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The Making of The Universal Galactic Heart Essence

December 21st, 2005, midnight.

Actually, it was a quarter past the midnight hour when a spirit guide came along and tapped me on the shoulder and with the crook of its finger signaled me to follow it while saying, "It's time to make the essence." I was extremely tired and didn't rise from my chair and kept looking at the television not really hearing or seeing anything. A bit later this same spirit taps me once again on the shoulder and again states that I should follow, "It's time, even though we will have to set the time back…", it says while walking away from me. It walks in a beautiful blue light. "Set the time back?" I wonder.

I felt it saying that the energy for making the essence would have to be set back to midnight energy and that the spirit was already contacting others in the Universe to arrange this. This feeling is beyond description it was so vast! I felt as though it gave me the most minute glimpse of the vastness of another reality where I am but VERY small indeed. I finaly get up, very tired wishing I were already in bed. Through my exhaustion I was confused and surprised that I needed to make the essence at this time. I became confused as to what day of the week it was, and what time it was. So I looked at our furnace clock and it said 12:15. I felt a bit guilty about my lazy attitude and reaction. The wonder of Beings being able to set energy back in time to adjust the frequencies for my essence making. The fact that I was chosen to do so! What an honour.

My exhaustion was lifted with the help of a most charming being in white rediating light. The warmest smile departed from this light towards me and filled my head with gold essence which evaported my exhaustion. I was wide awake and filled with excitement. Another Being already in place to assist me. Thank you.

I filled a crystal bowl with mineral water. I layed three shawls around it to honour all those present and my signal to show that I was ready. The first shawl was of gold (a gift from a dear friend, Alice Violet), the second was pink (another gift from my dear friend Hawan), and the third was white (a gift to myself). The shawls had fallen naturally in such a way that the bowl of water sat in the center of a beautiful flower.

I then placed my Diksha crystal containing both male and female aspects at 12 o'clock of the bowl. I sat at six o'clock, and my Universal Travel Crystal sat at 9 o'clock. (I don't have anything yet for 3 o'clock - this will come.)

I went into a slight meditative state my gaze containing the bowl, the shawls, and the crystals.

This time it wasn't as if the Universe opened up it doors to me. No, not this time. This time my house, my livingroom was the Universe where Great Beings were already present orchestrating what needed to be done.

Instantly everything dissapeared as I was journeying through time and cosmos. Crystal light sections reflecting, refracting light were rushing past me as I was still, or was I in motion? I passed through the Sun - so quickly it was a tiny blip of conscious awareness. Beyond the Sun, beyond all the known planets. My head felt as if it were expanding. I was in two places at the same time. Quite aware of my body in the Netherlands - and quite aware of my light body traveling through the cosmos. I had silvery winged quides that continuously held me in regard. Their regard was loving and protective. At first they appeared as Angels, flowing gossamer like through the ethers. When looking again they were two bright stars of glowing light. Their light reaching far and away. Tears of joy and love well up in my eyes as I remember this honour. Onwards and outwards. My head on Earth still felt as if it were expanding and that soon something would pop! My body focused on its breathing and I was ever so minutely present in my physical noting that I was relaxing all my muscle tensions due to this wonderous, exciting adventure. My crown chakra released, my heart released, and once again I was with my Angelic friends. I cannot explain enough how quickly such things go, and that only by looking back upon it can I slow it down enough to gaze upon, re-experience it with full consciouness, or at least to the best of my ability.

It is an out of body experience that is divine.

We enter the Universal Galactic Heart. I cannot write this without my heart expanding ever more, and not feeling the tears of happiness re-surfacing there in my heart. It's not the tears of the eyes, but the tears of the heart and soul that receive healing here.

With gentleness and love I am deposited on a surface of love and only love. It is a Oneness that I cannot in words explain. It is something that needs to be experienced. It is therefore that I am ever grateful for the essences that can be passed on for each one to experience their own Universal Oneness.

I was led through many initiations. All of which I cannot re-name as I haven't forgotten, but were not made a priority. Appropriately things were done so that I could contain the energy needed to make this essence.

Remaining on this planet of Love in the Heart of the Universe I was taken in spirit to a large Blackness. I was experiencing Monique in the Netherlands, Monique on the planet of Love, and Monique in the space of darkness. Three in one. It may seem strange to say, but when I focus or click on to the total image of this, I feel more present on the Universal Galactic Heart than anywhere else. Monique in the Netherlands felt far away and very strange as if she were make believe. And the Monique in the Blackness felt as if she were a tiny pupil needing to study much more. The Heart Planet felt safe and warm and loving and secure. Who would want to leave that? The happiness one feels is immense. True Bliss.

In the Blackness I felt as if I were stuck on the end of a telescope that zoomed outwards trillions of light years. I noted layers of Beingness. So numerous I couldn't count. I also wasn't in a state to count! I could only observe. It was as if a huge panoramic film were being played before my eyes. I felt held in place. I couldn't go into any of what I was seeing, though my wanting was strong.

For a brief moment I re-connected with the Great Being of the Galactic Heart as it read my thoughts, my wanting. It was pleased and released my hold and once again I was in the huge space of Blackness. Only this time free to zoom into the layers of Awareness. Given to me is what I needed and requested.

First layer was one of fire - Earth being born. The Great Galactic Council gathers all energies to create a gift of God on the instruction from God. A source that teaches other sources by example. Great gifts will be received.

Second layer - Earth dying. Earth cooling, smoldering. Going into stillness as its soul waits to enter. Earth being held and supported by Great Beings as the beginnings of the grid are formed.

Third layer - Earth re-uniting with Source. The Earth is opened in great Joy, love and harmony as its soul enters and makes it a living entity.

Fourth layer - The awakening. Earth united with and integrating a Greater Being - Mother - The Goddess.

Fifth Layer- Other Beings seeding the planet - each Being depositing a miniscule aspect of it's Beingness, Gaia becoming greater.

Sixth Layer - The wonder of release - free will - Earth growth. Mother Earth decides.

Seventh Layer - The battles of Becoming - Mankind and Awareness. The beginnings of Being.

Eigth Layer - Great Beings leaving the planet - the changes that occur. Mankind alone.

Ninth Layer- Mankind forgets. Order and the loss of order. The Angels observe. Mother Earth Allows. Mother Earth loves us and convinces the Universe of our deserving.

Tenth Layer - The struggle. Mankind tries to find Self. Mankind partially realizes he is not alone, but is one. Spiritual awareness.

Eleventh Layer - The regrouping. Wholeness. Oneness. Enlightenment. Ascension truly begins.

Twelfth Layer - Full Circle. The re-joining as One - There is Universal Joy. The Angels sing.

Thirteenth Layer - God visits the Earth. We are like God.

All is transformed.

To the Source I was shown. I saw how its heavenly light poured down on mankind. The more mankind evolved the closer it ventured into Gods overwhelming light. Like a funnel wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Many Great Beings of Light upon Light, in Gods Gold light traversing back and forth bringing in wisdom and knowledge, making our transmissions and our transitions, easier. The Oneness is there for us all. May we all be able to open up our eyes and see it.

It was then that I stood before Christ and saw, felt, experienced all that he was on Earth as Jesus. With his eyes upon me, our hearts interconnected, my level of understanding lifted. My heart overflowed, overwhelmed by his radiance, as he helped me to adjust to my new recognition of self. I clutched the crystal bowl of essence as if it were my child, but is a child of the Universe for mankind. What a gift! He placed his ring of truth into it and placed his hand of initiation over my third eye and said, "You are my child, my healer. You, as student of True Source are welcomed into the heavens of God. As one we will travel side by side. You are my vessel." I welcomed the Christ into my heart anew, more deeply and profoundly than ever before. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I released one pain after another, one sorrow after another, one illusion after another, one programming after another. I was allowing to enter into my Being all Universal knowledge, wisdom, clarity, consciouness, health, abundance, gladness, purity, harmony,….ONENESS. All my clouds left me. Just above the spine on either side at the base of my skull there was a lot of burning and releasing of pain. As the tears of joy within my opened heart flooded out of my eyes, all my accumulated pain and sorrow flowed away clearing out all illusions and negative thought patterns to remain only in the Total knowingness of my open heart. The energy of the Christ holding the space for me, guiding me, teaching me, loving me.

I felt elated. This elation kept expanding on and on. When it felt as if I couldn't expand anymore, another experience of bliss entered my being, giving more expansion and more joy. My joy, my joy releasing all fears and doubts. I couldn't stop crying or laughing. The tears and laughter erasing, erasing. I felt my whole Self exlode in joy, integrating with the Great Cosmic Beings. And I danced with Them.