Cosmic Harmony - The State of Enlightenment

Let there be:  Cosmic Harmony

"The Universe has been called the Cosmic Form of the Divine.
All the beings you see here are manifestations of the Cosmic Form.
This means that all are inherently Divine."

What is enlightenment? What is that state of Cosmic Consciousness, the ultimate awareness called variously - enlightenment, nirvana, satori, samadhi, self-realization, rapture, salvation, ascension, unity consciousness, voidness, and many other terms by many various religions? It is the goal of life, the ultimate destination of every individualized being. It is brought about when the individual personality ascends beyond the illusionary perception of self separateness to merge in the Universal Self from which it originated so very long ago. Spiritual evolution towards this goal takes place over ages but the final ascent of Spirit can happen in an instant of time.

The gate was opened to me ... in one quarter of an hour I saw and knew more than if I had been many years together at a University ... I saw it as in a great deep in the internal; for I had a thorough view of the Universe, as a complex moving fullness wherein all things are couched and wrapped up.     (Jacob Boehme, Mystic)
Our true nature is not limited ... it is like the vast ocean. ... When we touch Supreme Consciousness through meditation, then we are boundless, we are everywhere, we are eternal.
    (Amma Karunamayi)
God-consciousness is 10 million times more blissful than sexual experience.
    (Sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa)
Whirlpool Galaxy

To the enlightened one, the world as he knew it ceases to be, and everything now stands enmantled (shrouded) by a shining vesture of divine effulgence, hitherto invisible to his normal vision.
    (Swami Chidananda, Light Fountain Divine Life Society)
If I were to spend years and years imagining how to invent anything so beautiful, I could not do it, and I do not even know how I should try, for, even in its whiteness and radiance alone, it exceeds all that we can imagine.     (Saint Teresa of Avila)
Everything that occurred to me while I was in this state of consciousness was vastly beyond anything that I had ever experienced and yet at the same time it was familiar - as if I had always known of its existence. Even now when I try to describe something so beautiful I am mute with awe. There are no words in any language to describe such grandeur.
    (Anonymous, Unbounded Light)

How to Achieve the Goal ???

How does one proceed from the normal human condition to the goal of enlightenment? The easiest way to achieve this Ultimate Goal is to follow in the footsteps of those who have passed this way already. The sages, saints and ascended masters of all times have found this path - sometimes through their own unaided efforts but more often by following the written or spoken guidance of a previous Teacher or Guru. The enlightened master sees the grand achievement and encourages others to find the immense treasure within the reach of every sincere seeker. They point out the path, warn of dangers, offer encouragement, and elucidate the methods of advancing on the way.

Short of direct guidance by a living enlightened one (a rare piece of good fortune), there is no better way than to read the lives of saints and pay close attention to their words. These powerful beings are alert on the other side, watching for the seekers, waiting to help and remove hindrances in the path of all those aspiring to the higher life in spirit.

Read their stories. Draw forth their grace. Create that subtle link of consciousness with them. Their photographs are full of power; their words highly instructive; their stories saturated with the essence of enlightenment. Meditate on their actions and you will approach their subtle perfection.

This is a very special time during which spiritual evolution is being immensely accelerated. Powerful beings are working behind the veil with all who are consciously cooperating to change Earth and bring us into a radically new pattern of human attainment. Never before have even small efforts on the spiritual path been so greatly rewarded. So do not miss this rare opportunity - it may not come again for a long time. As it says in the Upanishads, Arise! Awake! From this very day vow to become the Self that you really are and join the army of lightworkers that are even now transforming the planet.

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Ancient Wisdom, Vedic Lore, Enlightenment - 3 Teachings

      Harmony through the Sacred Wisdom
Our Origin and Destination    Goal of Life    Creation and Dissolution    The Two Paths   
Atma, the Inner Witness    Vedanta, Science of Self Realization    Bhagavata -Descents of God   

      Enlightenment, Nirvana, Ultimate Nature of the Universe
What is Enlightenment    Cosmic Consciousness    All this is Brahman   
Reality, an Illusion    Existence, Knowledge, Bliss    Samadhi, Enlightenment, Nirvana   

      Sages, Saints, and Avatars Promote Harmony in the Universe
What is an Avatar    Types of Avatars    Historical Avatars   
Immanent vs. Transcendent    Role of Sages and Saints    Avatars vs. Saints   

Lives of Sages Saints and Avatars

Supreme God-intoxicated devotee.     Approached God through a multitude of paths. Spoke and laughed with Divine Mother. Passed his intoxication on to many including Vivekananda.
Messenger of God     Inculcated the concept of love among mankind. Incarnation of the Christ principle. Taught the omnipresence of Divinity within the heart
Spread the doctrine of enlightenment to millions. Identified the cause of suffering. Promoted purity in thought, word and deed. "Be tranquil in mind, tolerant of others, bring no harm to anyone"
Fed the poor, performed great works, inspired thousands. Healed many in body and mind. Took birth and lived his miraculous life for the sake of others
Stories of Sathya Sai Baba
Man of Miracles and Wonder. Beloved living teacher of millions throughout the world. Embodiment of the Shiva-Shakti principle (Universal Mother-Father)
About Sathya Sai Baba
More Devotee's Stories
Seven amazing stories of Sai Baba devotees. Mysterious incidents occur and draw people to Sai Baba's side. Miracle cure. Dream visitation.
Sai Baba Controversy

Milarepa Of Tibet
A legend in Tibet and the world. From sorcery to enlightenment in one lifetime. Meditated strenuously in Himalayan caves gaining total illumination. Taught even gods and goddesses
Shirdi Sai Baba
Crest Jewel of Saints. An Incarnation of God Shiva. Omniscient presence - Promoted unity among Hindu and Moslems. Vowed to look after all devotees even after death.

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      Mt Kailas, Himalayas, India as guardian of the Vedas and Vedic knowledge
Why India?    Himalayas    The Tibetan Plateau    Sacred Mt. Kailas    The River Ganga   
Land of Bharath    India, Guardian of Wisdom    Vedic Knowledge   

      The Bouquet of Religions
Meaning of "Religion"    Many Paths, One Goal    Nature of Divinity    The Process of Return   
Where God Resides    Essence of Divinity    Nature of Religions   

      Image Archive with Sayings
Take the Short Course to Wisdom   
Photo Archive    50 Inspiring Images   
Words of the Enlightened Ones   

Spiritual Profiles - Biography, Teachings and Stories

      Babaji Maharaj
Deathless Saint of the Himalayas

      Sri Aurobindo Ghose of Pondicherry
Sage of Great Intellect     Way of Wisdom and Knowledge
Wrote of the Supramental and Divine Life on earth

      Ramana Maharshi
Silent Sage of Arunachala Hill
Used the Method of Inquiry:     Who Are You Really?
Gained Enlightenment In His Youth

Stories of Ramana Maharshi - Collection 1
Once I saw a bright light come out from Bhagavan's head and fill the hall.
Everything disappeared. Only the feeling of 'I' was floating in the luminous void.
Stories of Ramana Maharshi - Collection 2
Just as space does not have a fixed span, so neither does time. World and its
creation are mere appearances. A moment and an epoch are also imaginary, not real.
There is no essential difference between the experiences of this world and
another - all this being thoughtforms in the infinite consciousness.
Stories of Ramana Maharshi - Collection 3
He then said, "This is not the time for you to go. You have a purpose in life. Do
your duty." After this I became conscious. I had no idea how long I was unconscious.
All I knew was that this experience had transformed me, for when I became aware of
the world, I had absolutely no pain. I immediately rose from my bed and walked
briskly across the room. I felt and appeared perfectly healthy.

"If you want moksha - understand and practice  Ellam Ondre  (All is One)"
(Ramana Maharshi)
    Online Book

      Anandamayi Ma
The Bliss Permeated Mother
Goddess?    Incarnation of Universal Mother?
Who was she? What was the Impact of her life?

      Swami Muktananda
Siddha Yoga Master
Foremost Disciple of Nityananda     Influenced Many in the West

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 Ascension Section - Lightworkers, Space Brothers, Dimensional Shift

The new adventure  that awaits the (human) race is a tremendous one of excitement, of achievement, of learning and of loving - loving not just each other, but all the creatures that God has made: an outpouring of affection for Creation that will never have been equaled in all the histories of all the planets of all the systems of this universe. And it is scheduled to happen here, on this tiny planet, millions of light-years from the central hub where the spirit of this galaxy resides. We are allowed to say that even the mightiest of solar and galactic entities aware of the plan for mankind are amazed that God should have selected this far-flung bit of cosmic dust for His greatest demonstration of spirituality. And yet it will come to pass just as the prophets have foreseen. And in that coming to pass, a model of love and beauty beyond anything ever experienced in Creation will manifest.
Hilarion, Other Kingdoms

We Are Not Alone, and THEY Have a Message For Us
Life Exists Throughout the Universe        Our Space Brothers and Sisters
End of One Cycle, Beginning of Another     A New Era of Human History

Wisdom of the Higher ETs
What Contactees Have Been Told        Their Words of Wisdom
How Things Are (Despite What the Media Says)     Our Destiny as Universal Citizens

- L i g h t W o r k e r s -    Light Beings in the Making....
These are stories of LightWorkers that are here assisting with the transition to a new phase of life on our Planet. They are activated, awakened people with unique psychic skills and working relationships with higher beings. Their stories are amazing and inspiring.

Trinity's Story
"About ten years ago I shifted consciousness within me to a higher place ... One giant POP and the roar of ALL flooded into me ... I did this with stillness and clarity of mind .. Learning to suppress ego and subconscious.. To focus with all my being on one goal .. Being Love... BEING GOD... in all I do to be beautiful, kind, forgiving and compassionate, To all including my self .. In the beginning I understood very little .. All THEY could tell me was it was all right ...I wasn't insane and I would learn how to understand and handle it all... Anyone with a pure heart and soul can do as I have done"

Trinity's Mind Expanding Story   Transmuting the Higher Energy    Emitting Light     Upwards Into the Universe   Communing with Light Beings  
Trinity 2   Still Mind   Angel Class Beings   Crystals   Pleiadians   Space Girl  
Trinity 3   Stargate   Light City   Travel in the Void   Crop Circles and Dolphins 
Trinity 4   Remote Sensing   Solar Shield Meeting   Pleiadian Family   Kundalini Energy  

Monique's Story
"I was always surprised as a child by what surprised people. What I would think was normal, others thought as strange, surprising and even scary. I had learned to not talk.... I had a lot of dreams that would come true... I could predict what was going to happen to me later in the evening.. by feeling my third chakra and focusing on my 3rd eye.. (I'd) see what would happen. Tucson, Arizona. I learned to ask if something came out of the light of God (God consciousness). Had my first vision. Wanted to see the future but was told that I first needed to see the past and saw my past life as an indian woman... Here also I began working with my wolf who is my best friend... By accident I started to walk in auras where guides, angels, archangels, beings etc. can come through to help.... "

Monique of the Netherlands,   Part 1, Intro. Works in people's auras to perform soul healings   Communication with Crystal Beings  
Works with Angels, Archangels, and other Higher Entities   Activated 3rd Eye transcends space and time  
Learned to hide her "gifts" as a child   Star Visitors in an Antwerp Cafe    Working and healing with crystals   Monique's Essences

Monique of the Netherlands,   Part 2   Remote healing with Raphael, Zadkiel, Gabriel   Magic Crystal   Devas, spirit animal guides

Monique of the Netherlands,   Part 3   Meeting Jesus in another sphere   3rd Eye: Seeing the universe   On a soul transport ship

Jody From Another Galaxy
"I was in meditation about 10 years ago when I channeled my 'beginnings' ... I was a clear, non-physical being from a galaxy, 2 galaxy's away where all the beings on my planet are 'Mental' telepathic beings, no emotions whatsoever. I had promised to come here to Earth when 'this' was to be set up and come to teach with several others also chosen for our various talents from around this Universe."

Jody's Brief Story   A starseed from far away Adding emotions to the soul makeup  
Gained sensitivity during many lives on earth   Came here as a teacher  

Rainspirite's Story
"All on this planet are part of the Ascending Human. I feel this has never been done before ... anywhere! I have had many opportunities to remain as an angel (on the other side of the veil) to guide others... but have All-ways chosen to return here for thousands of lives. My choice is to experience everything fully. I am in love with the human essence. I am in love with Mother. Viewing each experience as equal. I need to say, I do not believe in better or worse, higher or lower.. Just IS. How glorious. In speaking of myself, there is not/is ego involved. As ego is a beautiful gifted part of both human (whats called lower) and spirit (called higher). Its here that I speak differently than many for I am an ascended master of the star nations. I will speak of both light/dark love/fear light/ego equally. These things I speak of, pertain to this world and this plane."

Rainspirite, In the Void with Trinity Part 1 Pschic Traveling & Dreamstate
Portal at Crater Lake   Visit to Gardens, Flatlands    Remembrance of Past Lives

Rainspirite, Part 2  Subterranean Lakes and Tunnels   Grid Activation
Working with Earth Mother    Psychic Childhood   Guides and Elders

Little Owl's Story: "You are right. I do not come from Earth. I have a purpose to being here. A very special and multifaceted role to play. I am overwhelmed by it at times."

Little Owl, Citizen of the Universe   CONTACT at age 54   They taught me how to channel   "I was shown what is to happen to this planet and the need for spiritual awakening"   Connections to Shirdi, Sathya Sai Baba & Simeon Toko   Gives soul readings helping people remember who they are   How can we help "Them" help us?   "Many of you here now are part of an immense spiritual wave sent to Earth to assist"     A Walk-in with a higher purpose

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Tibetan Musicians at Sunset
    Tibetan Corner
Tibet - As It Was     Magic and Mystique of Tibet    
Serenity in a Tibetan Monastery    A Lama's Miraculous Vision    
Tulku, Rebirth of a Lama    A "Wonder working" Buddha    
Dalai Lama of Tibet Tibet Irreversibly Changed    

On: Human Rights, Universal Responsibilities. Images of Dalai Lama's Youth in Tibet
Address to the United Nations   Illustrated Historic Events
Images of the Dalai Lama's Tibet   Brief Pictorial Biography of the Dalai Lama

    Jewels of Wisdom - For Advanced Seekers of Wisdom (Jnanis)
Jewels of Wisdom Discourse -    The One and the Many
Origin of Cosmos     Being and Becoming     Illusion of Multiplicity   
3 Modes of Will     The 2 Things To Be Achieved

Jewels of Wisdom Discourse -    Discovering the Atma
Real Source of Peace     Two Types of "I"    Reality and Time Factor   
Omnipresence     The Sleeping Dream and the Waking Dream

Jewels of Wisdom Discourse -    Human Destiny
Significance of Life     Attributes of the Divine     The States of Consciousness   
The Perceptive Power Behind the Senses     Lower vs. Supreme Knowledge

Jewels of Wisdom Discourse -    The Sacredness of Human Life
Human Life Most Sacred in Entire Creation    
Why Man was Created     How to Sanctify Life   
Securing Divine Grace     Spiritual Oneness of Mankind

Explore - Music and Harmony

      The Metaphysics of Music and Harmony
Octave Theory    Octaves of Time    Sound & Color Correspondences   
Harmonic & Disharmonic Fractions    Unity(1), Duality(2), Trinity(3)   
Harmonic Theory   

      Cosmic Harmony the CD  An Interpretation of Celestial Music
Audio Samples   Cosmic Illustrations   Celestial Music of the Spheres

Special Section:             Helping the Mother
Universal Mother
Charity Philanthropy
Altruism Benevolence

Recommended Books, Eastern and Saints

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