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Part IV

Lightworkers Interview with Trinity continues...

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7/9 7:27 am
Very important quote THEY have been giving me for years ..."Pour your thoughts from subject to subject ..Don't dart your thoughts from subject to subject " You can print that... Good morning, Take delight in your day.... Trinity

Good morning. I didn't know you checked mail so early in the day.

I'm trying to cipher this out. Does that mean you should think about things based on their connections to other things, or not start thinking of a new topic in the middle of an existing one?

7/9 8:18 pm
It has to do with me.. I have a habit of thrusting or darting my mind from Vision or subject ...THEY have tried very hard to get me to not move my mind so quick.. To pour my thoughts slower from subject to subject .. And it shows others to slow down their thoughts to absorb all ....Trinity

From the Message Board   

Note: A group of people working toward the changes occurring on our planet formed a message board to allow them to share their experiences. Many are undergoing kundalini activity, DNA transformation, chakra activation and other ascension symptoms. The board gives them a place to vent, share stories and wisdom, ask questions, and above all provides a loving, non-critical and even fun space to freely communicate with one another. Included in Part IV are some of Trinity's posts on the message board.

Date Posted: 12:47:33 05/22/02 Wed
Author: Trinity
Subject: Re: i keep hearing....

SYNCHRONICITY...It is and shall be... THEY were just two nights ago talking to me about not just sitting there and expecting it all to happen with little effort.. THEY were telling me to use what THEY have taught me and reach out more to know ..not wait to know...
When the process started in me many a year ago ..THEY were constantly telling me to stop thinking so linear...To expand my thinking to include and accept even what i had trouble envisioning within my conceptual thinking.... We are One ....... Trinity

You posted this on the message board a couple days ago:
"THEY say others are doing more exacting work on inner spheres, keeping the consciousness of our planet stable ...Boy i can attest to this personally... THEY say THEY have been waiting and hoping we would arrive at this stage in our evolution."

What effect will this have on us and when will it kick in? Is it kind of a long term thing or will we see quick results?

7/9 8:41 pm
That depends on your sensitivity towards the energy fields. Its all ready "kicked in"..Its been active for about two weeks now ... It will take a while to fully integrate in. It will be a long term thing. ....Trinity

I'm getting the feeling that so many things are happening, with all the changes you say THEY are making, bringing in new energies, a more powerful grid system, etc. It's so frustrating though to get out and people seem the same, the news is the same conflicts, etc. It just seems like the outer layer - the physical world is very slow to make changes to inner things that happen. I know THEY look at things over a longer scale, but I feel anxious for change.

7/10 7:01 pm
Hearts are changing not negative minds ....Trinity

Well, I guess if the heart changes the mind will follow eventually. Maybe that's what's behind all these business scandals coming out - to force us to be more responsible and not let people rip other people off. That's a start but there are so many things that need to be changed, the distribution of wealth for example. Why does an exec make 5 million a year while his lowest employee makes $30,000 a year. So many things need to be overhauled. We have a long road ahead of us.

What's new with you today? Any new happenings to tell about?

7/10 6:58 pm
Just those big ships i spoke of on the message board ...Those ships were really intense ...As soon as they hit me it just made my mind reel.. We are One.......Trinity

Did you ever receive any confirmation that they are here and working on a project?

7/11 6:22 pm
THEY are never NOT working on some project ....Trinity

I meant, arrival of new ships. Any confirmation on that.

7/11 7:08 pm
Sky's full of them .....Haven't seen or felt any new ones .......Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 07:20:40 07/27/02 Sat
Author: Trinity
Subject: Re: Huh? What?

Hey Im STILL HERE....Mostly i think ....Suprised after last night and this morning .... Its Taking more and more skill To assimilate and integrate these different types of energy through me, The energy keeps getting more intense and more powerful...And Solarclaire, i say that same statement alot "I hope and pray this is doing somebody, somewhere some good" God im flying ... Now to start the normal day of work .... Sheeeeezzz... Blessings all... We are One .. Trinity

I don't see how you can remember the work you do at night if your body's sleeping. Seems like you wouldn't be able to carry remembrance of what you did, where you went, back into the physical memory.

7/11 7:03 pm
Things happen every night ...But its not always interesting to describe to everyone how it feels or looks to see your mind spinning around .. Heres an example, When you look down a very long bare hallway and there is nothing down the hall but doors on either side all the way down...You peer down this hall and send your senses out to the end of the hall.. Now close your eyes and sense what it felt like with your senses all the way down this hall. Now point this "feeling" straight down as if you were seeing it in the ground (this is because there is no frame of reference to up, down sideways there in the other dimensions).. Now intensify that sense about 10 times ... This is the kind of stuff that happens, Its all training of some kind ...Or THEY will show me a picture but it will be sideways ...See what I mean, If I wasn't used to this stuff it would probably drive me insane. We are One .......Trinity

7/11 7:06 PM
Not sleeping .. I don't really dream anymore ....All this happen while IM sitting in a lotus position... Trinity

Its fascinating to read the kind of exercises they put you through. This reminds me of what Rain was telling me when she was trying to teach me to fly. She had me visualize the feel of having wings, then holding them out, then stretching them. Then she asked me to visualize my self gliding off something, and to feel my self soaring to some area that was familiar to me. Then I was supposed to practice "flying" to various places. I did it for a while and then it seemed to me it was just kind of a pretend exercise I was doing inside my head and was not actually accomplishing anything. So I stopped trying. Do you suppose it would actually have some value for me to do this?

If I were to try the exercise they gave you, would that help develop the third eye or be of any value to me, or does the third eye have to be already opening or activated before it would be of any value???

7/12 7:18 pm
Don't know ... Couldn't hurt ... Yes this is the kind of stuff i go through .. Some of the stuff .. This is what i call class room work...We are One .......Trinity

7/12 7:22 pm
"Would it be of any value?"
Same reason im learning what i learn from THEM ... When and if it does happen it won't freak the shit out of you....Trin

This kind of training seems so labor intensive. So here is a team of two or three beings and they are spending practically all their time (at least part of the day) training you in some kind of technique. Maybe this wouldn't be the same for everyone though because maybe your unique energy talents make it pay off in your case whereas with someone else, they would just wait till the person had developed some of these skills by themselves.

7/12 7:21 pm
THEY are teaching me to expand my capabilities as well as my physical structure Capacitance ... also to teach me to insulate myself from forces that could easily kill....Trinity

Must be some powerful energy if it could kill. I thought it was some kind of higher vibrational spiritual energy, like maybe something that would be felt by people as some kind of feeling of benevolence, love, or spiritual aspiration.

7/15 6:23 pm
Fry the nervous system .. Burn out the mind .. as well as forces powerful enough to dissolve a planet or disrupt a whole dimension.... This ain't no disco.....Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 06:50:17 04/25/02 Thu
Author: Trinity
Subject: Download!

Grab hold of something my brothers and sisters ...Big down load of extremely condensed energy.. very fast and high vibration... Loving voice spoken to me this morning............... by THEM "Theres no where you can fall, that we Can't catch you" ( meaning all the places i go) Doesn't look in type half as strong as the loving feel that came with it... Oh well... Sending you your own loving "nudge" from spirit for the day...Sparkles of Magic ...We are One .......Trinity

7/12 7:29 pm
Heres what happened to me night before last, When I came out of doing some very intense light work, I opened my eyes and looked at my hand and I was glowing green and gold. It emanated about half an inch around all my skin. My light body's are perfecting themselves. I know you like to hear this stuff, I almost forgot to tell you ...Trinity

I remember you mentioning when you first had your breakthrough you saw your self glowing as well. It must be related to the state of heightened consciousness you were just in. Or maybe it was the energy exciting the higher centers and making them glow in a higher dimension.

7/15 6:18 pm
Its my light bodies becoming apparent to me (making lights flicker around me when i pass by a light)......We are One .......Trinity

Regarding your remote sensing, I wish I had some ability to project consciousness outward like that. When I try it just seems like a kid pretending. Doesn't seem real enough and I don't know if I should spend time on it. Maybe if I have some kind of breakthrough like you did it would be different. I feel like my feet are nailed to the ground. I hope this will change some day.

7/15 6:22 pm
No matter what, practice reaching out with heart, mind and being to sense.... You will need it .... Trinity

Thanks for this advice. I will start practicing this. Maybe it will help activate these chakras. I wasn't sure what came first, activate chakra and use them to sense, or try to sense and activate the chakras.

7/15 6:49 pm
Always .. ALWAYS sense everything .. This to me is one of the most important things iv found .. Start practicing now ....But in reality you aren't practicing you really are sensing ... Each time you will get better and then slowly you will get more expansive.....We are One ........Trinity

"Not sleeping .. I don't really dream anymore ....All this happen while IM sitting in a lotus position..."

Geez, I don't see how you can go without laying down and getting some sleep at night. I've heard of lots of saints that don't sleep anymore. Some just stay in samadhi constantly. Others, like Sri Yukteswar (Yogananda's guru) would sleep at night.

7/12 7:14 pm
I do sleep at night ..I go to bed at about 10:00 or 11:00 ...Im now getting up at 4:00 to work out.....Trinity

Last night I had to get up at 4 am to change some irrigation gates. It was so nice and warm with stars out I sat on my deck and tried to meditate but my cats kept coming around, they thought it was such a novelty to have the human get up with them in the middle of the night. So after a while I gave up and so I went and laid in bed and meditated lying flat. Since I'd been in cold irrigation water I was wide awake by then but after about half hour it seemed like all my energy was concentrated into the ajna center and I drifted off to sleep and had very vivid dreams for about the next hour or so. Usually I don't even remember them but it seemed like this meditation-sleep combination allowed me to somehow keep the consciousness link of the dream back into the body consciousness. I thought this was cool to find this out because I had just been asking you about it yesterday.

PS, the Pleiades is beautiful up about 20 degrees on the eastern horizon about then. I'm sure you've noticed in your early morning rounds. It looks so far away. I remember wondering - how do THEY traverse that much space to get here.

7/12 7:10 pm
I know THEY have advanced drive engines as well as being able to use other passage points through space....THEIR beam ships have many advance capabilities ....Trinity

What exactly is a passage point thru space? Is that like you go into a tunnel entrance, and come out light years away in a different area?

And what do you mean by the term Beam ship?

7/15 6:33 pm
Like a vortex but different .. I don't understand the principles ....Trinity

7/15 6:36 pm
"Beam ship"
Ships with multiple dimensional abilities, Can be easily found......Trinity

Passage through space - like a vortex. What came to mind to me is the jet streams that go up to several hundreds of miles per hour through the skies. Maybe there is something like that in deep space - a moving vortex that links galaxies or sun systems that can be hopped on to go faster?

7/16 4:45 pm
The one time I traveled through one, I was on a ship and THEY called it a conduit at the time. Interesting side note, Iv tried to contact Yuer-el while she was going through one I couldn't contact her .. THEY told me at the time she was unavailable for contact because she was traveling through one ...Trinity

Do you contact Yuer-el by concentrating on her energy signature or is there some other kind of technology involved?

7/16 7:17 pm
Provided IM in the right state of mind, Vibration and many other things .. I just concentrate on her energy Signature ......... Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 07:39:57 09/21/02 Sat
Author: Trinity
Subject: Re:       just "BE" God

This is what THEY tell me, Constantly........Light kiss's for this glorious day my brothers and sisters ...We are One .......Trinity

Hi. How was your weekend? Any significant changes, trips, communications, meetings, developments, etc?

7/15 6:53 pm
Yes was asked to attend a Galactic Federation meeting on The solar shield... And I have nothing to tell yet .. IM to attend tonight ...I just know its important and i will be needed after to do some work ... We are One .......Trinity

How did the meeting go? Any beings you recognized? And where was it held?

7/16 5:42 pm
THEY came and got me and took me to a very large area with about a coupla thousand people all surrounding a small platform. On the platform was one being, He was stable in the realm I was in. Behind him were maybe 3 more beings but I couldn't really tell because these beings weren't stable to one dimension or realm. THEY felt like THEY were only part there, (this is how it feels to me). It all looked like a big sports arena with thousands of beings all up the sides sloping up. All these beings looked like they were sitting and standing in some arena except the only thing solid and visible was the platform the speaking beings were on, All the rest was as if the whole thing was invisible. All their feet were just dangling in mid air. No one is moving ... all are stable, In other words, people around you aren't floating up and down.

The being in the center looked as though there was a very bright white light shining straight up under him and straight down on his head. He spoke of the coming changes that are going to come about with in our world and about the solar shield alterations. How all this will effect our world and its inhabitants as well as what the reflective actions will be to the outer realms. Then he spoke of the vibratory changes that the new shield will enact, And what it will do to the vibrations that reach the inner universes, How it will help or hinder progress. THEY all spoke positively about the coming changes that are now undergoing within our own realm....We are One ........Trinity

That's a magnificent description. You should get an award for how well you painted this picture. I am just amazed !!!

Will this change to the solar shields have as much or more impact than the grid upgrade did?

7/16 8:03 pm
Different type of force application within our physical systems ...Trinity

I'm getting the feeling that this impacts our entire solar system (sun and planets) or does it even go beyond?

7/16 8:04 pm
Way beyond .........We are One .......Trinity

When you say inner universes - you mean the higher spiritual realms at the Center?

7/16 8:05 pm
yes and more.....Trin

"THEY all spoke positively about the coming changes that are now undergoing with in our own realm...."

Are all these changes to be very gradual - similar to the sun coming up and shining brighter and more warmly as time goes on?

Like will they happen over months, years, decades of our time?

7/16 7:12 pm
Don't know , when i tune into them about time there isn't any ....Trinity

This is not really relevant but just a question that came up. After the meeting, do THEY have an equivalent of applause, or do they all chant anything or have any kind of ceremony to begin and end the meetings?

7/16 7:14 pm
Wasn't at the ending, I was taken away before ....Trinity

Is this solar shield something that surrounds our physical sun? Like close to it beneath the orbit of Mercury?

7/16 7:15 pm
No our planet .....Trinity

Will the new shield affect our weather patterns or is does it have an effect on a more subtle (higher spectrum) energy like spiritual for example.

7/16 4:45 pm
Nothing to do with the weather only higher forces ...Trin

Hi Trin. I'm still amazed when I read about your meeting.

One thing I wondered about. When the "speaker" is communicating, do they just kind of project thoughts so each person can understand. If they speak any given language then only those people that understand that language would understand. So how do they go about communicating when beings all have diverse language backgrounds from different places and cultures? And is there some kind of common language used by a large number of beings?

7/18 8:46 pm
Its more like the U.N. where someone is translating to me from the speaker ... I know IM not getting the full speech... My capacity to absorb what's being said is limited .....Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 08:43:02 04/07/02 Sun
Author: Trinity
Subject: Picture

Hope no one minds i put a Picture up...Don't know about anyone else but my last week has been Full of very intense energy, Is quite the E-Ticket white knuckle ride... Could barely stand (for those of you who don't know what a E-Ticket Is, its the more intense rides at Disney Land) ......"I'll Take another book of tickets please"

"thank you"...Have a day of Play in the luminous Sparkles of life in spirit......As The band Yes states in one of their songs "It's just a state of Play"
Blessings all....Love and Light...Trinity

Here's something I wanted to ask you about. You were talking about your Egyptian guide and you said he was close to Angel class. Did he ascend on this planet or some other system? And if another system, how does he have so much affinity for Egypt.

Also, if he is an ascended human (or equivalent), why do you say he is close to angel class. I thought they were two different paths of upward evolution.

7/15 6:17 pm
He is CLOSE to Angel class being meaning he has access to higher realms ..Trin

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? You should get to know him. Maybe he was a brother - specialized in energy. He invented the Tesla Coil and was instrumental in discovering ways of propagating energy (electrical) wirelessly and over wires in the most efficient manner. I found a book on him today in our library (had seen it before a couple of years ago). It has pictures and a lot of information on his many brilliant devices. There seems to be a lot of speculation that either he was a walk- in, arrived on our planet as a child (left on a doorstep), was in touch with higher beings from Mars, etc. There are several theories to explain his brilliance - all involving ETs in one way or another. I wonder if THEY know anything about him or can say?

Nikola Tesla conducting experiments in his lab at Colorado Springs

Nikola Tesla - high voltage discharge experiments, Colorado Springs Laboratory. Dec 31, 1899

7/16 7:13 pm
He died a sad poor broken man .....Man people conspired to bring him down and did... Trinity

Can you ask THEM if Tesla was in incarnated spirit from another world or in communication with higher beings. He certainly seemed completely in possession of a higher knowledge of electrical physics that a mere human wouldn't have access to.

7/19 8:06 pm
THEY don't say......Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 19:53:47 10/07/02 Mon
Author: Trinity
Subject: THEM

It just feels Sooooo Good when THEY come to me ...But IM always Leary when THEY say stuff like "We are not afraid of you, will you be afraid of us?" Means things are going to be REAL wild tonight.....So.....IM going in!...........last one into the void is a rotten egg...Later light children.....Trin

I bet your guys (THEY) are anxious for you to get settled in (moving to a new place) so you can get back to work. Hope you get a lot done this weekend. Have a great one.

7/19 7:30 pm
Its more like ... I come and go as i want .. and so do THEY ...Sometimes THEY talk to me .. other times i just do the energy work while clearing out old stuff from my D.N.A.....We are One .......Trinity

I was just wondering what your own take is on all these ideas that there will be sudden changes to the earth, such as a magnetic pole reversal. Others think there will some kind of cataclysm and people of the old energy will be wiped from the face of the earth. Then there was that one last week that the people that are ascending will be taken somewhere (middle earth she said).

7/23 1:17 pm
It will be severe.. But our own governments will try to convince us its all ok...Trin

Just seems to me if we look back in history, changes are usually more gradual. I bet even the sinking of Atlantis took place over years or decades giving the people a chance to escape. It seems like God covers his tracks so whoever wants to believe it thinks that everything happens due to natural causes (earthquakes, eruptions, etc). So to me the idea that a group of people will suddenly disappear is not compatible with how things usually work.

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

Yesterday I added a picture of the Pleiades constellation to your web page. I was wondering if you know much about it. For example is this a group of seven large suns that are tied into a kind of a gravitational field or associated with one another somehow? Do all of these systems support the evolution of light beings or is there maybe a main location for that. Just curious if you have any details on that system if THEY have said.

7/25 7:33 pm
THEY never have talked much about the Star System THEY are from ....Trin

What DO THEY talk about?

7/26 8:04 pm
Usually THEY speak of things in me..How things are being altered ..How the universe is changing along with me. THEY tell me things like how THEY are cleansing all patterning points within my body ...THEY teach me how to sense things in a more specific manner ..By traveling deeper into things that THEY show me....Trin

If you can remember some of the things THEY have told you, I think people would be Very interested in those things. We know how people think of various things but to have THEIR point of view on things would be great. Some of the things I can think of that THEY might talk about are things like progress being made with our cultural evolution, or maybe dangers to the planet? Our view of THEM or what people think of them or know or think they know. How THEIR presence will be progressively revealed.

7/26 8:07 pm
THEY are concerned with the deeper things within the physical .. The general things in life THEY have no interest in .. Things like my own life means very little to THEM .. THEY see life as a lesson in spirituality, Not of direct concern but a means to the end ...Trin

7/26 8:19 pm
THEIR long talks with me are usually teaching me how to observe things in a certain way, Or how to sense things in a deeper way ... As an example to sense THEIR energy signatures by feeling each subtle layer within THEM...Or how to feel a point in space and how it changes each time I check it .. This has nothing to do with time ...There is no time per se there ....Met a being two nights ago that had a small rectangle over his eyes like a welding mask, but with just the rectangle, no mask holder ...One min you can see his eyes (kind of a golden glow ) and then the rectangle fills with patterns of energy going across it, It looked very odd but very cool. THe patterns or pictures were producing energy, I could feel the force as soon as the patterns started to form across the rectangle...We are One .......Trinity

"How the universe is changing along with me"

Does that mean that the Universe changes because your own perception of it changes? Or did they mean changes that actually do happen (or are happening) to the Universe.

My own belief is that there is some plan under which the Universe does change and come to a grand conclusion just like an individual incarnation of us, followed by a pralaya (rest period) and then an eventual rebirth as a new Universe or new creation.

7/29 7:04 pm
THEY tell me how the universe is shifting and how the changes are effecting myself and the rest of the human race....How things once were and how they are now altering into the restructuring of new light technologies. How these new technologies will be of assistance to the "new" light human being......Trinity

P.S. Can't elaborate here don't ask.....

Thanks for sharing this. I visualize some classroom in the future sitting around teaching the earth kids Cosmic History.

Here's to the new Light Human Being !!! May he manifest fully and soon.

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 08:04:54 04/28/02 Sun
Author: Trinity
Subject: WHAT A NIGHT!

THEY haven't been As chatty as THEY were last night in a long long time..THEY kept me up for most of the night ... was a great night of all kinds of fun and magic...Hope all else fared as well....May the brush of the fingers of the angels gently touch your hearts today, in compassion and understanding so you may reflect this to all around you....We are One ......Trinity

"The general things in life THEY have no interest in"

Does this also apply to the larger picture - looking at the planet as a whole - such as autocratic forms of government being replaced by democratic forms? Do THEY actively work to improve our Earth culture, or do they just want to spiritually transform individuals and let the individuals make their own impact on Earth culture.

7/29 6:59 pm
I know THEY do work with the BIG picture but THEY don't talk to me about this. Or if THEY do its very little ... Not sure why.. I just know from THEM, THEY aren't really all that concerned with the physical aspects of life much. This seems to be the individuals own path.. We are One ......Trinity

"Or how to feel a point in space and how it changes each time I check it .. "

This sounds like the height of esoteric knowledge - like I can't begin to understand exactly what you mean. Because my mind says something like - how can a point in space change? And how can you have the skills or ability to study or sense a point in space? So you are off in a realm that is pretty much baffling to the average human.

7/29 6:54 pm
Don't feel bad..Im there and it baffles me all the time ...IM constantly amazed ... Trinity

Don't know how i do it , but i can sense a point in space and later the same point. This point has changed because all things are in motion. Trin

It's very strange that even though I don't fully understand when you explain something, it's very comforting for you to even try to give us some understanding. I think because if you didn't, we would have no clue at all what you do or what you are learning.

"...There is no time per se there"

I find the concept of Time to be a great enigma. I can understand that as humans we are trapped in a space time continuum, where we experience ourselves in the present - between past and future. On a higher level or higher dimension, the plan of unfoldment exists - so that past present and future are all part of that plan, and on that basis, you can say that Time does not exist for a higher being because he can see past, present, future as one.

And yet, if the universe is unfolding, evolving, all the star systems, beings within them are evolving, becoming more spiritual, etc, that implies change and that implies a Time scale. It used to be a Universe in seed, and now the universe is unfolded, there are galaxies, and some grand plan coming forth. So it seems that in form, that is in manifestation - you can't escape the Time dimension. Only on the higher planes where you transcend physical manifestation and deal with thought patterns as unchanging ideals do you get to the Timeless state. That is about as much understanding as I can bring to the Time concept.

7/29 6:52 pm
Iv felt the UN Time existence over there but i couldn't explain this even if i tried...Trinity

From the Message Board      

Date Posted: 15:17:43 04/26/02 Fri
Author: Lois
Subject: weird beyond weird

in the middle of todays brain fog suddenly appears a big handle, stirrup shaped, hanging down, out of some dark grey clouds, and they say pull down. so of course i say fuck off you guys im tired of being told what to do.. explain it to me, but i cant receive the answer im so ditsy today, but a while later they say please sister pull it down, so i do, pull it down and lay it on the ground, and a big male hand reaches up and grabs it and takes it down underground. and i get a big kundalini rush afterward... whats it all about alfie?

Date Posted: 15:51:11 04/26/02 Fri
Author: Lois
Subject: ooohhhhhhhh

i get that they are preparing to hoist us up,starting May 5, and chuckling away at the homey little image they have to give on account of i was one of the Luddites..

Date Posted: 16:08:20 04/26/02 Fri
Author: Trinity
Subject: Re: weird beyond weird

HA!... laughing ..stuff like this happens to me all the time... Welcome to My world of weirdness.. a long time ago THEY showed me how THEY use whats in your own mind to give you a picture that you will understand... its always symbolic of whats really going on behind the scenes... kinda fun though isn't it?... Trinity

"Met a being two nights ago that had a small rectangle over his eyes like a welding mask, but with just the rectangle, no mask holder ...One min you can see his eyes (kind of a golden glow ) and then the rectangle fills with patterns of energy going across it, It looked very odd but very cool. The patterns or pictures were producing energy, I could feel the force as soon as the patterns started to form across the rectangle"

Did you go somewhere different that you ran into him, or did he come to you?

Do you suppose there is a species of life where all the beings from that certain place have developed that rectangle? Or is it some kind of technological device that maybe they have developed for some specific purpose.

This was VERY interesting. Thank you for mentioning it.

7/29 6:50 pm
Just traveling around and he just happened to pop in ...I think he was sent to me.. Its very odd even for me because that it reacted within me with the energy from this device.. I sensed this was a technological device. Sure was cool looking though, I could sense this was a space born being ...We are One .......Trinity

Did he have some message for you? Or what was the purpose of the meeting?

7/31 7:51 pm
Had something to do with the energy that he was producing and transferring to me ....Trin

That reminds me of a question I had when you were talking about the Universal Celestial Doctor. You said he wore small metal frame type glasses like an old fashioned accountant might wear. I would think an advanced being such as Him would have perfect sense organs without the need to wear some type of vision correction gear like physical glasses. Or do you suppose it was just a sort of a signature that he developed in his last few physical lives (ie before becoming purely a spiritual being) and just sort of kept it as part of HIS image.

7/29 6:50 pm
Yes, this is part of his structured form that is a part of the way he is presented to a physical being such as myself .. Its part of his "energy signature"....Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

Tree House meeting place

The Tree House meeting place (Message Board)

7/31 8:07 pm
This was my post on the Tree House (message board) Monday ..

OK... Start by balancing and unifying all 13 of your light bodies.. Make sure all other light systems in your physical structure are also balanced and integrated in.. Now visualize the first light body spinning to the left, The second to the right, third to the left, Forth to the right... do this all through all 12 (right then left). Now synchronize all left spinning light bodies and all right spinning bodies so the right all meet exactly at front and back. Do the same for the left, so they all meet exactly in the front and the back.. As soon as the left and right spinning light bodies synchronize in front of you reach out and feel... There's a break or a lip right straight through you from the center in front and the center in back. This happens every time they meet at front and back. This hole can be a passage if you wish.. Feel through and you will sense layers along this hole, Where you stop on the layer is where you can go through.

There's also an advanced course to this, If you make the spinning in a specialized type of synchronizing to where it spins in patterns, all kinds of things happen .. But i wouldn't attempt this if your unsure, because this can be dangerous without a little understanding here.... Have fun kids ... We are One ...... Trinity

That pretty much boggled my mind. I think it would be a lot easier to ride a unicycle and juggle 12 bowling pins simultaneously.

7/31 7:48 pm
Doesn't seem that hard to me....Not any harder than working with light systems ...Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

I was just reading over your web page. You haven't mentioned your guardian Sephiroth for a long time. Have you seen her lately? Anything new in your Galactic training or energy work you can talk about?

8/2 8:43 pm
Guardian hasn't been visual for a while ...Others have ...Had a being come to me last night ...I asked (a little too curtly) who are you? ...I got everything and more for an identification ...Lists of titles and all kinds of energy... Places .. Lots more than this human could hold...That will teach me to be huffy..

That's pretty humorous. I don't believe you were huffy but maybe not showing the proper respect due him. I wish you would write two or three paragraphs about every being you meet. Would make a fascinating book. Thanks very much for telling me about this. Gives me something worthwhile to think about while I do server support this week (my turn).

8/2 8:43 pm
You will like this ..THEY showed me a Division in front of me .. I'll explain .. It looked like a line from floor to ceiling. Where the lines met, looks like rollers of what we see, Its rolling in to the line from both sides only the right side was rolling faster than the left... Boy this is hard to describe ...But this one was really cool... THEY said that its because IM beginning to see the division within ... THEY have been really talking to me .. Nothing that would interest you ... I love it when THEY talk to me and say "OK you ready? W H A M .....!!!!!!! And kundalini goes off like a shivering rocket up my spine .. This type of kundalini energy makes me try to bounce or jump (sitting in a lotus position) up when it hits my crown chakra, like it will help it by getting closer ..

We are One .......Trinity

This is fascinating. You really paint a vivid picture here. I can see the two rollers standing vertically turning in opposite directions.

What does the division within refer to? What is divided?

8/5 8:17 pm
Not divided, just showing me the edges of the Realms of time and space........ Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

"This type of kundalini energy makes me try to bounce or jump (sitting in a lotus position) up when it hits my crown chakra, like it will help it by getting closer .."

It's too bad you never read Play of Consciousness by Baba Muktananda. He describes the period of time after his shakti was awakened by Nityananda (a Divine Being who lived in India). When the kundalini was strong, he used to hop around like a frog with his legs locked in the lotus position. He also roared like a lion so loud that the people around were afraid. He talks about how his body would jerk up into the air vertically as the kundalini surged up.

8/5 8:14 pm
This is interesting ...The energy causes me to make lots of noise ...If IM not ready for the incoming energy I yelp .. I spend a lot of time telling myself - smooth it out ... relax .. Slow, deep, breaths (as opposed to not breathing at all). The forces traveling through me are like a roaring freight train ...Trinity

I can imagine since you have to deal both with the kundalini energy and also the energy that you are transmuting for THEM.

8/6 7:01 pm
And Chakras and pineal,thymus,and adrenal glands.. All working energy too... And all these take concentration to keep in check .....Trinity

".I love it when THEY talk to me and say "OK you ready? W H A M .....!!!!!!! And kundalini goes off like a shivering rocket up my spine .."

Well I assume THEY were talking to you about energy layers or something obscure that I wouldn't understand. Do they give you a kundalini rush to bring you to a higher consciousness level while they are talking to you? Or is that just a side effect of being in THEIR proximity.

8/5 8:07 pm
Some of both ..THEY energize me to be of a higher vibration to be with THEM and THEY know the energy is causing a permanent alteration to my physical structure ...We are One .......Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 07:40:01 09/01/02 Sun
Author: Trinity
Subject: Just my personal vent ...

OK im still here....IM like George Burns used to be , He would wake in the morning and check the obituaries and see if he was in them.. With the intensities and stuff i go through at night , if i wake and im still here ....I can get on with my day ...Shit what a night, Took such powerful force , thought i was going to blow apart... Thanks for listening .. makes me feel better to talk about this somewhere (people around me would have me committed), even if you all think im nuts ... OK its another day , time to start, In the words of Luwigee in the movie Mario Brothers ..."IM GOING IN".. If i don't come out of the VOID for a while , send Chocolate chip cookies in ... Blessings for a wonderful day for you all... We are One ...... Trinity

I was just thinking about the various beings you've had visiting you from time to time. Do you think they observe our earth sphere very often or are we humans pretty boring to most higher beings.

8/6 6:57 pm
A lot of the time its just me bumping into THEM while IM traveling along through different places. I'll be moving through some plane or sphere and there THEY are in front of me ...Some times THEY come to me but this is more of the normal (what a silly word in this context) beings, These are my teachers, guides, brothers and sisters.. More personally close and more multi dimensional... The other beings are in the other dimensions not as close to this one ...

Do you think they ever try to communicate with us subtly or influence us in some way?

8/6 6:57 pm
Don't really think so ..I think that's our (spirit) adjusters job ...Beings have more interplay on this dimension when we are more spiritually pronounced, But i think THEY are limited as to what THEY can do (reg's).....We are One.......Trinity

When you're off traveling, are you also conscious of sitting lotus position in your home? Or does that fade away kind of as if you were Out Of Body?

8/7 8:31 pm
Some times i am..But there are other times where all dissolves away around me and im not really sure where and what i am anymore .I can't feel my body or anything around me just dimensions flying by in my minds eye, Even opening my eyes doesn't help ...I can still see the room im sitting in but im so detached it seems unreal, distant.. Far away from what's inside me. This used to be a frightening experience in the beginning (didn't know if id return) but since then iv learned it really doesn't matter. The most Important words THEY gave to me apply here "Just ...BE...God... .... We are One ......Trinity

Thank you. That was a truly beautiful blessing of knowledge.

8/8 1:52 pm
The facts sir. Nothing but the facts ...(Joe Friday.) ..Your welcome ....Trin
Ramana Maharshi

"But there are other times where all dissolves away around me and im not really sure where and what i am anymore "

Your statements remind me of Ramana Maharshi, who said a similar thing. I personally believe a very great spiritual Being incarnated as Ramana Maharshi to bless our planet last century and teach many about the next stage. If you open his page on the Cosmic Harmony web site and scroll about halfway down (In the Words of Devotees) and read some of the devotee's descriptions of him, you get the sense of power this great being had.

Bhagavan once remarked, referring to himself, "In this state it is as difficult to think a thought as it is for those in bondage to be without thoughts." I also remember him telling us, "You ask me questions and I reply and talk to you. If I do not speak or do anything, I am automatically drawn within, and where I am I do not know."

If you ever encounter him on the other side, please pass along my humble greetings of love.

8/9 7:54 pm
... mirrors my own path ...If i bump into him ill send him your regards ....Trin

I had forgotten this connection - I built this page long before I met you. This quote is from the same page I sent you the URL of earlier. There is a section on it about the sacred hill Arunachala where Ramana Maharshi resided. Can you ask your Pleiadian brothers and sisters if there is a connection between Ramana Maharshi and the Pleiades? Maybe he is a light being from Pleiades?

"In the legend of Arunachala, Vishnu represents the ego or individuality and Brahma the mentality, while Shiva is Atma, the Spirit. The main purport of the legend is that Shiva once appeared as an infinite column of light. Because the column of Light was so dazzling and impossible to look upon, both Brahma and Vishnu prayed to Shiva to take a more benevolent and accessible form so that all beings could worship Him and realize the goal of life. Shiva accordingly took the form of the Arunachala Hill, declaring: "As the moon derives its light from the sun, so other holy places will derive their sanctity from Arunachala. This is the only place where I have taken this form for the benefit of those who wish to worship me and obtain illumination. Arunachala is OM itself. I will appear on the summit of this hill every year at Kartikai in the form of a peace giving beacon." Kartikai is that day of the year when the constellation of Kartikai (the Pleiades) is in conjunction with the full moon - usually in November. On that night each year a huge bonfire is built on top of the hill and appears from a distance as a great fiery beacon. It is observed throughout the area and especially by the thousands of devotees who circumambulate the hill, like a living garland, slowly moving along the eight mile trail that surrounds the base of the holy hill.
Look about 2/3 the way down showing a picture of the hill Arunachala in the twilight, framed by a blue box.

Arunachala mountain in southern India, site of the annual Kartikai Festival - Holy beacon of Shiva

8/9 7:52 pm
THEY say THEY understand the energy of this place and have been focusing attention there for much time in our years...Thats all THEY say ... But THEY aren't really into answering questions .Most of the time THEY won't or don't answer unless its something personal....We are One .......Trinity

Interesting. There must be some connection between the Arunachala mountain and the Pleiades, or why would the Kartikai festival be arranged at the time the Full Moon was close to the Pleiades? Makes me wonder if a lot of the spiritual impulse that overlights India isn't somehow tied in with the service of the Pleiadian race.

It was specifically mentioned in the article that strange lights have been seen around Arunachala but the locals attributed them to the Siddhas or formless beings who reside within the mountain.

"THEY aren't really into answering questions"

That's funny because that's exactly how Ramana Maharshi was. Even though he was a fully enlightened being, he would never answer people's idle questions prompted by curiosity about things. He only talked about direct spiritual issues or questions about a person's own spiritual path.

8/14 7:04 pm

I know when i try to ask THEM questions I can feel many different reactions from different answers THEY may give .. Then THEY say this is why THEY don't answer much .. Only if it involves supreme desire on my part, a supreme situation or dependent on a spiritual decision of great importance ..Trinity

Do you mean they give an answer and you can interpret it different ways? So they don't answer because you might pick the wrong meaning? Trying to understand exactly what you mean here.

Or maybe they just don't want you to get dependent on them for information instead of using your magical Eye. Unfortunately that doesn't work between me and you because I don't have that avenue of answering questions.

Do you mean they give an answer and you can interpret it different ways?

8/15 6:13 pm
Yes i can see the answers to questions in a variety of different ways but this means i can misinterpret what is being said and answered. THEY are also showing me the questions im asking have many meanings so there is no real "one" answer to most questions. This would only cause confusion. When a question is asked that THEY feel is important THEY will give one answer only ...Trin

8/15 6:15 pm
THEY also feel most questions have a physical answer and THEY really can't answer those ...We are One .......Trinity

Sounds like maybe the only solution is to take it to something above a verbal level where they can "see" exactly what you are asking and then you get direct knowledge of the answer. If that's all possible. In other words avoiding verbalizations.

Hey, you're online! How's it going?

A physical answer meaning related to things of the earth and everyday life?

8/15 8:40 pm
Yes most things that have to do with the physical....Sorry was on line, then went out to dinner with fam ....Trin

8/15 8:42 pm
Or wait for THEM to tell me what THEY think is important...Trinity

"went out to dinner with fam....Trin"

Sounds like fun. When my kids were little they loved to go out to pizza. Ran all around playing foozeball, looking at stuff, having a great time. Once in a while they'd sit down and eat something.

Hope you don't think I'm asking too many questions all the time. I know it's not your style. But you hardly ever volunteer anything.

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 18:56:00 08/14/02 Wed
Author: Trinity
Subject: Ya Hoo.....Familys back

My Pleiadian family is above the planet, THEY just arrived this afternoon..It feels so good to be with THEM .. A cool refreshing drink for a thirsty heart ...K. Business .. THEY are here working with a group that either lives near the sun or are from another system where its VERY hot and THEY don't mind working close to our sun. We will just say THEY are specialized here. The Pleiadians are working with this group to smooth the spasms of magnetic resonant pulses coming off the sun. THEY are also working with our planets magnetics... This is very hard to describe what i am watching THEM do here.. THEY turn the magnetic pulses into something in a spiral of some kind.. Can't describe it here very well..... All i can say is its nice to go on a ship that doesn't look like a regular ship outside and inside looks like its filled with strange water, (kinda multileveled water, Different thicknesses), (not really water at all, more like liquid space) and the beings on these ships look like the movie with Arnold, Predator. THEY look kinda invisible but they get brighter and fade away as THEY come and go back and forth through the dimensions. THEY say the inside of the ship is like a sealed multidimensional chamber THEY travel through.. Not much fun, Your not really sure whether THEY are there or not ... THEY keep fading in and out... Now every body ..don't trip over each other trying to respond
...Giggle.....We are One .......Trinity

I think your post blew everyone away including me, about your family being back. I didn't even know they weren't around. I thought you were in touch with THEM at least sometimes (when the conditions are right).

Funny nobody ever asks you questions (on the message board) about things except me. Am I the only one with curiosity to know more? Your descriptions are great but always leave me with a hunger to know more, have more details, pictures, etc.

8:/15 8:50 pm
The tree house board and E.A. boards people know i don't do questions very well. And i think every one thinks im so out there they don't want to get too close ..I guess you could say i creep them out .... Boy if they only knew what creeps you out really means ...

Whoa ...weird when THEY say "We are there" makes you think whats here OR there means ...over there in the void there is no here, there, up or down .... Can't even explain what it feels like to sense things off sideways.. Turn your head a little and down and up? sounds ridiculous ... i tried... Trinity

"i think every one thinks im so out there"

Well I have to admit that I wasn't sure for maybe a couple months. Kept flip flopping between belief and scepticism. One of the things that still seems pretty weird to me is that the Spirit Adjuster has to go back to his home planet every night. Just seems like he could just be there instantly in awareness if needed without actually traveling anywhere. OK, maybe I just answered my own question. Maybe the problem is just trying to understand spiritual things with only a 3D human perspective to see from.

8/19 8:01 pm
You got it....Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

Have you ever tried to invoke another beings presence - I mean spiritual beings that were once embodied here - like guru's, masters, etc?

Your path is interesting because mostly you have dealt with angelic beings or space brothers. So many of the stories of advanced spiritual people that I read about they have encounters with spiritual beings like Jesus, Krishna, Rama, or some guru that they are following that has attained to mergence (why they always say Guru is God). I have been puzzled before as to why you have never seen visions of these types of beings. Seems like you always encounter beings from other systems.

8/13 7:56 pm
yes, I have spoke with ascended masters before ...Some of the most intense beings that have visited me were ascended masters ...These guys give off tremendous amounts of energy ....Trinity

Any from our earth planet or were these space brothers?

8/14 7:05 pm
Christ Consciousness for one ...Trinity

The ship that you went on (filled with multi leveled liquid space), was that the Pleiadian or the Sun workers ship? Very cool. Tell us more if you can..... Thanks."

8/15 8:55 pm
Just that THEY all look like the invisible alien in Predator the movie .. Sorta rainbow silvery, Getting lighter and more apparent and dimmer and fading away..THEY are just coming and going ....And not sure who THEY are, Not Fam and not the heat aliens...But iv been on THEIR ships before if that helps....We are One .......Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

Must be weird to move between the timeless void and family life in time and space.

8/19 8:00 pm
Yes it is very odd the life i live....Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 17:34:57 06/22/02 Sat
Author: Trin
Subject: NAWWWWW!
In reply to: Lois 's message, "OYOY OY big crownload.. anyone else?" on 17:34:57
06/22/02 Sat

Special energy All day, its a rare type of force that's being inputted into me.. Makes for what I call a MAGIC night .. THEY are less serious and more playful when the energy feels of this frequency. It always reminds me of a Merlin type of energy (but it isn't, I can sense his specific feel). Kinda like playing with light bubbles and giggling with THEM... Needless to say I LOVE THESE NIGHTS, THEY are so much fun! We are One ........Trinity

Hello Trin. Good to hear from you again, though I miss when you used to have more time to send longer messages.

And there was something I wanted to say when I read this message from you. You said:

"And i think every one thinks im so out there they don't want to get to close ..I guess you could say i creep them out"

I don't really think that's true. I always get a feeling of mutual love between the Tree House members. Maybe they just aren't sure what to say or what to ask. I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated knowing you and how it has changed and accelerated my path.

"weird when THEY say "We are there" makes you think whats here OR there means"

Of course I have never heard them say "We are there" so I can only imagine what context THEY have said it in - wish I knew. But I guess it means we are aware of the situation and are focusing awareness on it.

8/20 1:21 pm
Its just a strange concept for me ...When i can "be" here and there all at the same time ....And with THEM there really isn't any here or there....Trinity

By the way, I know you don't watch TV much. Last night my wife turned on Fox News while we were eating dinner. We were watching the Bill O'Reilly show - conservative kind of TV talk show. There was a segment on crop circles. He interviewed a woman who had written a book on crop circles. They showed many pictures of some of the most intricate and beautiful crop circles and talked about how even mathmaticians say they show extremely advanced geometry concepts incorporated into the designs. The host said maybe it's just farmers scything down the hay in patterns (kind of a joke) and she said, they are not cut or even damaged, but that they are just bent over near the ground and then they showed movies of lights buzzing around above the crop circles that are associated with their forming. Even the host who was skeptical, said it seemed like only intelligent aliens could do such a thing. Was very interesting for TV !

8/20 1:25 pm
Yes and the experts have measured magnetics as well as small amounts of radiation .. and the place where the crop is fanned over, the DNA of the plant sometimes are altered...Trinity

I think all these complex crop circles will really be the final force that makes people believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials.

They are really getting a lot of press lately.

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

What's new with you? Any new energy, experiences, contacts, travel?

8/20 1:30 pm
Ran into a group of beings coming in to our planet to do work .. There are 50087 of these beings .. THEY are called "Mutation servers" THEY are here to assist us in our transmutation of selves and molecules around us we affect.. We are One .......Trinity

Interesting you have an exact count of the number of them. And a lot of them too. Maybe about one for every serious light worker??? Does the transmutation happen at the level of consciousness or with the body - such as DNA changes?

Do they work on the planet as a whole, specific individuals, the environment (molecules) around us? They must be very high vibration if they can work around us unseen. Either that or they work high above us from a distance somehow.

8/22 7:24 pm
THEY work with individuals and universal multidimensional applications......... We are One ........Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 07:05:40 08/19/02 Mon
Author: Trinity
Subject: Re: Trin, what's happening at Crater Lake?

Went to the lake with my son and our dog ...Did some hiking around ...Spent some time communicating with the beings that live there in the lake...Did some light work and brought some water home for future work with my stones on the full moon.

Crater Lake is a very mysterious place ... Even people not sensitive to the energy are affected by it ... But they think its the natural beauty of the place ..(it is a very beautiful place)..... Very magical place ..... We are One ....... Trinity

Did you get a chance to view or contact the underwater beings?

Also, I saw you said you collected some of the water from the lake. What special properties does it have?

8/22 8:17 pm
I spent a little time connecting with them .. But my time was limited so I didn't spend as much time as I'd have liked to. The water from the lake will infuse some of my stones with a higher multidimensional flexibility... It will move my stones (the ones i infuse with the energy) into a semi Morontia State ...Less physical and more higher spiritual molecular structure .... Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

I heard about a book called The Biggest Secret. The author postulates that a group of dark beings on the planet were formerly from a reptilian line of evolution and they have conspired to control much of the politics of the earth for thousands of years, controlling through tactics of fear. Have you ever heard that such a group of beings exist on our planet? The book refers to them as the brotherhood (not to be confused with the White Brotherhood, obviously). Just curious if you know anything about it. Most of the reviewers trashed the book thoroughly as unsupported by any facts - just assertions. I seem to recall a few references to reptilians on the message board but don't recall specifically what they said.

8/28 1:24 pm
'Tis true ...Long ago a war of sorts was fought over our planet because the reptilian race wanted to control us and others wanted us to have free range to grow spiritually.. The reptilian race lost but they still try to influence us... Don't quote me but I think they were called the Reticulans .. Probably not spelled right...Trinity

Wow, Trin. I am blowing my mind here. I was searching for reptilian races and came up with this web page.
This interview tells about reptilians living below the surface and appearing to this author at various times. It is just so weird and scary I don't know what to think. Also, he (Alex Christopher) supposedly wrote two books, Pandora's Box and Pandora's Box II. He tells about investigating weird underground rooms that were built under the Denver airport (50 square miles of underground vaults built for who knows what). The person who helped him in the investigation committed suicide (strangled by a flexible cord). I couldn't find books or the author listed in or This book should be listed there even if out of print. According to him the 200,000 plus children missing annually - some are snatched by these reptilians who use them for slave labor and then eat them when they get older. If you have a minute just scan and read a few paragraphs here and there and let me know what you think. Is he a complete lunatic or is there something to all this. I need a reality check !!!

Maybe I just need to stay away from these weird websites!

8/30 2:22 pm
Been reading some of it .. It makes for interesting reading .. But IM inclined to only believe some of what I read ... Trinity

There seems to be so much conflicting stuff. Some say they actually look like reptiles and project this human hologram. Others that some people just evolved from the reptilians and have some of their traits. Still trying to sort it all out. I feel like you do though that a lot of this is pretty far out.

8/30 8:15 pm
I take everything slowly with caution and a open loving heart ...Then i usually know.... We are One ....... Trinity

8/30 8:16 pm
Makes for good reading, But i felt like im reading science fiction .... Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

Hello! Did you have a holiday or labor through your Labor Day? I had to get a load of hay (dense alfalfa bales) and stack them up in my hay barn. I'm still tired from that. Should have enough to make it through next year's first cutting now.

9/3 1:15 pm
Had to work , of course ..How many tons you put up? Trin

Sorry, one ton a day is my limit. I have to drive out into the "country", load up my pickup, drive back, then use a wheelbarrow to cart two bales at a time from my driveway back to my hay barn, where I stack it vertically about 7 ft high. I've got about 140 bales now to last the winter - I hope!

I know baby stuff to you. You probably buck hay all the time.

9/3 5:10 pm
30 Tons ...Trin

I guess you can skip your workout for a few days.

9/3 6:21 pm
Ya, if i keep this up my knuckles will be dragging on the ground...Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 19:27:27 02/02/02 Sat
Author: Trinity
Subject: Re: hi debbie!
In reply to: bobbie 's message, "hi debbie!" on 19:27:27 02/02/02 Sat

Do you want the red pill or..( matrix the movie) K serious now... When THEY first started talking to me, THEY were unmistakenly in my head physically (could see their faces looking at me in my head or could see them standing there, I could "feel" them sticking their faces into my head. I like you doubted my sanity ALOT... I changed my life, Took control of my mind and body, I stilled my intellect , ego and all else so that divine silence prevailed always. That way i was always sure that all the things i saw and the voices i heard were actually THEM and not my own mind.. Since then i learned that there is also a feeling that comes with the voices, this feeling is unmistakable, Its the feel of divine spirit in you. You will feel it all the way through you at first, then you will discern its in the heart,(chakra and adrenal gland)... Take all in stride, go slow and always call for help if you need to, its always right there looking at you waiting for you! now that i think about it the first ones that came to me were space beings too, loved seeing things through their eyes... We are One.... Trinity
P.S. and if they tell you to dance around naked with whipcream and cherrys..... Send pictures! sorry couldn't resist...

What's new with you? Any important meetings or travels or developments to share?

9/3 1:24 pm
Just sense's and feels from different shifts inside my body .. can't describe this very well .. Took energy in such an intense amount on Sat, (I think Sat.) I almost thought it would blow me apart. Its a type of kundalini energy that just leaves me spent when its done in me ..., It used to just knock me flat. Passed out a couple times from it .. Or literally drag myself over to the couch and pass out for 20 mins, I can assimilate it better now....... We are One .......Trinity

"Took energy in such an intense amount I almost thought it would blow me apart"

I saw your post on TH from Sunday during my lunch about intense energies. Must be scary for your wife and kids to see those things happen. I hope you get beyond this soon. How long does kundalini activation take? It's been years already. I guess it depends on the purity of the body. I'm not sure mine will activate. Maybe wait till next life. I feel healthy but I may have a lot of heavy atoms in my body. Not enough attention to purity of foods. A lot of cooked foods are not what we need for ascension.

9/3 5:13 pm
The 4 sheep(*) are more important than your diet. Your diet just makes the process easier.. A great example was Sat. Night ...If i wasn't in such good shape it might have killed me, or done serious damage to my physical structure.... We are One ....... Trinity

(* The 4 sheep - Right thought, right action, right speech, and harmony in all you do.)

I wonder what triggered the rush of kundalini. Was it partly energy work you were doing at the time or did you reach a higher consciousness level. Strange rush. It should have already penetrated all the way to the crown chakra before when you were in unity consciousness.

9/3 7:17 pm
It just kept building and building till i thought i would explode....Trinity

9/3 5:18 PM
"Maybe wait till next life

No ...NOW

9/3 5:19 PM

Know it believe it ....Trin

9/3 5:21 PM

Try hitting your self in the head with a baseball bat .... "I think something's happening now" I think I see something" ....... Right thought ....... Right action ....... Right speech ..... Harmony!         BELIEVE ............ Trin

9/3 5:25 PM
Even if you don't think anythings happening it is ...And as iv said before, you take up right where you left off from this life to the Mansion worlds to incarnate again ... From all your lives behind you to this point is where you have climbed to .... keep climbing ... Its more interesting than T.V. .......... Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 17:18:43 09/03/02 Tue
Author: Trinity
Subject: Secret Agent

Nothing too interesting, so if you wish, Go ahead and stop ... Just want to comment on my personal life here (no one else to tell) I Live the life of a secret spiritual agent ... I walk around my job all day with all this "Stuff" going on inside my head with no one i work with, having any idea what's really happening inside me (They all know something happened to me ... But i stopped talking about it when they all flipped out when I told them that ANGELS were talking to me). Even my own wife and family don't know the full extent of what has happened to me. I guess IM worried they will lock me in a rubber room and throw away the key (Hum, that might not be so bad). I try very hard to live a normal life outside when inside is just flying ... Then in the morning and especially the evening when I start to do energy work with THEM, things get really interesting, (Thats an understatement).. But you know what, I Thank GOD every min.... I ask Spirit what more can I do to help? THEIR reply is "your doing it" I say what? THEY say "Be-ing GOD !" ...... ... I guess we could call this publicly un-interesting personal venting ... Thank you for attending ... Bless the children as you leave .... And remember, when you go out the door, to smile really big to all you see, They will think you know something they don't .... I always say leave em wondering .... K ... Back to my cave .. I'll be quiet for a while .... Promise .......... We are One ......Trinity

Hi Trin. How've you been? Busy week for me. I just sent some info on your web site page to a few people who have web sites on crop circles. I am going to see if I can get this information into the hands of a few people who could relate to your story and maybe pass it on to a few others.

Just wanted to say hi and have a great weekend. I saw your post about Secret Agent. That is how I feel lately too. It's strange to know about all this stuff and yet rub elbows all day with people you can't even talk about it with. I wouldn't even bring it up with most of them, but I am waiting to see if anyone else says something first, then I might open up with them. But, like you, even family, friends, aren't on the same wavelength so I haven't said anything.

Please be sure to write if anything out of the ordinary (what's that ?!?) happens. You know what I mean anyway!

9/6 7:45 pm
Busy, busy, busy... Just so much to do now . New house ...Kids starting school .... Yes you have a blessed weekend of mystery too.. As for my post .. Yes im a secret Agent in my life.. Someday people around me will read the story of Trinity and boy will my life change then.. Will write if anything unusual.. But things have been very quiet lately in my life ... (With THEM). I know THEY are there but THEY haven't talked to me in a while, But can feel THEM there. THEY are just quiet while i shift. I think THEY are waiting for me to figger something out again ...Trinity

Trin, did you ever read Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life? Drunvalo Melchizedek. I am reading it now. I think about 75% of all the ideas on the various channelings, web sites and message boards dealing with ascension topics came from him and his interaction with Thoth. This book just blows me away. It's just full of information. He spent several years according to the book where Thoth instructed him in a lot of things to pass along to us. Talks about grids, dimensions, history of Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient Egypt, purpose of pyramids, Sphinx, interaction with the Sirians, haven't seen anything about Pleiadians just yet, Grey's are mentioned.

I am able to understand a lot more of things mentioned by you and others as a result of this book. There's a second volume too as soon as I'm finished with this one. Don't know if you have time but I'd highly recommend it if nothing else to understand the source of a lot of ideas. Great stuff.

9/9 6:32 pm
Sounds like a good book, Maybe someday I'll have time to read one ... Well, Jerry something's happening inside me again ...can feel changes happening again in me ...Its really hard to describe ...I can just feel some change happening in me. Sunday morning I met a group of beings working on? Or with me .. By the intensity of THEM i though some high being but it wasn't .. THEY are called Control sequencers ..THEY were or are still working with the forces in me... THEY taught me how THEY can communicate with us ... Its very difficult to do ... THEY must touch you on all levels through your light bodies and other light systems... THEY must do this on all levels at the same time ....We are One ......Trinity

This isn't your usual fluffy spiritual book. It's very dense, jumps right into topics and just about every page is a mind bender. The part about the Sirian's part in our evolution was especially interesting to me. At first I thought I'd just leaf through it - same problem you have - little time to read. I ended up giving up a lot of other things to find time to read it because it was really worth it.

9/10 5:39 pm
Nothing left to give up anymore ...Trinity

Control Sequencers. I wonder what that name signifies? What system are they from if you know?

9/10 5:36 pm
Not space born ... These are the workers of the higher realms .. THEY have something to do with the rate or pulse of force coming into me .. I think its kundalini energy ...But hey Jerry, im no expert on this stuff, im just a learner as i work through all this ... ...As THEY say (Way too much for me ) " SELF MASTERY".... Trinity

"THEY taught me how THEY can communicate with us ...Its very difficult to do ...THEY must touch you on all levels through your light bodies and other light systems... THEY must do this on all levels at the same time"

I thought that they would communicate with us the same way you communicate with them - by thinking intently of a persons identity to form a link (what you call the energy signature). I thought this would be an easy thing for them since they are up a dimension or two and don't have the separateness from one being to another like we experience.

9/10 5:32 pm

Yes if THEY JUST wanted to communicate THEY would just lock on .. But THEY have shown me theres far more involved ... There are many types of communication and many different types of "locking on" When THEY connect with you on ALL levels or spheres where your Light bodies reside, This is a far more intense union of communication, All sense's are now involved .... We are One ....... Trinity

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

Trin, did you ever read the Keys of Enoch. Roger (on the Tree House message board) was talking about them so I looked them up on the web. Looks like a lot of material similar to Urantia but with different takes on things. Just wondering if you ever tried to read and correlate them to what Urantia teaches. I've found the more different schools of thought you get into and study, the more confusing it gets. I seem to do better to just clear the mind and try to get to that peaceful place and hope the specific knowledge will be revealed to me at the proper time. Drunvalo also has yet another take on how ETs have intervened in our earth's evolution. It's very confusing to switch between one or the other of them.

9/17 7:45 pm
Hi Ya Jerry ... Been trying to get time to send you a Email ...Lots have been happening ... some i can describe some i can't, some is just so far out there you wouldn't understand ... Been wanting to say im sorry im not that responsive to you ... Its just that most of the stuff that has been happening to me is all sensations inside me, hard to describe and of very little interest to most of your readers ... K here .. was in a place and could sense a wheel under my hand like a prayer wheel with silver print raised on it (i can sense/feel it with my finger tips) its large, can't read the print just a very strong sensation of the feel of the silver script under my fingertips and the turning of the wheel as it goes under something ... will try to find time to send more ...Blessings ...We are One .....Trinity

9/17 7:59 pm
Hi Jerry .. Quick one ... Have been seeing swirling motion all around me in the air ... Its getting more and more pronounced and more visible to me .. My spirit sight is getting more sensitive ... It will swirl up to me and swirl away .. This is turning into a constant thing. In fact its so common place to me I almost didn't think to tell you ... This is what happens all the time some spiritual "Thing" will happen and to me its almost common place.. So to me its not worth sending to you ...Trinity

Q. OK, just cause it's old hat to you doesn't mean we won't find it interesting.

"Have been seeing swirling motion all around me in the air"

I wonder what the swirling motion is? Maybe you are starting to see etheric or pranic energy fields. Or do you think it could be some kind of lower devic life form that you're seeing?

9/17 7:16 pm
I think its higher light beings ...I see it a lot when the energy's running through me ...I ask all the time what or who it is and no answer ...I have noticed that when energy is traveling through my light systems there seems to always be some being right there controlling the energy maybe 2 ... When its happening as iv said before some times i can't even think .. Just grit my teeth and let it flow through as smooth as i can ...Trinity

9/17 8:01 pm
Was Taken to another council meeting again...Still even now shakes me to feel/see THEM sitting there looking at me ...Trin

Is this the same group of beings and place as the big meeting about the Solar shields? Can you describe who was there and some more about the meeting? What did they talk about. Was this a small or large group of beings? Good to hear from you again.

9/17 2:25 pm
Its just very strange when THEY do step into my consciousness , Theres no where to run to if you get creeped out ...Open my eyes? i know that inside my head is more real than what im looking at and THEY are right there in my head looking at me....Trinity

9/17 2:32 pm
THEIR energy signature was not known to me so i don't think i knew who it really was ..But thats no real worry THEY hardly ever tell me who THEY are.. Alot of the time THEY don't even say anything, just look at me and look over THEIR shoulder like THEY are talking to someone else about me...Trinity

9/17 2:40 pm
I'll explain something... I don't always see very clearly on the other side .. It isn't like its crystal sharp vision .. some things (like faces) are misty some times .. some areas are shadowed .. Trying to describe this is hard .....THEIR eyes are almost always clear ... never can really tell what THEIR hair is like .. Sharp clear facial features I don't make out very well ... Just remembered clothing of a being I saw this weekend was really clear .. Sorry side tracked. There were two sitting and one sitting then standing .. Two standing and moving around the table .. Don't remember details of the table just that it was solid.. And one more being that was back and forth .. HE were there, gone and back...All remained on the other side of the desk.. Two beings talked to me briefly .. One sitting and one standing ...THEY just spoke about how IM focusing and where IM supposta be putting my consciousness ...
Think that's all if i remember more I'll write ....Trinity

Ok, I get the picture. This was a small meeting with a purpose involving you. I thought maybe it was one of those bigger meetings - part of your galactic training.

9/17 8:04 pm
Still blows me away to feel or sense when THEY "step into my consciousness" THEY just kinda step into my head and are just THERE...hard to describe... Very overwhelming .... We are One ...... Trinity

Interesting that you know they are there. It must be that THEY want you to know because if they didn't it would be like that time you were inside the guy's head that was in a stadium with a weird dog with huge eyes and no ears. In other words I'm sure he didn't know you were seeing from his consciousness viewpoint. And yet YOU know when THEY step into your consciousness.

9/17 9:06 pm
As for the Keys of Enoch...Been trying to get a copy for about a year now ... Trin

I've noticed you aren't on the board much lately. I loved this bit posted by Bobbie. Just wanted to send it in case you didn't get a chance to see it.

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 15:03:36 09/15/02 Sun
Author: bobbie
Subject: holy SMOKES~

i think my visitor is pio! ??

Pope Canonizes First New Age Saint

By Linda Dillon
June 21, 2001

Healing, bilocation, flower essences, seer, meditation, visions - sounds like Sedona woo-woo stuff - that is if you discount the stigmata. On June 16, amid great fanfare, Pope John Paul II canonized the recently deceased (in Roman Catholic terms) Capuchin Franciscan friar, Padre Francesco Pio. I bring this to your attention because it is yet another encouraging sign of the bridges of understanding that are being built between the rational religions and the adherents of the "new age" movement.

The first time I heard about Padre Pio was in the early 1990s when a very despondent client related having visions and receiving messages of encouragement from the deceased priest. That was enough to perk up my curiosity to find out more about this modern day mystic of whom there have been numerous documented healings, particularly from our post modernist plague, cancer.

It became a shared joke during his life (1887-1968) that the monk repeatedly left the sanctuary of the monastery, a definite no-no, without the permission of his Superior - bilocating and witnessed in the Middle East, Jerusalem, America and even Rome where he attended the canonization of St. Therese de Liseaux. Padre Pio even made his talents known to the Allied bomber pilots during the Second World War where his figure would appear in the sky over San Giovanni Rotondo deterring the bombadiers from dropping bombs over the area under his protection. And when the bombs were dropped, often they did not detonate or exploded in a cloud of soap bubbles - good cleansing!

This modest monk had a special affinity for working with guardian angels, answering the healing prayers sent out by those in distress. His healing and presence has often been announced by the scent of roses and tobacco - a wonderful combination of the essence of the Divine Feminine, which he worked with, and his human frailties that he did not deny. His compassion for the weaknesses of human existence never wavered and his encouragement that the human spirit in concert with the higher self and God could conquer anything has helped millions along their path.

The Padre accomplished what ever spiritual seeker dreams of - not only the ability to heal, to talk with the angels, to merge with Holy Spirit - he became realized - self-actualized - able to use his abilities to serve his fellow man. Like Francis of Assisi and the Little Flower, Pio used the monastic life not to separate from his community but to free himself to be of service - to connect and to assist others in their connection to each other and God.

aat054, aat100,aat017,m31 galaxy pictures

I found the web site that sells Keys of Enoch - it's not available in regular bookstores. I think it was just under $50. I almost bought a copy but I am so confused now I think it would just make me more confused. I need to assimilate Drunvalo's viewpoint before I take on another (pouring not darting you know).

Here's the web site address for Keys of Enoch book:

9/17 7:11 pm
Thank you ...My wife can finally get me something as a gift i want....Trin

Or you could give it to her next Christmas.

9/18 8:46 pm
I already do that too much as it is (or at least my wife thinks so ) buy her a present and its for BOTH of us ... She would never read it ... She did like the Lynn Andrews books Crystal woman , Star women and a few others ....Trin

Did you get copied on the message from the psychic child in Bulgaria (I think). He also was talking about the Dolphin crop circle and how it was telling us to stop using Sonar. It was kind of like a chain letter - read this and send to other people.

I been busy too. Server problems - very slow. Hopefully things will be more normal next week. Hardly have time to look at the message board at lunch.

9/18 8:44 pm
Hey welcome to my life BUSY BUSY BUSY...But i'd go crazy if i wasn't moving all the time ...My boss says this about me "Why should (.....) Trinity walk when he can run" Hardly ever sit still for very long ... Hard for me now to watch a whole movie ... Yes i read the messages from Thomas (psychic)... Those kids are really easy to connect with... very promising for our future... We are One .......Trinity

From the Message Board   

Date Posted: 08:14:32 02/01/02 Fri
Author: Trinity
Subject: God bless

The Gods are my caretakers; I shall not stray; Side by side they lead me in the beautiful paths and glorious refreshing of life everlasting. I shall not, in the Divine Presence, want for food nor thirst for water. Though i go down into the valley of uncertainty or ascend up into the worlds of doubt, Though I move in loneliness or with the fellows of my kind, Though I triumph in choirs of light or falter in the solitary places of the spheres, Your good spirit shall minister to me, and your glorious angel will comfort me. Though i descend into the depths of darkness and death itself, I shall not doubt you nor fear you, For I know that in the fullness of time and the glory of your name, You will raise me up to sit with you on the battlements on high. This is the story whispered in the night season to the shepherd boy. He could not retain it word for word, but to the best of his memory he gave it much as it is recorded ..... We are One ....Trinity

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