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Trinity Interview - Part III

Lightworkers Interview with Trinity continues in this section

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Interview, Part III

5/14/02 6:27 pm
Big changes happening inside me ..Not sure what's happening but its something big....Had very powerful energy going through me the other night and remember asking who's energy signature is this ...Then an overwhelming wave of feeling and THOTH Pops into my head... I thought my ego was having fun .. Then i hear ..."NO'..and all of a sudden i couldn't think of anything else but THOTH....... THEY wouldn't let me, Guess there's no doubt this was the energy that was processing through me....Trinity

That's very interesting. Don't know who Thoth is. Is that the same as Hermes Trismegistus? I have his book - The Divine Pymander at home. Pretty obscure stuff for me though - read it many years ago.

Are you still grounded? Are THEY able to visit you regularly? After one of your last posts when you said that if you go through big system (body) changes you can't communicate with THEM. That must be very disconcerting. Nobody to talk to, confide in, ask questions of, etc. Except for us mortals.

Maybe Thoth was tuning in to what you do and who you are just as kind of a check on the planet and it's progress. I'm sure your duties are pretty much unique.

5/14 7:50 pm
THEY are telling me that this is the energy that was infusing me at that time.....Yes Thoth was later called Hermes...He was in power in Egypt...We are One ......Trinity

5/14 7:46 pm
That's the real dilemma of my life ...Not all the way there ..and can't really communicate with humans very well here (humans really don't understand me)... So I exist in-between ....And yes it REALLY bothers me when THEY can't speak to me....Trinity

Well, I'll be your bud... I don't communicate with humans very well either. As Bill would say: I feel your pain.

5/15 2:10 pm
Its OK, feeling spirit is so beautiful and fulfilling, The bliss you feel is all you find you need . After the sense of spirit everything else is just dense, heavy ..flat...Seems a little lifeless after the fullness of GOD... Trinity

I have read of many saints saying exactly that. When they are in samadhi state, mergence, bliss, everything is light, transparent, alive, radiant with the inherent livingness of spirit. Then when they return back to "normal" consciousness, it's like going back to a jail cell with a straight jacket on. Me, I'm used to being in jail, but hope to get out soon. Searching for the key.

Actually I find life to be a beautiful experience most of the time but there are so many periods where things break down, you have to fix them, it's too hot/cold and you have to work outside anyway, something breaks at work and the pressure's on you to fix it, wife is depressed cause her cat is sick, it's a beautiful day but I have to spend it in a big cement building at a computer terminal, there's a whole great big mysterious world out there but my life path takes me between work and home and nowhere else. etc etc.

Life is a pleasure between two pains and a pain between two pleasures. I think that's the big stick to make us find our way back towards HOME.

5/16 1:19 pm
When you find that it doesn't matter where in your life you are, Or where GOD intends you to be, That you are totally happy no matter what. Then you understand and things start to happen and change...Be passive, accepting ... When you aren't happy with your life then you are making judgments on YOUR OWN LIFE....Know that everything is GOD so be happy you can be in contact with him always.. Pushing to change your life won't happen but understanding your life will change it, IF thats what THEY want...Are you really ready to give up EVERYTHING to make the commitment? My life is not really mine any more, I gave it over to THEM a long time ago. Every thought, every action ..Everything i touch, Is GOD.......in me!

Stop hungering for what isn't and be happy knowing what IS.........Trinity

Here are some posts I copied from the (private) message board that talk about DNA changes:

Date Posted: 23:59:25 03/31/02 Sun / Author: S.C....
Subject: dna upgrades......much exhaustion

Hi All, Geeee, I'm still working through a "transmutation fever", blood changes, head morphs & dna upgrades......it seems that the inner work uses every ounce of energy lately.....is anyone else feeling exhausted? I feel like I could sleep for weeks......Blessings! S.C.....

Date Posted: 07:01:21 04/01/02 Mon / Author: L. Subject: Re: dna upgrades......much exhaustion
>yep, still going through the head stuff here, neck keeps twitching and snapping when moved, and jaw, temples and whole top of head too, have much to do here, but everytime i look at any part of it i go into "overwhelm" and feel like crying... don't know where to start...so starting with coffee.

Did you go through a lot of the same physical symptoms when your DNA was changing? Are most of your changes done with now or is it kind of an ongoing thing for a while?

5/15 2:04 pm
Yes, I have similar symptoms. Except IM infused with great amounts of energy into my light systems... Its a constant thing. Right now I have tremendous tightness in my 3rd eye region, Can feel energy flowing in through same in varying amounts, Some very intense, almost knocking me over if IM not prepared. Makes my head swim... And feels like im swirling inside me...We are One .......Trinity

5/15 2:05 pm
"Did you go through a lot of the same physical symptoms when your DNA was changing?"

Still is....Trinity

I was reading some of the channeled messages posted on the board. Some of the members were snickering because Sheldan Nidle has been talking of the imminent landing or unveiling of our cosmic brothers - for the last several years now. Seems to me that THEY would rather stay out of sight and let things here on the planet unfold at their own pace, in their own way. Plus, if they landed, who would get to meet with THEM. I can just see them setting up a meeting with president Bush, or some of the other leaders. Anybody not included would be insulted. Just seems like it would present all kinds of problems. Maybe some day when we have some kind of a world wide spiritual institution (not political) this could take place more easily. Or they could just freely show themselves in the skies and not even try to send any communication. Just let that sink in for a while. Any thoughts or discussions with THEM on this topic?

5/15 4:34 pm
Who says THEY will contact a political figure ...People have all ready been contacted.. They are just told not to go public yet....Trin

What about any kind of landing?

5/15 6:04 pm
Was taken to a landing site in the forest a little while ago....What I found fascinating was THEY chose THEIR landing sites by locale (Coordinate for place of accessibility to what THEY are working on) and Beauty of a place ... Never stopped to consider THEY chose landing sites on aesthetics....Trinity

Just curious if with your activated 3rd eye can you see or sense things like nature spirits or devas of trees, wind, water, fire, etc.

5/15 5:58 pm
I can but very little ...I can sense an activity of energy in and around things but not right now ... can feel better within the higher state of consciousness.....Storm clouds and stormy wind devas are alot easer for me....or general forest energy is also simple ....Trinity

5/16 1:29 pm
"I have read of many saints saying exactly that. When they are in samadhi state, mergence, bliss, everything is light, transparent, alive, radiant with the inherent livingness of spirit. Then when they return back to "normal" consciousness, it's like going back to a jail cell with a straight jacket on."
I had to sit on this one for a while, To think about it... When I read it, It affected me a lot and I still really don't understand why fully. I know you struck a cord in the context of what you said here..... Its like being in one room with no windows all your life so you know nothing different.. Then someone opens the door and you walk outside and realize there's a huge world out there..Then after a while your taken back inside...Where your world is now empty and flat .. limited feel, where before your sense of things was infinite.. The good news is after its happened the first time, when it starts to happen again, you understand more, and it doesn't freak the shit out of ya...We are One......Trinity

I like it when you think for a while before giving an answer. But I'm not sure why it affected you so much. Maybe it brought back the feeling of losing that sense of unity you experienced immediately after your own transformation. So many times I've thought about mergence, and unity. I think - do I really want to die as an individual to become universal consciousness? While it gives complete freedom of the universe, to see every part of it, be every part of it, be within the consciousness of all individuals simultaneously, still, as beings it seems like we want to continue to think of ourselves as "I", that is from a sense of individuality.

I feel like "I" want to ascend, to gain a wider consciousness, maybe some abilities to contact universal mind, to see the plan as exists outside of our past-present-future human time line, to gain some kind of psychic capabilities. But at the same time I don't feel like I want to lose my identity completely. I think this is the difference between total mergence, and ascension. In ascension, we keep our individuality but give over our will and take on Divine objective as volunteers in bringing about the manifestation of the Divine plan into the universe (or at least that's my limited human comprehension of it). In mergence, the fragment of spirit that is in us rejoins the totality from which it came and becomes that Awesome consciousness that you were privileged to witness for a while - or maybe still do for all I know.

5/16 4:19 pm
I still do in fragments, and its different, not so overwhelming.. Now im starting to see future events...Trinity

Reminds me of Patanjali (Yoga Sutras) where he talks about at a certain level the yogi contacts the "raincloud of knowable things".

I wonder - if you see an image, is it one of many possibilities or is it the destined outcome no matter what ???

5/17 5:08 pm
Don't know yet.. Was watching a man talking with another man about government control and how they didn't think it was right and what they planned to do about it...It was in the future in a very futuristic city ... think THEY said it was about the year 2231...Trinity

Yesterday I went with a group to see the latest Star Wars flick. There is some super imagery in the movie. In this one scene they show this being from another planet and she has eyes like you talked about your angels having only not glowing intensely bright - just kind of a bright blue with a white center. Thought of THEM when I saw that scene. Enjoyed all the scenery in the movie but I always hate all the aliens that look like slugs and the never ending battle scenes. Funny how the human conception of space beings always is full of struggle and battles. They never seem to have a concept that they might be godly and benevolent and beautiful beings.

5/17 5:17 pm
That would be boring for the general public....Trinity

I saw your post about water getting polluted in 3 to 5 years. This is a pretty scary scenario. I always thought that the Aquarian age would begin with some drama involving water. The Piscean Age began with symbols involving fish - symbol for pisces - (Jesus' fishes and loaves), and suffering - also a Pisces trait. Aquarius is the water bearer pouring out water to thirsty humanity - Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and people helping other people. I always thought maybe there would be a big drought to start the Aquarian age, and we would all have to pull together to somehow provide enough water, thru desalinating it or sharing available supplies. This would bring us together as a world community and get us used to one country helping another.

Personally, I rather hope we can get into this new age without some large scale suffering.

4/17 6:21 pm
And everyone disliked the negative future prediction... What will bring us all together is when the electricity goes off intermittently and every one is outside cooking (on their camping gear or BBQ.) and every one starts to talk to people also outside and share ....Trinity

That's funny. When you think about it, that's the way it is in most third world countries. The whole family, the whole community is pulling together and sharing food or whatever they have to keep everyone surviving. Then when they all get jobs, cars, modern things, everyone goes into their homes and withdraws from the neighbors. I don't even know most of my neighbors - just by face but hardly ever talk to them.

But think about this. In this country we are aware of whats going on all over the world through the Internet. We link up with people that have the same things in common - like grid workers or light workers, through email. We have a totally different view of the world and where it's headed than they do.

When the third world people have jobs and enough food and a decent house and get internet access I think we will see an end to all these wars. People will just lose interest in them because they'll have something better to occupy their time. But we'll also need to replace dictators with democracies of some sort so that people can determine their own fate - a big cause for wars when they can't.

5/20 7:55 pm
War will never stop till our leaders realize its not that important to acquire more power or money...Trinity

If you get to go anywhere cool, please write about it. Or if you meet up with any noteworthy light beings, I'd love to hear about it.

5/17 5:57 pm
If i every had a few moments to sit and think to recall some of my other experiences and Travels (there are many) I could sit down and send them to you.. This process im going through just wreaks havoc on my memory .. I have trouble remembering last nights journey sometimes ..Trinity

5/17 5:58 pm
And there are some that are so way out there i don't want you to think im a total nut case so i don't speak of them..Trin

No judgments here.

"And there are some that are so way out there i don't want you to think im a total nut case so i don't speak of them.."

Those are probably the best stories.

Maybe you need a dictaphone to capture on cassette. And a secretary to type it out too.

5/17 6:16 pm
Have a recorder cassette but don't like to use it. It disturbs the space with my voice over the music...And my voice sounds .. fumbly if that makes sense ...Maybe ill get used to it in the future, Right now I enjoy scribbling it all down...But sometimes IM so held in a specific state it feels wrong to disturb things by moving ....Trinity

I had a weird experience Saturday. My wife and I went to the local farm and garden store where they sell plants. She was going through the green houses looking for things we needed for the yard. I was standing in front of these groups of beautiful purple and pink fluorescent petunias. Just knock your eye out beautiful. I started thinking "I am God, I am God". I suddenly had this rush of bliss and tears started coming to my eyes. It was just so beautiful and I just felt so thankful for it all I just could hardly contain the emotions. I stood their feeling like crying while the people around me were shopping for plants. I hope I just looked normal like someone looking at the flowers but it was pretty amazing to me. Then I started seeing the plants as living beings and I was worrying, is it going to get bought by someone that will take care of it? Will it get stuck out in the sun and not watered and someone throw it in the dumpster? Then mentally I talked to the plants and blessed them and wished that they all find good homes and get to be happy this growing season. Then I came back to normal (dull human) consciousness and went and found my wife.

5/21 1:30 pm
Your sensitivity is starting ... Emotions are a catalyst to release inner sense of higher source..Be prepared, Watch for the question and the answer.. It will be hidden (can't make it too easy for ya)..Go slow think on anything unusual and remember even if nothing happens take joy in your life and the beginning sense of spirit...In other words, if the world breaks open and draws you in or...nothing happens ...take joy in knowing you are and always will be a child of light ....... Every advancement is taken with you when you die and go on...We are One .......Trinity

5/21 1:33 pm
"I am God, I am God".

I....AM, I....AM....Everything... You are God

"Be prepared, Watch for the question and the answer.. It will be hidden (can't make it too easy for ya)..Go slow think on anything unusual"

This sounds pretty mysterious. But I think I know what you mean. The spiritual forces talk to you by strange things that happen around you so you have to be open to them. I've tried to talk to my guides but just get silence.

5/21 8:36 pm
Your spirit adjuster will be the first you hear..But don't stop trying to talk to THEM...Trinity

I was talking to them again this morning while driving - I never listen to music or radio - just like silence in the car.

I pity him having to ride with me to work everyday. I always lose patience if I miss a red light or someone slow pulls out in front of me. Maybe that's why they don't talk to me. I have to learn to be nice and patient first. Just way too human here.

5/23 8:25 pm
Judgments , anger ....A pure clear heart....Trinity

Have you ever seen this view while flying???

5:20 5:53 pm
nope not like that..Trinity

Hello Trin. I have been extremely snowed under. I need a more outdoor job like you have. You have a perfect situation for your development I think. Someone was looking out for you.

5/21 8:39 pm
Yes my life has been orchestrated, But it isn't and hasn't been all roses... Trinity

Came across this post at lunch today. I think it is very beautiful and when I read it, it made me feel very good but I'm not sure why. Just this feeling came over me, like more strong emotions. There's just this kind of inner light that flows out from your feelings you put into it, when I read it. N.... demanded DETAILs. Don't know if you ever gave 'em more information.

Date Posted: 08:13:42 04/20/02 Sat
Author: Trinity
Subject: Star Gate

The New Jerusalem star gate is under construction.. Went there for two nights and the light architects were busy building up the walls.. I Asked THEM what was happening , THEY said that the New Jerusalem Star Gate is no longer just a "Tech Station" Is now to be expanded to handle a greater amount of service... THEY spoke of the new Grid emplacement and how this will be of assistance with it's maintenance in our star system... Was also taken to the gardens last night.. I learned last night, there was a section in the garden that was for training of the "Students of the Light"..It was really different but fun .. (also hard, but learning always is) .. If anyones interested , Ill elaborate later.... As the Sense of something ancient and true .. Something old like the pyramids has been in me for a while.. I put the picture up at the top (of the message board)...Day of divine magic to all ....We are One .......Trinity

That's very interesting that the Students of the Light have a section of the garden for training. Did you meet any others like you there?

5/23 8:33 pm
There were none i saw like me but did see others training there, Doing much more sophisticated things than i ever could....yet......Trinity

You said earlier: "Every advancement is taken with you when you die and go on"

I think about that a lot, whether I have much farther to go in this life. Something happened when I was a kid - around 11 or 12 years old. I'm not sure. My folks took me and my two brothers camping in the Sierra Nevadas at Lake George (Mammoth Lakes area). My mom stayed at the camp along the edge of the lake. My Dad and brothers went fishing. I never much cared for fishing. I decided to hike to the other side of the lake. Once I got there I climbed the ridge alongside the lake. After I got to the top of the ridge I climbed the feature called Crystal Crag overlooking the lake. It's high and very steep. As I reached the base I came across signs saying how dangerous it was and to always climb in teams. But I just thought I'll always have three holds, two footholds and one handhold that way I'll be safe. So I climbed it and when I got to the top the view was spectacular. I could see all the surrounding lakes and mountains and ridges. I took a bunch of pictures and then made my way back down. When I got back in the late afternoon they were all wondering where I'd disappeared to. So I pointed to the crag and told them I'd climbed it. They flat refused to believe it and didn't until we got the pictures back that I took from the summit.

Picture of Crystal Crag, Lake George, Mammoth Lakes

Anyway, I think there are always significances to things that happen. They don't just happen for no reason. What prompted me to climb it? What does this play mean? Does this indicate that I will triumph and reach the summit (in this life). Maybe not but I like to think there is some meaning or significance to it.

5/23 8:24 pm
There's meaning and purpose to all things.. There are no random acts....Trinity

Did you ever find out why you had your breakthrough when you did? Was it something like a kundalini activation that caused the energy to rise up into the third eye, or did THEY maybe do something while they saw you concentrating on your recurring dream.

5/25 6:35 pm
There's an ingrained ability to recall different parts of your existence from one higher spiritual planet to another ...Its hard to explain but call it a loop hole ..I used this to recall through sensing the higher plane and this reacted with my light systems to accelerate my vibrations. THEY didn't cause this but THEY were quick to be right there when it did happen...Trinity

"There's meaning and purpose to all things.. There are no random acts"

Hello. I've been tied up with a big project most of yesterday. Not sure what the inner purpose of it is. I do always think about things whenever they happen to me or around me and try to figure out why did this happen? What are they (whoever orchestrated it) trying to tell me, change in me, or get me to realize. Usually God or whoever you want to call the inner beings, don't explain things to you, they just pull the strings, make things happen, and then leave you to learn and draw conclusions. Sometimes I think it would be a whole lot easier if you'd just hear this big voice telling you the bottom line. But then that would kind of spoil the illusion of Maya and short cut your own learning process.

5/29 4:49 pm
Its kinda like watching a comedy... If your still laughing about the last joke you'll miss the next 2 jokes...Trinity

"There's an ingrained ability to recall different parts of your existence from one higher spiritual planet to another"

How does one go about developing this ability? Intense concentration on a dream memory or some past experience?

5/29 4:51 pm
THEY have stated that complete concentration on one sensation will enact and repeat that sensation..Trinity

What's going on in your world if I may be so bold to ask? Are all systems balanced? Are you transmuting? Traveling or grounded? In or out of communication with THEM? Been anywhere you care to talk about. Us Earth natives love to hear about these things.

5/29 4:47 pm
Doing great ...Been traveling and shifting internally...THEY are back talking to me again...No long conversations but back communicating.

Was taken to the gates or the entrance to a light city .. There's some kinda statue or arch at the entrance to the city its huge .. Can't see all the details on it but I think its supposed to be some rendition of a being. Its about 30 feet tall, built into an arch somehow ... Then you walk down a path or street and the light city opens up ... Its very crowded on the streets .. Lots of different types of beings .. Was at some very important meeting with very high vibrational beings .. THEY were talking about how our planet's evolution is accelerating along the lines of direction that THEY had planned. THEY were commenting about the modifications that were made and how direction hadn't veered too much from the master plan .. THEY were disappointed that things hadn't accelerated faster than THEY had anticipated ... Some of these beings i can see and make out others are blurry around the edges and some are just a mist around the face and some are a total cloud of mist ... But you don't really see them as well as you sense them, You feel THEM ...We are One ......Trinity

This city sounds like an interesting place. I get the feeling that things are very open once a planet gets highly developed like anyone can stop and visit if they want. Maybe this is the kind of open borderless society we will develop once people are more advanced and wealth is more evenly distributed. Do THEY tell you why they take you somewhere, or what it's related to? Were you supposed to learn something, was it a reward for work, like a favor - to take you to a cool place.

5/30 7:43 pm
Very open .. There are lots of limitations for beings to travel to some places ...But IM told its not too hard once you learn the rules...Pretty much anyone can travel to anywhere as long as your vibration match's and you have a reason for being there (and your not a student, lots of rules for students).. And no IM not fully experienced with the regs.. THEY take me to places to expand me and to teach me something .. But I may not realize it till months or years later...And THEY do know i enjoy traveling ...THEY have on rare occasion asked where I would like to go, And some times I just choose my destination. IM free to travel to anywhere as long as I can ..Iv never been restricted .. And even when I was and tried to travel there its all out of phase any way..(and THEY are always there with that "told you so " feel after)..........Trinity

"THEY were disappointed that things hadn't accelerated faster than THEY had anticipated..."

A lot of the channeled messages you read say we have accelerated faster than the beings behind the veil had anticipated. Personally I won't feel like we've made much progress until some of the evil or darkness stops trying to commit mass violence against innocent people. But I guess this is some sort of process to get us in mass to recognize the difference between dark and light and line up on the side of the light - make a conscious choice to fight the forces of dark. Just seems like it's taking way too long to me. A lot of people get it but apparently there is a large mass of people that don't.

I've been meaning to ask you. When you're traveling, and your with angelic beings or space brothers, do they see you as being in a body? Or do they see like your etheric double? Or are you just kind of a point of awareness in space from their point of view?

Maybe that's why you see some of the other beings as kind of misty since they don't have physical bodies.

5/30 7:25 pm
It depends on the being ..some can see my physical form and others just see my essence, and sense my thoughts and form..Trinity

5/30 7:30 pm
I don't see some beings because my vibration isn't as high or varied as THEIRS. I can't keep locked on with some beings. Its like when I try to travel when I know I can't. Some times when i get to my destination it looks melty or phasing in and out of clarity, This tells me i can't "lock on " to it...Trinity

When does your galactic training start? Has there been any more mention of this?

5/30 7:45 pm
Good question ...I'll ask tonight.....Trinity

5/31 1:51 pm
My Galactic Training......THEIR response was "Why do you think we have been taking you to the council meetings" .... (THEY never say things like this to me, But some time i want to put words in their mouths like ...DUH...)...Dumb human...Trinity

That's funny. So it's not as much classroom training as general orientation, learning by osmosis, etc.

What a strange situation to be working with beings so much more advanced. I can understand how you feel. I feel the same towards you - me backward human, just learning balance.

5/31 4:19 pm
Big difference between THEM and me ...Between you and me ..we are still both human...Trinity

5/29 5:03 pm
This has happened many times before, but for a simple thing it just blows my mind ...IM sitting in my lotus position and the energy starts, I work all the systems, feel it starting ... close my eyes and I can see and feel out a long way (feels like forever)... With my eyes closed I look down and there's nothing underneath me..im literally floating. all I can see under and above me is a tiny gold thread. What gets me is you are held there solid ,, Id expect to bounce or bob a little but you are held solid . It was really shocking the first time it happened ..But iv gotten used to it...Its kinda like if i took you blindfolded to the roof of a very high building .. put you so you were looking down and took the blindfold off, Your first feel is what its like .. your mind just goes on for ever only its not just down but out and up too..This is us floating in the void..(and by the way, theres about a billion all around me just like me with the funnel gold threads above and below and a cluster of glowing spheres in between)...Trinity

What are the cluster of glowing spheres in between?

5/31 7:34 pm

That brings up a completely amazing image for me. First I didn't know you sat in the lotus position when you were distributing energy. I thought you often did it during the day when you are just on your regular job.

Who are the billion all around you just like you. Are they also energy workers? People on earth? or spirits in the galaxy doing the same kind of work?

5/31 8:06 pm
Seen the movie Matrix?....The part were he wakes in the tank and looks around and sees thousands of others in tanks like his. Think of that picture....Just other humans...But iv learned since then that when you obtain full enlightenment it means you are no longer attached to the tether...Trinity

5/31 7:42 pm
"I didn't know you sat in the lotus position when you were distributing energy. I thought you often did it during the day when you are just on your regular job."

During the day its mostly just dealing with it and hanging on...But things do happen during the day. Its just most of the time IM so busy I can't pay attention to THEM fully .. But in a quiet moment THEY have come to me to tell me something special or give me some important insight .. THEY come to me mostly in the morning during my workout and evening when kids are in bed and I go to my "space" to do the most important work. If I didn't have to work I could direct all my attention to spirit..Wish I could. Maybe someday ...We are One .......Trinity

I'm with you on that one. I can't even begin to tell you how much work just fills my consciousness during the day. Too poor to retire though.

6/3 7:56 pm
Not meant to be yet...When it is ..i will be..In one, in all...Trinity

Speaking of traveling, you said: "Pretty much anyone can travel to anywhere as long as your vibration match's and you have a reason for being there (and your not a student, lots of rules for students).."

What do you mean by a student?

And if you want to go somewhere just to see what it's like, is that OK even if you don't have any special reason to go there?

5/31 7:30 pm
Quite a few of the beings that are around are students, A lot of light beings always trying to accelerating to a higher vibration ..These are beings in training or learning things they didn't learn while here...When you die you become a student...Trinity

5/31 7:34 pm
"And if you want to go somewhere just to see what it's like, is that OK even if you don't have any special reason to go there?"

Depends so much on where and who you are and your vibration level. Generally speaking yes all beings are free to come and go at different planets. But some planets are completely off limits to anyone but the beings whose planet it is...Like i said there are so many rules for them....We are One .......Trinity

Is our planet one of the ones that is off limit for most visitors? Seems like there aren't very many sitings. If just anyone could come here for whatever I'd think there would be a lot more sitings.

6/3 8:05 pm
I was speaking of all higher evolutionary worlds not lower vibration worlds..Whole different ball game ...Trinity

I saw in one of the (private message board) posts that S.C... said she is a Zeta (Reticulum) hybrid. She speculated that L... was a Pleiadean but L... deflected it with a joke that she was Heinz 57 - a combination. Are there several hybrids that use the message board that you know of?

5/31 7:24 pm
Only a small few use the message board that are alien or hybrid of...Trinity

Also saw in another post that kind of blew my mind. R... was talking about vision he had of a past life where he was waylaid by some woman while he was on his way to Maldek. Then some beings under influence of dark forces blew up the planet which is now an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. He must have a lot of earth lives in here or maybe he is a transplant from another system, or a hybrid. Mostly he makes jokes and doesn't get too serious but from some of his posts I get that he has guides he talks to and some ability to sense things.

5/31 7:22 pm
Seems to...He's a really nice guy...Trin

Thanks for the messages and have a great weekend. My crystal disappeared. Can't find it anywhere. I hope that's not a bad omen.

Maybe I'll get an amethyst one to take it's place - it's more ME than quartz - always liked violet.

5/31 7:19 pm
ONE CRYSTAL?..........I don't think i can count all my stones...Trinity

"Big difference between THEM and me ...Between you and me ..we are still both human.

Maybe I'll surprise you some day, if I have enough years left in this current life. But still, I can barely see you way up the trail ahead of me with my powerful binoculars. Just keep breaking those branches so I know where the trail is when I come across it.

5/31 8:08 pm
Don't want to hurt the trees ..I'll leave rice that the animals don't like...Trinity

"Don't want to hurt the trees ..I'll leave rice that the animals don't like."

I'm sensitive that way too. Hate to even pull "weeds". And when I rototill the garden in the spring - I feel like a mass murderer - plants, bugs, spiders, ants, etc. Sometimes being a human isn't easy. I just have to figure we're a higher species and the lower species have to make some sacrifices just like we do for the higher good sometimes.

6/3 7:54 pm
All are a part of you ..No higher or lower....The indians used to say this when they needed to kill for food ...I die as you die .....WE ARE ONE ......Trinity

6/3 8:22 pm
Here Is one of my favorite beings... Trinity ........

(Trinity sent the quote below by Saint Francis)

"Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission - to be of service to them whenever they require it. If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men."

Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Francis of Assisi

P.S. Find the Movie Brother Sun Sister Moon. Its about him, with, Donavans music.

Thank you. This brought tears to my eyes. I read a biography of St Francis about 15-20 years ago. Was one of the first biography of any saint I ever read. I should probably re read it - if I could only find the time. I am glad to know you are an admirer of him. Seems to me I remember reading somewhere that Kuthumi was St Francis in a previous life. Not sure on that one.

Also, was curious. S.C... mentioned that the Pleiadean team was here calibrating the grid (about a month ago). You mentioned that a lot of them park in orbit above the planet. Do they have some kind of cloaking so that they don't reflect light, radio waves, radar, etc and be visible.

6/3 8:01 pm
I see the inside of the ships most of the time, so i don't really notice...But I did look at the outside when you asked, and THEY said its because the vibration of the exterior of the ship is such that it can't be seen. Means its vibrating so fast it can't be seen by physical eyes .. Trinity

"Only a small few use the message board that are alien or hybrid of."

When you say Alien, does that mean there are space born living here on the planet or do you mean someone who's soul is from another system and was born into an earth body.

6/5 7:31 pm
Don't really know never asked them...Trinity

I saw a web site about Walk-ins. Supposedly when someone dies or gets very sick, their soul bails out and another soul from outside our system takes over. The person wakes up and doesn't realize it because their brain memories are still there and they think they are the same person - takes them a while to realize their true identity. I kind of was skeptical of this. Do you know if this happens?

6/5 7:30 pm
It can happen and has... But its very rare...A walk-in is also someone who has a being take over them while they leave for a short while and the light being speaks through the host body till its done then leaves and the person comes back into their body...Trinity

Here's a couple of questions I was wondering about lately.

The angel class beings - do they have a sleep or rest period similar to ours when we sleep?

Do they have any way of taking in energy like we eat food? Or do they just kind of subsist on pure spirit with no energy needs?

6/7 8:10 pm
Yes they do..Generally Their days are three of ours, To one of ours, And there is a night rest period for them as well....Trinity

6/7 8:13 pm
THEY feed on light and energy..But a few of the planets they consume food (but no waste)...Trinity

Would you mind asking THEM - whoever would be most apt to be able to answer - about something I have often wondered about.

Supposedly our Earth is a fairly dense planet with a magnetic field largely because it has a nickel-iron core. I picture this molten mass filling the interior of the planet. Now there are lots of heavier metals as well (platinum, gold, lead, etc) and the heaviest of all is Uranium. It seems to me that the heaviest metals would congregate towards the center of the molten mass due to mutual gravitational attraction. This means that the Uranium would crowd into a small area near the center and if dense enough would start a low level, probably slow nuclear fission process. I have always felt that part of the heat given off by the earth is due to this nuclear furnace at the center of the planet, and not just all from the sun. So if we stand at the surface, we get energy from the sun above, and energy from below (heat energy) generated by the nuclear process. Can you ask them if there is any validity to this idea?

Hello Trinity, how was your day off? I was wondering if you found out anything about Uranium fission going on in the center of the earth?

6/11 7:31 pm
All THEY keep saying is cold fusion...THEY say i wouldn't understand the terms and conditions of the chemical states...Trinity

That makes sense. I didn't mean a full blown fission reaction like you'd see in a bomb, but a slower more controlled reaction like you'd see in a nuclear reactor. Under that much pressure - at the center of the earth - probably a lot of reactions could take place that we're not familiar with. So it must be more like an alchemical change - one atomic structure changing to another.

Saw this post of yours on the message board: "As of Saturday night LOTS of ships traveling through space to get here ..Not Pleiadians..Observed one of the largest Ships iv seen in a long time ...Its very mysterious .. I Can't see on the ships ...We are One .......Trinity"

There must be something big going on that's taking lots of assistance for so many ships to be on the way.

Another post on the message board said: "we gotta get rid of these old dark portals so the "you-know-who's" can't use them anymore...."

Trin, what kind of Portals are these?

6/11 7:28 pm
Not real sure what she's fully talking about ...But i think she means the old trans-portals ...We have upgraded these a while back..Trinity

Hello Trinity. How are you coping with life today? What's the weirdest thing you've seen in your head in the last couple days?

6/11 7:33 pm
The weirdest things are the stuff that i can't describe..Like Geometric shapes floating around or very strange rooms, (i think its a room)... Stuff in my head that i can't even tell what it is....Trinity

What are THEY teaching you lately? Anything we could relate to? Who teaches you the most, Angel class beings or space brothers?

6/13 5:34 pm
Monitors of Energy Transference, For one... Mostly Light beings which are closer to Angel class beings ... Not a lot of mind and traveling mostly molecular alteration and energy expansion within my physical structure right now ..... We are One .......Trinity

I remember in your past posts you talking about how most of the beings you run into are ascended masters, or angelic types. Are there also beings of great darkness with great powers, similar to sorcerers on our earth plane, who work for their own selfish ends or to take power. Do they possess enough technology so that they can travel around to different worlds and try to dominate the beings there or take over?

Or is the real struggle just trying to get all the embodied beings, animals, plants etc to evolve upward and join the light beings that already are working for this?

6/19 7:22 pm
Yes there are dark beings that have their own agendas, But as far as i know (have had very little interplay with such, They have no substance in my reality) They are limited by themselves in what they are trying to accomplish..Its like a small naughty child ..He can do damage but is constantly watched. This child is allowed to chose his own way in the "what is" but not in the "what will be" in any body elses reality. (unless the other accepts it).

Simply put, If your heart is full of LOVE theres no room for hate, If your heart is full of Father/Son/Spirit..Theres no room for anything else ... Negative has no realty or substance in my world...(I say this alot to others), It is as mist to me .. nothing! ...Trinity

Well, it's good to know theres not an organized dark force that works against the light forces - as in the Star Wars story. A few Black magicians or sorcerer masters are just like a contrast between light and dark and provide drama to the play, so I guess the Light Beings let them go their way.

I saw the post on the message board - Levels of Ascension that talks about the 12 levels we go through and also gives tips for cooperating and helping with the process. It elaborated on a lot of the things you touched on in your messages to me. Very good article. So when are you going to give up food and subsist on Light and Prana? (one of the final stages)

6/22 6:24 pm
Well, right now I eat fish and poultry only, Lots of fresh fruits and vegs...But Poultry is starting to make me ill so I may be giving up it soon ...Im finding I really don't need to eat as much food as I used to ...So I may be giving up food sooner than I even expected .. IM going to start fasting one day a week and see how that works out ...IM also finding a lot of my Vitamin supplements IM not needing anymore, My body must be staying on an even balance on its own...Trin

Here is a rough draft of your web page (section 1). Ask your Beings to look it over and see if there's any changes THEY recommend (If THEY care).

6/25 8:52 pm
Its very odd to see your life on publicly placed pages...But if it helps others ... But it looks great so far as iv read...Trin

6/24 8:57 pm
At 4/2 7:46 I was Talking about Mouth chakras and taste buds ... Have learned since then that this is actually my Gland awakening. Its called the sweet nectar or something like that. It drips a sweet spiritual fluid from your Gland into you body...Trinity

Thanks for the clarification. If you spot anything else that needs correction let me know.

6/25 2:17 pm
I asked THEM what THEY thought of it ...THEY think its humorous, I asked why and something to do with what this will do in the future for mine and others world....Trin

Oh, oh !!! Hmmm. I wonder if you can get them to elaborate on this?

I see you on the Jay Leno show, showing off your invisible beings to the audience.

6/25 5:39 pm
Pleaseeeeeeeeee... Right next to the guy who blows himself up in a box and Kreskin on the other side...."So Jay , You should do something about that constant chatter i can hear in your mind"........We are One .......Trinity

6/25 2:24 pm
Guess its selfish to think my little quiet world will stay that way. I know this is what THEY think is so funny...My teacher's been waiting for years for this. She's wanted me to step into the public eye for a long time, (She lectures quite extensively across the U.S.)...Trinity

6/25 2:24 pm
I guess i can run but i can't hide!...Trinity

I wouldn't worry too much just yet. This website is pretty obscure (more like Mayberry than New York).

You said: "THEY think its humorous".

Now this cracks me up. Well if you can get them to stop laughing for a minute maybe THEY can make some suggestions. How would They read it anyway? Through you? Or do they have access to web pages on some kind of Akashic records level? Interesting topic.

6/26 5:38 pm
THEY say THEY don't need to read it ..Its just known...Trin

Must be nice to be in KNOWING. Saves a lot of reading time.

6/26 5:48 pm
Man my (relative) has been here visiting for a week (leaves tomorrow) as soon as Everyone goes out the door ....WHAM....Energy and the whole spiel.. THEY sure know whats going on ...When to hit me and when to be silent...(been pretty quiet most of the time they have been here)...Trin

That's pretty funny. Watching you like a hawk.

Do you remember sending the picture of what Yuer-el looks like (close not exact)?

You have seen all kinds of different races of space brothers. Are there any that look very similar to us or are they all very different from us (and each other) with that "alien" look we are used to seeing on Sci Fi movies (but not Star Wars types)?

7/2 4:29 pm
Many space race's look humanoid .. Pleiadians for one ..(or i'd look very odd)...Trinity

That explains a lot. When you first told me about Pleiadian DNA, I had the idea that if there was any human type life outside our planet it would be extremely different than that on our earth. Are they mostly smaller than our average height?

7/2 4:42 pm
Actually Pleiadians are taller ,Yes im (less than 6 foot) I didn't get that DNA i guess .... Trinity

Makes you wonder if our life forms all really developed by natural selection or if they, some of them (animal or human), were brought here at the proper times in our earth's history to carry on their evolution.

7/2 4:44 pm
Of course our planet first started out as seeded with us and animal life...Trin

Are you saying we didn't rise up out of the chromosome soup of a primordial ocean like our scientists have often stated?

7/2 4:55 pm

You once mentioned that Andromedans were some type of geometric shaped life form. What do they look like?

7/2 4:55 pm
Can't really describe it .. I know that sounds like a cop-out but I just describe what IM remembering in my head right now .. Shapes and colors with thoughts you can sense ...That's about it ...Ran into a race a little while ago that was intriguing (wasn't told a name) THEY are like glass that's been teardropped into legs and arms. The outer part of their body looks like glass with rainbows across it. THEIR movement was very fluid.. THEIR face is kinda Non-distinct (lack of features) mostly big eyes .. THEIR speaking (or thinking) is illusive kinda .. Hard to lock on to tell what they are saying .. Very fleeting .. Hard to grasp...We are One .......Trinity

Stop you are blowing my mind! Hope you haven't seen any life forms that look like Gumby or Barney (the dinosaur).

That is just amazing. Once it comes out in the open (soon I suppose) that there is life all over the universe it will be mind boggling to see all the various life forms that are out there.

7/2 5:08 pm
I am The alien POKEY ...... Gumby was a tool ....

People won't believe it anyway...Trinity

ROFL !!!

But pleeeez don't tell me there are any Jabba the Huts (from Star Wars) out there.

7/2 5:15 pm
Haven't seen any my self...Trin

7/2 5:05 pm
Whoa ...just got zapped and boy did I get high fast....Looking at some kinda circles or cherios all laid together like chain mail in my head. They look dark with light behind them and through them .. The circles seem to be floating on a fluid wave of some kind ...THEY are scooping them up and holding them out to me .. Got to figure this one out .. If its important, THEY will continue tonight .Man my head is just swirling inside.....Trinity

Amazing some of the things that happen in your consciousness. Sometimes I wonder why THEY just don't explain some things to you. Seems like it would be faster. But maybe it short circuits some kind of intuition process that they are trying to strengthen or develop in you.

7/2 5:19 pm
Lucky you aren't here i'd be sitting on you chest pounding on it yelling "I KNOW" I KNOW"...Yes, it would Short cut things i still need to have experience in ...Trinity

SETI Radio Telescope at Arecibo

SETI Radio Telescope at Arecibo

It must really crack THEM up to see our SETI (Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) signals (primitive electromagnetic waves) going out into the universe. I wonder why they haven't sent back something even as a joke just to get our attention.

Would be hard to resist pulling some practical jokes on the scientists. I guess Michael wouldn't like that though.

Chilbolton Message Crop Circle
7/2 5:15 pm
THEY probably spray painted graffiti all over it ... K really haven't you seen the crop circle that's the face and the DNA symbology ?...Trinity

Is this on a web site? No I haven't seen it. Face and DNA spiral? Was this a recent happening?

7/2 5:23 pm
Yes, a couple months ago ... Trinity

Chilbolton Face Crop Circle

Since you brought this up. Strange synchronicity because I started to ask you about crop circles earlier today but didn't.

Are these signs that THEY leave. Have they told you anything about them? Why or how?

Are they trying to make us believe in a higher intelligence or something?

I have to get my wife to turn the channel once in a while. They don't show that kind of stuff on Fox news. Just the same old political stuff - update on the president's colon and the war on terrorism - only two topics today.

I'll search the web for the news.

7/2 5:32 pm

One of the best sites on crop circles...I think the one i told you about is here....Trin

7/2 5:33 pm
The crop circles are (most of the time ) From them .. They (the crop circles) are subconscious triggers ...And iv been on a ship while THEY made one ... Its really quite easy to do ... Its kinda like setting a computer saw to cut a piece, you set the program and it cuts it.. Same with their ship, THEY just set the program and the ship carries out the command (very simplistic explanation here )..Can still see THEM standing there, putting the program into some piece of equipment... We are One .......Trinity

But what force acts on the ground to knock the wheat (or whatever) to the ground? Is it electrical or wind? Must be some kind of higher technology because it leaves one blade of grass or wheat and take the one next to it. Very precise.

7/2 5:40 pm
There are three force's at work here. Magnetic, kinetic and a type of force of will, or force of effort (THEIR term)... Like letting THEIR ship think its own force out to do it ....Trinity

Are they trying to trigger a wider recognition that there are other intelligences out there? Seems like they'd be more direct.

Those are awesome. I haven't seen that complex of crop circles before.

Are they continually creating new crop circles to create new patterns that some person or group will empathize with?

What do you mean by this: "They (the crop circles) are subconscious triggers"

7/2 5:42 pm
A term THEY are very fond of "Simplistic Complexity"...Trinity

7/2 5:46 pm
The circles are put down to release a seed implanted in you mind ..To trigger something in your subconsciousness...Each circle is different for each being ... If you find a crop circle that effects you very differently than any other ..print a copy of it and place it somewhere you can think on it...Trinity

So are you saying there is some kind of hidden message - sort of like a mandela that you meditate on to release the energy that's bound up in that mandela?

Should we spend time looking at various crop circles to release these hidden seeds? Than does that trigger some kind of learning or evolution within our consciousness?

7/2 5:46 pm
answered this one...Trinity

Well, it's interesting to hear your explanation of how they're created but it really doesn't explain anything to me.

7/2 6:00 pm
Sorry i just described what i saw and what THEY told me....Trinity

".Like letting THEIR ship think its own force out to do it ...."

You make is sound like the ship is a living being, or endowed with will and intelligence. Or is there maybe a deva intelligence behind it?

7/2 6:42 pm
Almost everything has a consciousness that you can make contact with...Trinity

Fast Forward 8 weeks ...

8/26/02 8:36 pm


Eastfield Crop Circle
This one's not a hoax.....

..This is the real thing ....We are One .......Trinity

That's a very interesting design. Kind of like two overlapping circles with wings showing a clockwise motion. Were you on the ship when it was formed? Just kidding sort of. But tell me if you were (you sounded so sure that it was for real).

8/27 7:14 pm
No wasn't on the ship but know who did it ... Its two dolphins around our earth and the three rings are the three grids around our planet. Its telling us to stop using sonar in our oceans by the navy..Its killing the dolphins and whales ....Trin

I rate your message ten on the richter scale! :o)

That's very interesting. I spent a lot of time looking at that crop circle trying to activate that seed in the brain. But I didn't see dolphins. I thought more of airplane wings. I thought all the crop circles were based on geometric principles illustrating mathmatical concepts. Except of course for the Face and Aricibo CCs. Seems like maybe they are branching out from the original concept of the crop circle designs.

I too have felt this Sonar project is completely stupid and irresponsible. Not only dolphins and whales but any undersea life in the area would have their hearing destroyed if not be killed outright by a blast of noise at 245 decibels. They say a roaring freight train up close is around 110 decibels. Each 10 decibels doubles the sound intensity. So 245 is pretty much like standing near a nuclear explosion. And in water, the sound carries probably 10 to 100 times further than in the air. So the impact might be a radius of over a thousand miles that sea life would be effected. And for what - to detect a quiet sub? There must be other better solutions.

What race or group of space brothers leaves the crop circles? Is it mostly the Pleiadian teams or do other races also leave them?

8/28 1:30 pm
Others leave them too...THEY won't let just the Pleiadians have all the artistic fun...Besides if only one race did them they would all look kinda alike ...If the only artist we knew on our planet was Norman Rockwell art would get boring fast....We are One .......Trinity

8/28 1:32 pm
Different races, different crop circles...Different styles........Trin

"Others leave them too"

Unfortunately, humans seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. I've seen lots of hoaxes and even advertisement crop circles. Leave it to humans to have to take something sacred and special and make it into a circus.

8/28 8:01 pm
If there's money or attention involved..Trinity

Rewind ...

Ok, here's a question I've wanted to ask you. You know how our bodies are supposed to be built around an etheric grid. Supposedly even if someone has lost an arm or leg, if they photograph them using Kirlian photography, it will show the etheric body intact.

Then it seems to me that if we eat light foods (fruits and vegetables), we should be able to regenerate our bodies according to the perfect pattern that exists in the etheric counterpart. If so, that means if we are very particular about our food intake, we could prolong life or even regenerate our bodies.

Do THEY talk about this?

7/2 5:36 pm
Very little do they speak on this .. THEY don't like to interfere in my natural progression of my life too much...But your body feeds on light, prana and physical foods and when your body is insulated enough you will exist on Manna ...and no longer take in physical foods...Trinity

You once said you didn't think you'd be going through the portals of death. But this seems against the natural order.

Except for a few like Babaji or Compte de Saint Germain - who lived for several hundred years (or maybe still does - he just disappeared from European society).

I would think at some point even if your body stayed relatively un-aged you'd want to leave it behind and take up a new body for future work. Or maybe leave the earth sphere altogether for higher work - leave the physical body behind and be a light being.

7/2 5:59 pm
You become in full control of every molecule in your body as well as the light molecules Too....So you can change you body to any age you like ....Think infinite..Trinity

How's the training going? Have you been doing anything different besides energy work? Any big meetings or long travels to other places.

7/2 5:57 pm
Doing a little traveling But mostly very intense shifts in my bodies (physical and light)...Trinity

Do they ever work with others? like if I was to concentrate on one of Them, could I give them questions and hear the answers?

7/2 6:35 pm
Don't really know..Im sure THEY do .. I see such a variety of beings.. I know that there's one dedicated team that works with me for a while then changes ..Then my guides that remain constant...Trinity

Is the Egyptian master still with you or did he move on to a different team?

7/2 6:36 pm Still here ... Trin
Did he flood your mind with images of Egypt when I asked?

7/2 6:40 pm
You have to understand something i can go for days or weeks with out THEM talking to me because im going through something else, that has nothing to do with communication ...Trinity

I'm kind of confused on this point because you say "if I think of them, they are right there" And lots of times you mention they are there with you. So do you mean you can't communicate with them even though they are right there?

Maybe that's why some of the time they teach you in pictures.

7/3 7:24 pm
How and when THEY communicate with me is a matter of vibration (iv said this before) when IM in a higher state with a select type and combination of energies helps to determine if I can communicate or not...THEY aren't all ways right there IM sorry if I was misleading. If THEY don't wish to be "Right there" THEY aren't. I Can't reach out to one of them if IM doing energy work where I couldn't even think of their energy signature let alone lock on to it to stay for a chat. Iv tried to go any way to visit but its blurry and the THEY waver in and out of my inner focus, So it doesn't work even if I want to. I can't just fly to them and make THEM talk to me ...Some times some beings aren't available...Trinity

7/3 7:27 pm
It all boils down to ...some days THEY are right there in side me and then for days THEY will be gone... Some days the energy's right some days its not ....Trinity

I went to the web site you sent with all the pictures of crop circles and also another one www.thenoiseroom.com. Seems like there are far more crop circles created in England than any other place. Do you know why They focus so much on England?

7/3 7:14 pm
Never asked why England so much....Trinity

Happy 4Th. Going home.

7/3 7:27 pm
Happy 4th to you too my friend....Trin

7/8 1:11 pm
How was your week end ? Mine was very full, Things changing quickly...We are One........Trinity

Things changing quickly? Please tell me more.

7/8 1:53 pm
Was busy with THEM....Tell ya when i get time hopefully tonight..Trin

7/8 4:20 pm
The inside of me has gone through a radical shift. I was put through such intensities of feelings (not emotional all spiritual)..THEY told me that my Galactic training wasn't just paper work. It seems IM a unique individual in that I can endure intensities of spiritual energy and nature that many cannot. Galactic training also means being able to endure all that goes with this . The visions and sensations of spirit just blow me away sometimes ... I keep thinking if this gets more intense ill just lose it and go completely insane (Things are that intense), But it never happens. I always seem to endure through it each time .. I wish i could describe all that passes through inside me heart/mind/soul when all this is happening ....We are One .....Trinity

That expands a lot on the idea of just what Galactic Training is. When you first mentioned it I had a totally different idea of what it was (more like what you might take in college as International Relations but on a scale that includes lots of larger sun and galaxy systems).

7/8 5:21 pm
To tell you the truth i had no real notion of what Galactic training meant either then , But i always learn later what it all means (if its important to) ... Trinity

7/8 4:27 pm
I even was asked to do Grid work .. THEY haven't asked me to do this in a long time. Its really quite easy ... THEY just show me the grid and show me where the weaknesses are, All I have to do is strengthen the thin spots and make it pulse wider through the grid lines. Its very simple..Trinity

"It seems IM a unique individual in that I can endure intensities of spiritual energy and nature that many cannot."

That's very interesting. Maybe that's one of the reasons they chose you to distribute the higher energy that you are transmuting.

7/8 4:51 pm
Yes, this is something THEY finally told me this weekend...But it might be my own fault. The whole time THEY have told me my purpose was to be a capacitor for higher energies ...Trinity

7/8 4:37 pm
Don't really know how to describe this but ill try. THEY have been coming to me and been in me much deeper in feeling than THEY have in a long time. Iv had some very high spiritual beings coming to me. THEY say little or nothing so THEY must be working with me. When THEIR energy hits me Its such a shock. It quickly makes me sense and think of holy and divine (DEEPLY). I mean Stained glass churches and saints divine and holy. It just takes my breath away when a being like this graces me with THEIR presence...I hope and pray im being put to good use to Father...Trinity

What an awesome experience. To holy to ask - who are you? Would break the continuity of it. Maybe you can ask later to be led to know WHO had visited you. Seems like it would be of benefit to know.

7/8 5:15 pm
When this stuffs happening im lucky i can think clearly enough to keep breathing...Trinity

7/8 5:07 pm
I think it to be of benefit to know EVERYTHING about what's happening to me .. but THEY feel its best i learn it on my own ....Trin

Argggg. Humans hate that. We like to ask why and have people explain it to us.

Maybe it has to do with strengthening the link between lower and higher mind.

7/8 5:27 pm
THEY have said this to me before ...

"What you have discovered will be retained in you
What is done for you, you will forget"

.....We are One .......Trinity

7/8 4:43 pm
Watched as a huge hole opened inside me and a being all light blue and white and the energy attached to it came pouring through into me .. This was intense also...It looked like the sun does with the fire or radiation moving across its surface. Now make this blue and white, It looks like that. Moving energy across its surface....We are One ..... Trinity

When you say a huge hole opened up inside me. I saw this in a post on the message board once. You said I think "a huge hole opened in the heart area".

It sounds like some kind of very high being with a light body (blue and white) came to you either to change you or pour some energy into you.

7/8 5:04 pm
No, this wasn't heart. I can still see it just tear open this hole inside me and this blue/white ball of energy hitting me with full intensity ... Trinity

So THEY won't tell you what the blue / white energy was? Was it a living being?

7/8 5:05 pm
It just looked like the energy that plays across the surface..Trin

7/8 5:11 pm
This experience would have been very scary if I wasn't already experienced. With this. When intensities of this caliber happen its very divine and pure ...You just know ...This is pure God stuff .. And you're not... (me)....Trinity

I had a few questions to ask you after going backing reading things over yesterday.

You often use the term Light Systems but it struck me that I really didn't know exactly what you meant by it.

7/8 5:24 pm
Its really an inaccurate description but its simple to understand so i use that .. To me it means Chakras, Thymus and all other glands (these are light systems too)..And Kundalini....Trinity

Here's another question.

I saw some posts (on the message board) about the Arcturian team here doing some work. Do you have a pretty extensive knowledge of what various teams from different systems are here and what they are doing?

Do you think the ones making these statements on the board are in a position to be positive or is it more or less a guess. Some people use their intuition to "get" things but that doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Depends on the purity of the recipient and whether ego is involved.

7/8 5:59 pm
I go by how it feels to me. Does it resonate with truth ...Trinity

7/8 5:55 pm "Do you have a pretty extensive knowledge of what various teams from different systems are here and what they are doing?"

There is so much going on with all kinds of groups and teams working with individuals and others. I couldn't begin to know this ... Trinity

Well, actually I wasn't looking for a catalog of which team is here from where and what are they doing. I was more interested in knowing, are there ANY teams here for sure that you know of. You know like a sort of confirmation from THEM - the beings that you talk to - that it's not just humans using their imagination. Maybe it's just me going through more duality waves (belief, disbelief cycles) but I wanted to know if THEY had told you about any of these groups or teams that are here, or if you had any first hand knowledge of their presence.

7/8 6:15 pm
There are many ships of many types ..I was with a group Saturday from a different planetary system then ours ... I think THEY said THEY were Articulans (not a human face).. Their energy type is very Morontia .. Its very technological with lower light energies interplaying through it ....It has great physical application within our realm..We are One ........Trinity

Here's another thing I'm kind of confused about. How is it that THEY don't mind you telling your story? I would think they'd want to keep it secret.

Unless THEY're trying to make themselves known more little by little.

7/8 6:08 pm
Got me here .. some things im not allowed to speak of .. But THEY wanted me to do this so i did.. But i drag my feet in the public arena...And if i stood on a street corner shouting what i know no one would listen .. Maybe like this it will be better learned from ... Trinity

I think some people will read your story and believe but I suspect a lot of people that see it will just wonder why I bothered to put it on a spiritual web site thinking it's just a load of B.S. I think truth and knowledge have to be approached incrementally. I can't forget how the first time I picked up Autobiography of a Yogi, I just thought Yogananda was making up a bunch of stories to turn us to a higher path spiritually. I put the book down after a few chapters because I thought it was just fabrications. That was long ago.. I was probably still an atheist then.

7/8 6:18 pm
But it will touch those who will need this soon, Thats what matters most . The ones we help , not the ones who call us fakes.....Thats their karma not mine ... Im here to serve.... Trinity

I tried to explain to my wife that you were telling me your story about how you had an enlightenment experience and started seeing beings inside in your inner consciousness. She couldn't even believe that much let alone anything about aliens. She just said, how do you know it's not someone just making all this stuff up?

A lot of people are spiritual deep down but not at a mental level (that is active seekers). It's their path and I suppose there's a higher purpose to it that I can't see.

7/8 6:46 pm
Always with all beings. You can show them the door and hand them a candle to light their way but you can't walk them through....Can't really blame her if I wasn't the one that had all this happen to I don't know if id believe me either ... but it has and I sure as heaven on earth can't doubt ....Trinity

Well, if THEY want us to elaborate on certain topics, by all means let me know.

Funny, I had the thought once that THEY orchestrated the whole thing, getting Norma to write to me, getting her to start talking about you, getting me to think about starting a web page about people with enlightenment experiences.

So, are you hearing any laughing (from THEM)?

A couple months ago, before any of this started, I prayed for higher service. I wanted it to be known that I wanted something spiritual to do, wanted to be purified, to become an instrument for a higher cause.

7/8 6:42 pm
"that THEY orchestrated the whole thing"

Of course THEY did...Trinity

7/8 6:41 pm
Sometimes i can feel THEM just suppressing laughter ... Trinity

When you were talking about the water breathers in Crater Lake you said you had seen them in the shallows of the Lake. I assume that meant in body with your physical eyes and not using your inner vision. How is it that tourists or locals haven't seen them or photographed them? I would think if people had seen them recently (other than the old Indian legends), there would be myths similar to Bigfoot floating about and people would be all over that place trying to find them and take pictures of them (like Nessie).

Similarly, you described the city beneath Crater Lake as having waving lights. How do they manage to keep people on the surface of the lake from seeing the lights at night?

And the submersibles they sent down to explore the bottom of the lake. How is it they never saw the city or any of the water dwelling creatures?

Just some questions that have been knocking around inside. I'm sure others who read the web page wonder the same things.

7/8 5:48 pm
I know the city is very VERY deep down ...And as for the submersibles and cameras ...They just see what they are supposta see.. Don't really know how THEY do it but THEY think its Humorous .. Maybe they take a picture of nothing special on the bottom and attach it to the front of the camera ... I know there's a city down there Maybe THEY can shift the whole city out of this realms vision ...Anything's possible... ....Trinity

Are you saying your space brothers or light beings protect the local water breather residents, or are they advanced enough to be able to do that for themselves? I assume the water breathers are about equivalent to humans in terms of spiritual evolution.

7/8 6:01 pm
Higher beings Than us ..Wouldn't you hide an airport from children that might break it if they found it?....Trinity

Oh, I totally had the wrong impression. You said it (Crater Lake) is used for transport off planet but I thought this was a separate issue from the underground city - like a coincidence that both are there (that is the Water breathers, their light city, and the portal or transport area).

So the water breathers themselves are higher beings. In the Indian legends people were sometimes killed by them or taken down under the waters.

7/8 6:19 pm
never killed . never to return . Trained .......Trinity

7/8 6:21 pm
And this city has connections to all other underwater places all over our planet through underwater tubes and caves...Trinity

This sounds pretty far out but I'll take your word for it. I know there are huge underwater aquifers in various places. There must be quite a population of these water breathers then. I wonder why they consider it a failed experiment.

7/8 5:51 pm
Got me ... saw them in the shallows with big eyes .. distorted with the waves ...And it was inner vision ..But very different .. THEY came into me .. Boy can still see them looking at me ..kinda haunting .. Good description of spiritual sense haunting.... Trinity

7/8 5:28 pm
Yes, That much i could feel behind the force ....Trinity

7/8 4:49 pm
My spiritual (human) teacher has read the site , She is very pleased .... She keeps asking me to come to the big city and work .. I keep asking here to come to the country....(Spoke to her this weekend) What do i need to live there for..been there done that ...Wasn't much fun then won't be now...I'll lecture if spirit asks....Trinity

Does your teacher ever read the (message board) posts? Is she up on ETs or know any?

7/8 5:41 pm
My teacher has no time to read the message boards .. She went to do a lecture for a few days and returned to 300 e mails to answer , and thats not phone messages or things she has to do when she returned as well as spend time with her very family .. Im very blessed that she will ignore the rest of the world when we talk on the phone ...As a friend put it in a e-mail to me .. "Moms very proud of you"...What a soul.....Trinity

That's what would happen to you if you start making public appearances.

7/8 6:04 pm
If spirit wish's i will....I AM ready to serve....Trin

You are very lucky to have a teacher. If I have any on the other side, they stay invisible. If I have any here, I don't know about them. A couple of saints I have an inner link with but I'm so busy I don't think of them. I suppose if I meditated on them more often, they might assist me.

7/8 6:03 pm
Make your self pure, clean, clear with honor to the divine...We are One .......Trinity

Thanks for the update on your change of state. I've gotta take off. Have a great evening.

7/8 7:46 pm
Have a blessed evening of enlightenment....We are One .......Trinity

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