Jewels of Wisdom Discourse, Sacredness of Human Life

  Jewels of Wisdom Discourse  
Sacredness of
Human Life

Human Life is Highly Sacred

Human life is the most sacred in the entire creation of God. God incarnates in the form of a human being. Humanness is pure, unsullied and beyond attributes. Such a sacred human life is being polluted with evil desires, and thus man is defiling human birth itself. Human birth is the rarest among all living beings. God created everything in the universe, right from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Then, why did He give utmost importance to human life alone? Only man possesses certain capabilities which no other living being possesses.

Why has God created man? One should delve into the inner experience of this. Man's life will find fulfillment only when he understands the purpose of human birth. Human body is given to serve God, not to meet selfish needs. Human body is the first means to perform Dharma (right conduct). God has given human body to man to server his fellow men, but he has forgotten his primary duty of service to others.

In childhood, man is immersed in playing and frolicking. In youth, he succumbs to the temptations of sensual pleasures. In middle age, he spends all his time amassing wealth. In old age, instead of contemplating on God, he leads a life of discontentment. Unable to give up his bad habits, not having the strength and interest to follow the path of devotion, he gets caught up in the quagmire of action and reaction and ultimately meets his doom.

This is not the way one should fritter away human life, which God has given with great love and hope. Under all circumstances, one should be ready to utilize the slightest opportunity that comes one's way to serve others. Human life should be suffused with idealism. This is the uniqueness of human life. But today's man is leading the life of a beast in a jungle. He does not think even for a moment what the purpose, origin or goal of human life is. O man, think for a while whether you have really attained happiness by forgetting God and struggling incessantly from dawn to dusk to eke out a livelihood.

For whose sake are you living? Understand this and you will know the purpose of life. Why does God incarnate? He incarnates to lead man to the right path.

Man at the time of birth is absolutely pure and sacred, but as he grows up, he loses his human values due to his excessive desires and association with worldly relations. The sacredness of human birth is so great that even gods would salute him. Today human values are becoming extinct. Man should continue to be as pure as he was at the time of his birth. (Sai Baba holds up a hundred year old pure gold coin). Just as gold (coins) have lost purity over a period of time, man too has lost human values. Excessive desires are responsible for the decline of human values in man. Having been born as a human being, you should practice human values.

Body is meant for practicing Dharma. But man forgets Dharma and indulges in selfish acts. None can escape the consequences of his actions. "O man, do not build castles in the air. It is not possible to sow a particular type of seed and reap a different fruit. You reap what you sow. At the time of birth, you are born with an invisible garland made up of the consequences of your past actions be they good or bad.

You are all treading the path of Truth. The whole world is one. Respect all faiths alike. The world is like a veena (musical instrument) with many strings. When the strings are in harmony, the world will be happy. All should behave fraternally towards each other. There should be no differences on grounds of religion. All worship the same God. No religion preaches hatred. Truth and righteousness are common to all religions. Adhere to them. Observe morality and integrity in daily life.

How to Sanctify Human Life

It is the duty of each and every individual to participate in social service activities, whether one is in a village or in a city. Your life will be sanctified only when you serve the society. When you obey God's command and serve Him, not only will your life, but that of your parents and relations also be redeemed. Before your birth, where is the child-parent relationship? Before marriage, where is the question of wife and husband relationship? All the worldly relationships are like passing clouds, only God is with you always. You will be wasting your life if you do not dedicate yourselves to the service of mankind. Body is given to serve the Creator and the creation. Service to man is service to God. Render service to the society with the feeling that God is present in one and all. Your education will be useless if it is not utilized for the service of the society. O man, why do you feel proud of your education, which will be a total waste if you do not worship God and serve the society? Worldly education cannot confer divine grace unless it is utilized for the welfare of the society. The education you received from the society must be dedicated to the service of society.

True service has twin benefits - it makes you happy and gives happiness to others. What is the use of education if it does not confer joy on others and bliss on you? Remember the truth that you are born to serve the society. Make no distinctions whatsoever in rendering service. serve your parents, brothers, friends, relatives, and even beggars alike. Divine grace will flow in abundance only when you serve with the spirit of humility and equality. Service is the easiest path to attain divine grace. Offer service and receive the love of God. Love and service are like two wings by which man can soar to higher levels of consciousness. If you have the spirit of love and service, divine grace will follow you like a shadow wherever you may be - in a forest or in the sky, in a village or a city, in a river or atop a mountain cliff. God has no limitations.

God has created man in his own image, so that his conduct should be in accordance with his command. You should not cause harm to anyone. for God exists in all. Always speak with a smile on your lips. You cannot always oblige, but you can always speak obligingly. *1

Life is like a mega-clock. Its three hands indicate the rate at which the days, months and the year are passing. Man rejoices in the movement of the clock's hands, but does not realise that every movement is a reminder of his diminishing lifespan. Hence, before the final hour strikes, every man should realise what his duties are and see that the remaining time is well spent.

Raising Humanity to Divinity

There are two qualities in man; One is the animal nature; the other is humanness. Unfortunately man is forfeiting his humanness by falling a pray to the six enemies - lust, anger, greed, envy and others - and misusing his God-given talents. He thereby degrades himself to the level of the animal. On the other hand, man should use his mind, status, and talents to become virtuous, pursue the path of righteousness and strive to raise himself from the human to the Divine.

What pervades the entire universe is a manifestation of the Divine Energy. To experience this omnipresent energy, certain spiritual processes have been indicated. One of them is to see the Divine in whatever you do, whatever you perceive and whatever you experience.

Today everywhere the world is haunted by suffering, unrest, disorder and agitations. Any country filled with noble beings is bound to be peaceful and happy. What is the reason for the sad plight of a country? It is the absence of men and women of high character. To protect a country it is not so important to have arms and missiles and atom bombs. it is most essential to have men and women of great virtue.

Everyone should realise what one owes to the society in which one is born and from which one derives so many benefits. People should reflect on the question what gratitude they can show to the society which has given them so much. What service are you doing to society?

People should consider the whole world as the mansion of one human family. When this spirit of oneness prevails, there will be no tendency to harm others. You should forgive even those who harm you. You should cultivate the quality of forbearance. Forbearance is a supreme virtue in man.

Mind is like a fan. Only when you turn the fan in your direction can you enjoy the breeze. Similarly, only when you turn your mind towards God, you can experience the breeze of bliss.

People should consider the true purpose of life. They should get rid of all the impurities in their hearts. With pure hearts they should embark on service at all times and everywhere. "Hands in society, head in the forest". From today develop an unwavering mind and a steady vision. that is the way to divinize the world. *2

Service broadens the heart, destroys the ego and generates bliss. Service also helps to promote the consciousness of the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God. Your task does not end there. You have at the same time to propagate the idea of Spiritual Oneness of all mankind. Mankind has to be led from dualism to non-dualism. *3

Man can realise his mission on earth only when he reveres all others as Divine. And man has to worship God in the form of Man. God appears before him as a blind beggar, an idiot, a leper, a child, a decrepit old man. You must see even behind those veils the Divine Embodiment of Love, Power and Wisdom and worship him through service.

*1 From a Discourse by Sathya Sai Baba at Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam, Oct. 16, 1999 - May 2000 issue of Sanathana Sarathi (The Eternal Charioteer).

*2 From a Discourse by Sathya Sai Baba at the World Youth Conference - July 97 issue Sanathana Sarathi.

*3 From Sathya Sai Baba's Address to the Sixth World Conference of the Sathya Sai Seva (Service) Organization, Nov. 21, 1995. Jan 1996 issue Sanathana Sarathi.

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