Ground yourself each day; give yourself permission to enjoy your life here on earth and your life in the Universe as a child of Oneness.

I wish all of you wellness, happiness, wisdom, knowledge, clarity, harmony, balance, charity, health, abundance, calmness, joy, insight, confidence, inner beauty, peacefulness……….. and the list goes on.

But mostly, I wish you the knowing that you are Love.