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- Flying with Rainspirite -  Part I

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From: Norma
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 6:20 PM
Re Kundalini, there are brain changes and DNA changes occurring in humanity; I have a group of e-friends, some of whom are clair-everythings, very sensitive to these changes. Some also see & interact with fairy kingdom. It's a marvel to me. That young fellow who travels (Trinity) is just beginning to share with the group; we are supportive of his unique life and give him a safe place to share. One of my spiritual daughters also travels out of body, and is quite comfortable sharing her revelations. Truly awesome.

Hello Norma. Thanks for the mailings, I read them with great interest. I would be interested in some of the people you talked about that do astral travel, see sprites and nature spirits, etc. This is fascinating stuff. If they have any web pages to look at let me know.

From: Norma
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2002 4:33 PM

None has a website; they too share sparingly. Some share on Earth Alchemy message board, or Planet Light Worker message board--probably other boards address these abilities. I will ask 1 of them if she will email you abit on her experiences.

Happy February!

From: Norma
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 8:25 AM

Subject: The Fairy Kingdom contact

Greetings Jerry. This is a very dear friend and daughter of the heart, Steph, who will email you information on the Fairy Kingdom. She has guided me with tips on how best to work with a rather magical garden spot in the front of this house: seems to be a little biodome house for a nature spirit who has guarded tender plants there through temps below freezing and 4+ inches of rare snowfall on them. The plants are blooming profusely, as tho' it was summer--they are usually killed by winter temps. Checking with pendulum, the vortex there has indeed increased in size, now inside the house. Steph told me to gently breathe on the little dome to expand it. I can see the dome in my mind's eye; the thought of a dome was in my awareness--possibly a telepathic message, or as I believe, Divine Mind informing me.

Blessings to you both, & of course my grateful thanks, Steph.

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From: Rainspirite
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 2:39 AM

Good Morning Jerry,
Its an honor to meet you. Ah the fairy kingdom.
I began working with the fairy kingdom 1-2 yrs ago. They were first introduced to me after working strongly with mathematical figures, deciphering codes and glyphs and such...I call it mind work. smile.
I was most likely following my work and path too intensely and needed to bring in fun...pure fun and joy. They knew this better than I.

I began playing joyful music and literally felt many 'little ones' dancing along with me. I knew instinctively this was the fairy kingdom, but didn't place much focus on it. I just enjoyed it. I noticed as I ventured out into nature, they would become more and more apparent to me. This was due to my awakening to them, because in fact they have always been there, I just didnt recognize them and pay attention.

Soon I would notice those quick flashes of light, thinking it was just my eyes (or imagination) playing tricks on me. As I took a moment to sit quiet, in the woods, my garden etc. they would appear clearer and clearer to me, visually.

They have a very high frequency of energy contained in a very small spot of being . Very difficult to detect. In order to see them clearer, I needed to release the mind and expectation and open and 'quicken the frequency of my heart. I didnt realize this at the time, but can look at it analytically now.

When you notice quick flashes out of the side of your peripheral vision that pass very quickly, in all likelihood it is them.

Butterflies and gardening are wonderful ways to increase ones technique to see them. The quick flutters of light is a sign, you're on your way. Allow those flutters to settle gently into your heart. Sit quietly and breathe them in. Once you breathe it in, you can view them with either your eyes open or eyes closed. The key as in all spiritual matters is to trust in yourself and your vision.

I just discovered a wonderful technique to attract them to my home. I hung blank CDs on a dead tree in my yard. The color and light attracts. Of course its not that complicated. One can simply call them ..They are always ready to dance and play. Be prepared for giggles you thought have been long lost. Its a matter of you releasing/embracing, not a matter of proving. Ive taken the liberty to send a call express to you. (They've been waiting for you to wake up to them a long time) Enjoy! Let me know how it goes.

PS They say you already know, already have seen them many times... You just don't trust. You're not
With Love Steph Rain

Hello Steph, Rainsprite. Thank you very much for writing. At a certain point in my life I was very much interested in this Deva side of evolution. I read many Theosophical books about nature spirits. I also have a book about the higher order or Devas that has many beautiful descriptions of devas that ensoul mountains, rivers. lakes, beauty spots, clouds, etc. I read a lot of the Findhorn books describing the devas. Myself, I don't seem to have any clairvoyance though I have tried before to see and get in touch with them.

I have a perfect acreage for nature spirits - a sort of mini nature preserve with wild places, fruit trees, wild rose, Oregon grapes, pyracantha bushes, blackberries, wild plum trees, and many other plants that produce seed and provide shelter. In the summer the water flows through the irrigation ditches, there is a huge river willow along the bank, and a shady pool. Horses, quail, raccoons and a skunk frequent the place - a retreat within the city.

Thanks for sending the "call express" to me. I'm not sure what that means but let's see what comes of it. Thanks so much for sharing, and thank you Norma for the blessing of hearing from Rainspirite.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 11:21 AM

How wondrous Jerry...Room for a huge kingdom!!
I believe everyone has the gift of 'sight' feel. With all the beautiful work you do with sound and color, I think its right there. But these can be seen and felt through the heart, not the eyes (at first), just like your notes and colors. I see them as a grand mishmosh ...all sizes shapes etc.... the fairies that is. The one thing they hold in common is size, small...but very concentrated energy.

I dont meditate per se Jerry. I simply step outside in wonder, with arms open to everything. Just walk through your property and talk to them. (Make sure no-one's looking and listening of course.. smile). Open your arms or swing them freely. Become a child again once you step out... Then you'll hear and see them once again.

Dont Try to see them, Just be with them. Once you release the need to see them and forget all about it...thats when you'll see them...
With Love Steph

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2002 3:51 AM

Jerry Im guided to tell you this on this morning.

Release the "want" of seeing us.
Feel us.
Breathe deep the midnight air.
Stop and listen to the gentle breeze and rustling of leaves.
Allow your minds eye to drift
to wander.
Through this we become yours.

And then you will see.

Blessings of Love Steph Rain

From: The Real World Of Fairies by Dora van Gelder

Dora van Gelder grew up pretty much alone on her father's plantation in Java, where her only playmates were the flower and shrub fairies. "I talked to them by making a very strong mental picture. Sometimes they would tap me on the hand or forehead, just as a leaf touches me in falling; that is when they wanted me to play with them, or to look at their flower or bush.

Ordinary sight is a help in seeing them, but that sense by itself is a little too coarse to catch the light they give off. However everyone has latent in him a sense finer than sight and a surprisingly large number of people have activated it. This is a force of special seeing called clairvoyance. The power centers in that tiny organ in the brain called the pituitary gland between the eyes. It feels as if one were looking from that spot on the forehead. It is only necessary to concentrate along that line of sight and the sense responds as if the single eye has opened. I can see them with my eyes shut but when the clairvoyant sight has brought them into range, ordinary sight helps very much to observe the details. And many fairies are so close to ordinary sight that is it much easier to study them with that. Angels require a pure form of clairvoyance for observation, but fairies can be seen with the physical eye, especially out of the corner of the eye, on the fringe of vision. The central part of the retina is used too much for ordinary sight that it does not respond to the more delicate vibrations of light from fairies, whereas the rest of the retina is fresh and more suitable for such uses.

In all my wide travels, the first thing I do is establish communication with these angels and faries in whatever place I go. Thus I get a feeling of unity with the inhabiting intelligences everywhere in every place."

Hi Steph. I have been exchanging emails with Trinity - I am collecting material for a web page. Do you have any writings from him you could forward? Anything you have would help. Thanks very much.

By the way, we are on the cusp of spring here. It's still very cold every night but the hardy bulbs are starting to push up through the soil. I am anxious for warmer weather to try my experiment of contacting some small spirits.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 11:22 AM

Hi jerry,
Trinity is the pearl of the Crystal Kingdom! We usually chat through Instant Messaging which i dont save. He has posted a few times but is basically quiet with others. Much of his journeys form along the lines with Urantia to help you see clearer. He works with these guides.

Yes spring is definitely in the air. Its strange here, leaves are still falling as new buds emerge.

Kisses of Love Rain

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 11:32 AM

These are some of Trinity's posts from another forum....

Don't know about anyone else but im processing massive amounts of energy...THEY have even showed me where its originating from..One of the planets in the inner Universe....... We are One .....Trinity


Can feel a slight sadness with this energy..THEY told me this configuration of energy was tried once before to be given to our mortal race ...with no success... then...... We are One ...Trinity

Yup....This energy feels.."Ancient And True"..."Divinely Beautiful".........Trin

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 2:59 PM

Hi Jerry,
The few snips I sent you were from another forum, a closed forum. I asked Trin if he wants help putting something together. Most of our discussions were Instant Messaging and a few times I hung on to his tail feathers to experience. I'll see what he says. It definitely should be documented though.

Love Rain

Steph, can you tell me what you mean by your statement: "I hung on to his tail feathers to experience"? Does that mean you read a description of a trip or is this some kind of psychic event such as astral travel?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 1:19 AM

Hi Jerry,
I dont call it astral projection but it is where I journey through another. In the beginning I would ask if I could come along. It was difficult because his energy is very different from mine. I would get zapped. Then I would flow into it and off we'd go. I had hoped to travel with him when we met but I spent the time helping him to smooth out his energy so he could enjoy journeying instead . He's a space cowboy... Dives in head first ..he he. There is only one other person I know that journeys similar to him. I stay closer to Mother and the angelic realm. Jerry, we have all been to these places at one time or another.. Its a matter of remembering them. Have you looked into Arcturia at all?

Love Rain

Rain, your messages are like nectar. Excuse me but you may have noticed humans are very different. My evolution is probably much more material than your own. I had a few lucid dreams over a decade ago. I woke up in my dream state and knew I was spirit and could do anything and go anywhere so I tested by abilities by flying. I went through walls because I knew I could. I went through the roof into the sky. I flew through the house slowly almost as a swimmer would flowing forward and looking around as I went. I wanted to closely examine things to see if this dream stuff was as complex as physical matter. I approached a tree and the closer I looked I could see the wrinkled bark and little particles just like the "real" world only the colors were much more intense and beautiful. This went on for several weeks and then stopped just like it started. Now I just have normal dreams. Sometimes things are familiar (home, family, pets, etc) but not always. So if you are having spiritual flights, astral projection or just an awareness of someone else's travels you are still doing something that I can only think about. Maybe if you explain the technique I can catch the wave.

When you say: "I stay closer to Mother", do you mean biological or Divine?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 9:21 AM

Hi Jerry,

When i speak of journeying , it is just like dreamstate but we're awake. Our soul travels during dreamtime. All "walls, veils" are down in this state. It helps us to return to our True state of Being without mind stepping in too much.. smile. It simply is traveling without too much interference of the conscious mind. Keep in mind, much of this travel is initiated by heart . I wanted to ask you, if you dont mind Jerry, How old are you? If you'd like I can help clear some of the excess distraction around you and within your mind.

I call earth Mother. I have much more to tell you but I need to stop a bit. Hugs of Love Rain

No rain, I don't mind a bit. I was born in 1947. I have an astro chart of the planetary alignment at the time of my birth which I can send you if you know how to interpret these energies. I studied astrology for a few years and I know there is a lot of insight to be had though I think the science needs some advancement. My rising sign is Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter - the jovial spiritual planet. But I also received a lot of Mars energy. Life has been a struggle between polar opposites for me. I also have a very active mind and don't like being idle so I am fairly bombarded by either thought or activity. I do force myself to meditate sometimes though and can shut off the mind for a while. I very much enjoy that state.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 10:10 AM

Hi Jerry, No, Im not an astrologist. I rely on friends for that when I feel like "somethings up"... smile. Yes, about 2 yrs ago I told an astrology friend of mine, stop reading the books..Its all about to change. And so it has. When i asked you about Arcturus I also wanted to ask you about Mars.

No I asked because the age Jerry. Please dont take this in a bad way. I believe it has to do with the energies of our time. You are 10 yrs older than me. I find, with each generation (as the veils get lifted more and more) the connection to travel and such get easier and easier. You are at a bridge point. Just when a few were opening the veils while others are still, hmm... I'll say imprinted with them. Just all the more challenging for you to break through with greater effort needed. Many women I have found, did this in their 40's or 50's, but the male energies seem to have a more difficult time with it.

Have a Thats really all it takes. try to let the mind rest a bit if possible. I say, take the Cecil cap off a bit. And just breathe it all through. I can't meditate at all by the way. I live in a state of meditation until its time to cook dinner... Awake state of being "out there". Thats not too good either...he he. Balance between the 2 is preferable, so they tell me... I say leave me alone..

I Love This!!! lololol

Just let it go Jerry
Be There
Be spirit
Be love
Just Be
It takes no thought at all.
Just a breath.. Thats all....
Can you feel it?
Im laughing and giving you a great big hug Jerry!
I Love You!
Blessed Be,


Oh...have to tell you...they say release the want and what you are looking for is hiding beneath it. It has always been there... beneath the want... smile

I'm not so sure it's a matter of age as it is what energies a person has in his natal stamp. Then too theres the experience of the soul. A more advanced soul could more easily develop psychic capabilities and spiritual advancement.

I have meditated over years so that most of my consciousness has settled in the Ajna center between the eyebrows. This is where I feel like "I" exist. I observe from my deep well of consciousness but my mind overlays that with an active thought world (coffee doesn't help). When I do still the mind, I sink rapidly into that still aware state. The problem is I just don't do it often enough. I am what they call a Rajasic (activity) person (eastern notion of the three gunas) but with lots of Sattvic tendencies (balance).

So in your honor I will spend some of my lunch hour stilling the mind. I normally eat lunch and read - I am reading a remarkable book called Unbounded Light - The Inward Journey. Each chapter profiles one person from a culture over the last few thousand years who attained the state of enlightenment. It includes descriptions of what they saw, heard, felt, etc when they entered that world of unbelievable internal beauty. The descriptions simply stir the soul and make you want to redouble your efforts. One of the finest books I've read in a long time. A treasure chest of jewels.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 7:04 PM

"I went through the roof into the sky. I flew through the house slowly almost as a swimmer would ... I approached a tree and the closer I looked I could see the wrinkled bark and little particles just like the "real" world only the colors were much more intense and beautiful."

That's beautiful Jerry, When you wake up try to finish the dream. Stay with it. I think you will enjoy traveling with Trin. He travels through his 3rd eye. Maybe we can set up a certain day and time and connect and I can help you or take you somewhere?

I just got home from a fire ceremony held by Rainbow Eagle. He just came in from Ohio. Monday he comes with me to the high schools to speak to 200-300 kids! Im so excited. Ive patiently waited and worked 3 yrs. for this time. Its The Time Of Magic Jerry...Real Magic!
Love Rain
Rainbow EagleRainbow Eagles Peace Shield

Rainbow Eagle, teaching the traditions of the peace shield to restore peace on our Mother Earth.

When you are traveling along with Trinity, how vivid is the experience?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 7:29 PM

They are very clear. At first sometimes I have to adjust my sensings. Sometimes its easier for me to close my eyes to get the full feel for the place and then slowly open to adjust and fine tune. They're clearer than dreams because you are completely conscious and aware

love rain

For the last two nights I tried very hard to connect in my dream state. Once again as soon as I went to sleep I just woke up in the morning and couldn't remember anything. Is there some trick or strategy to being more aware in the sleep state? I think I need some help here.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 7:48 PM

To train myself - as soon as i woke up I would start writing.. even the tiniest thing. Then as i woke up during the night I keep a pad in the bathroom. Lately I havent remembered any of my dreams and Im glad. Im using my mind too much lately. Im about to go on overload. I'll be taking more beach time soon.

As with all else dont force... just allow.. allow what you're not able to do right now. If you can great. If you cant great. The more determination and frustration you get, the more it will block it... sweet dreams
love rain

decorative American Indian design

Rain, what's your life story? Do you work? You seem to live in a completely different world than anyone else I know of. I don't know any psychically attuned people except by email. Maybe it's because I mostly know people from work. Computer people and business people in general are usually not too psychically oriented.

Do you do all your "flying" while in the dream state. Do you also have the capability to do that while awake?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 2:32 AM

Hi Jerry,
Although sometimes it seems Im busy 24x7 he he, I journey awake. My special time is in the morning. Then I do readings and such and turn everything off around 3 to allow my body mind and soul to rest. Trin journeys at night before bedtime which is why I usually dont go with him anymore. My rest time has become a priority lately. My work is with Mother, so my journeys usually consist with checking out Mother's rough spots... disrupted energies such as volcanos, earthquakes or mass amounts of negative energies from people. I go in and smooth or whatever is needed. Then I do distance healings on particular people and then in general. Im a smoother right now would be the best way to put it.
love rain

"Rainbow Eagle just came in from Ohio. Monday he comes with me to the high schools to speak to 200-300 kids! Im so excited."

Hello Rain. Your work with the children sounds awesome. I once read Blackhawk Speaks which is the story of an Indian Shaman but otherwise I don't know much about Indian culture. I also read the Carlos Castanedas series about the Teachings of Don Juan (Matus) - Yaqui indian sorcerer. This is very fascinating literature and their state of "Seeing" is much like the eastern state of enlightenment. They also learn to use their dreams to travel and find out things. Actually it was around this time in my life that I had all these lucid dreaming experiences.

When I wake up, I just become aware of the physical world, and the dream realm subsides. Maybe it's just the mind taking over.

You mention Mother. In a past message you said you meant Earth Mother. What is your term if anything other than Mother? Do you have a special link with her? If so, how did this come about?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 9:22 AM

Hi Jerry,
I can only speak for me, of course, but i love the movie with john travolta, Michael. The beauty of not choosing to be an angel is to have earthly experiences. I dont judge any experiences and choices one makes as good or bad. I see Life as - All Is Divine. This expression has created some disturbance with other lightworkers.. he he.. Ah the spice of life.

I am a clairvoyant reader ,channeller and healer. Also for income I teach classes. I do not charge for healings and channels which heal loose ends. Sometimes I work on the psychic lines (advertised on TV) (not as much as I should. But they are very patient with

Yes I call earth Mother (Gaia) . We all have a special link with her. Some are just more conscious of it than others. This is not to say less of any one else. hmmmmmmmmm I became very firmly connected with her when I became Tree. Tree taught me to feel my roots buried deep in her, to raise my branches up to Father, to bow with sister winds, to give fruit, leaves and allow those leaves to whither and fall. It has taught me the process of life from seed to tree. It has connected me to above and below. It has given me refuge and peace and wisdom as well as allowed me to do the same for others. I could talk all day about what tree has given me.. Now Ive become a babbling brook...he he...

love rain

What are light workers?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 1:57 PM

we work through, with, for, of light

When you do readings, do you need a personal item to be able to find someone? Is a photo sufficient or do you need something that has been in contact with the person.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 9:23 AM

No, I dont use physical. I connect thru spiritual

On reading about Mother and tree, Father and Sister wind, I wondered if you are related to any American Indians? They use that imagery a lot.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 1:55 PM

Its not in my blood line (as far as i know) in this life but have re-remembered past life connections to indigenous peoples. I feel very strong connections here.

You said: "I went into the tree. If you looked at me I would still be me..I became tree and then understood it..."

Did you become a tree by psychically attuning yourself to a tree?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 1:58 PM

I went into the tree. If you looked at me I would still be me.. I became tree and then understood it...

Did you used to travel with Trinity a lot?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 9:24 AM

Only a few times...maybe 4-5...yes

Q. Can you describe a few memorable journeys / experiences traveling with Trinity?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 2:00 PM

Hi Jerry, I will need some time to answer this one and need to cook supper. I havent learned how to wiggle my nose and wallah.. not yet that is...
love rain

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 2:25 AM

When I first met trin on line I realized he worked very different than me with different energies. At first it was difficult to get near him. He is pure electrical energy. I am magnetic. He is a bolt of lightning (male), and at the time I was receiving my thunder medicine (female). He creates the source, I distribute. It was very hard to get near him with this energy plus at the time he didn't know how to harness it. So I would get zapped. Eventually I figured it out and was able to go in. I was never too keen on his guides so was very cautious. They seemed very controlling and disempowering.. like they ran the show. I honored them and his way, but never understood that. Still dont. In the beginning most traveling was done in the void with various lights, balls, beams of light and often complicated machinery, which doesn't interest me. But I loved the feel of the void.

Other times he would go to interior places, often crowded which also was not my cup of tea. I need open space...lots of it. One beautiful place he loved he called the gardens. A gathering place for many different beings. Again too busy for me and technical. but quite beautiful. It had a HUGE fountain (which I love). He would go into various ships and such. I didnt stay much for that. Again doesn't interest me. He's a space cowboy. Often times he would be used or hooked up to some weird equipment to be studied or to access his energy. Sometimes I really wanted to pull him out, but he enjoyed these things regardless of the intensity so I would just stand by if he needed me. There was another place I loved, called the flatlands I believe. Layers of ultra thin sheets of energy. If I stayed there long enough, the color and tone could be amazing. The first time I went in the colors were fairly plain, reddish rock or so. I went back to visit on my own and was amazed at the colors. Colors and tones are very important in all these places. For me that's the best part.

When we first met , i knew we had work to do...9/13..right after 9/11. We had both been very busy on 9/11. He was assisting those on the other side. I was sitting with those buried but still alive. On 9/16 we went to Crater Lake. I knew we were called to go there but wasnt sure what we would be doing. I realized he had his task and I had mine.

From the Message Board   

_________________________________________________________ No.:4609 Posted by Rain on March 27, 2002 at 05:48:33:
In Reply to: September 11 posted by arne on March 27, 2002 at 05:22:09:

Funny you should ask that now Arne. Thinking of your post, can you feel it? Last night I was brought back to 9/11. I 'failed' miserably. I threw in my towel. I was exhausted and drained , reaching , asking how can this be. I told God, I cant do this anymore. Men will never see. I give up. No more. etc. etc. etc. I had felt so many amazing energies all the days before 9/11. I saw people beaming with light and love. 9/11 crashed into the core of my soul of Atlantis and releasing all that has been buried (emotionally) for thousands of years. I spent that day holding hands with many that were buried under the rubble, scared and alone. Im crying now, re-feeling.. so I guess I still have work to do here. I kept turning to my faith saying I know there is more here. That all has purpose, meaning and blessing. It was difficult that day to stand back in non-judgment as a human being. They were just words to get me through. Later those words all came to light and understanding.
With love Rain

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 2:46 AM

Before i continue with Crater Rock there are 2 things I want to add. Several months before we met, he was working with Thoth and i believe Horus. I was working with Thoth, Maat and AA Michael (Maat and Michael are almost One in the same). We were both unfolding keys to book of the dead, emerald tablets. I was also working with the dead sea scrolls and keys of Enoch. So lots of information was given (re-remembered). And they all came together.

Maat Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice

Maat, Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice

Prior to that I had realized I knew Trinity from Atlantis. Again we worked very different being from different places and having different tasks. He worked in this large black (onyx?) place working with the city's Major crystal. (HUGE CRYSTAL). I worked with the people , gardens, crystals in the Shamballah school. A priest if you will. Amongst other names.. he he, I call him king of the crystals. And that he is. I should note here, he worked with 3rd eye. I worked with heart. We're a great balance.

This brings me back to Crater Lake. His attachment to the lake was the city that was beneath. Quite the city I might add. I was attached to the rocks, sky (Mother and Father). Its the first time I ever saw the Milky Way clear as day. Anyhow, I didnt know until our weekend was complete what our task together there was. At night we sat back to back. Our kundalini energies merged . This thunder /lightning, male/female cosmic/earth based energies anchored in the male /female energies globally. It was sealed the following day at the top of a mountain we climbed with his beautiful son. I didnt know it at the time, but his son opened the energies to allow the merging of the child/elder energies we are now working on globally. hmm Hope this helps. I'll forward to Trin.
Have a great day
love rain

I am back to having my mind blown again. Your messages just do that to me. Trinity did tell me a bit about the garden. Sounds wonderful. Your flatlands place sounds very amazing too. I used to go out into the desert a lot camping. My favorite thing to do was to go climb a rock pile or sit on the edge of a raised area and meditate. At night the stars are simply dazzling, I could spend hours just drinking in that beautiful vision. Then sometimes you hear a coyote howl, or go for a hike in the warm darkness. How much more beautiful must your spiritual realms be.

One thing I wanted to clarify - did you go to Crater Lake in body or flying. I took it as flying but then you said you climbed a mountain with his son so I thought maybe this was a trip in the body.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 9:32 AM

ooops sorry...No I went there physically. We met on 9/13. No Jerry flatlands is where Trin went...I just followed.. To me nothing is more beautiful than right here (Earth). Sometimes our souls get so restless screaming for more. Yes there is so much more, but honestly I can say we have the very best right here that others long for.

I'm cooking up a storm for Passover dinner tonight, I'll keep jumping in and checking.....
Rainbow in a stormy sky
Ahhhh for what we long for so...
But merely to turn around
and see the rainbow at our back door.

"Yes there is so much more, but honestly I can say we have the very best right here that others long for."

The problem is the body doesn't last. We have to put up with childhood where everything is confusing because we don't know who we are and what we are doing here (at least that's how I always felt). And then there's old age, sickness, poverty, hunger, heat and cold. Everything is always changing and we are always having to accept and adapt to changes - and a lot of them are not changes for the better - just different. Don't you sometimes feel that way? Sai Baba says, why keep reading the same old newspaper over and over (life on earth). Once you are liberated, you can go anywhere, experience everything, with no intervening space or time. Doesn't this seem superior to being in a body?

Just curious if you've thought about it that way. You can answer later though. I know you're cooking and probably busy.

I just keep thinking of things I want to say so have patience.

One thing I have to ask. Are there lots of others like you and Trinity among us? Or are you a rarity?

Funny, in the past I used to hear such talk and just write the person off as out of touch, or maybe indulging in wishful thinking. Talking to you and Trinity has definitely opened me up in some way where I can suddenly accept a lot more.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 9:34 AM

There are few I have found that travel as Trin does... planetary councils. There are many like you and me...MANY

It began as the 144,000 of the tribes but we are so much more than that now.


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Rain, when I was growing up (50s and 60s), it was a very materialistic time. I didn't believe in God, had nothing to do with anything of the spirit. It has taken me decades of work on myself to learn about the spiritual life and quiet my lower nature (the lower chakras). I think I am at a point of transition. Maybe I have scars from this period. Can you help me to soar into this spiritual realm. I want to awaken the higher faculties and to become more spiritually attuned. What do you suggest?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 3:10 AM

Hi Jerry,

Yes I was born in 57 so I understand. But I was also blessed to be in the age of the flower children.. hippies. There is no doubt I am one.. smile. For years I was an atheist. My spirit was squashed for the 17 yrs of my first abusive marriage. I woke up at again at 37. Soo. its never too late. One thing I've recently learned Jerry is that we can bring in our 'soaring' thru our lower chakras now. Actually, this is a better way. Because you are already grounded and anchored. That took me months to do! I was always

Scars are no longer thick densities of energy Jerry. They are just small fogs of shadow that can easily be blown away (if the person is in agreement to part with them). This is very important in this time of Take a Leap in Faith, take risks. I call it jumping off the rainbow bridge and free falling into the abyss. Pleases ask yourself honestly if you are ready to do this. As a note of encouragement.. ITS GREAT JERRY! .. smile.. Id be happy to assist. You basically will be doing all the work. Last yr. I ran classes and healings on learning to fly again. that feels right for you. I will give some exercises for you to try.
love rain

Yes, I am ready to take the leap. If you can, please link up with me psychically and tell me what you see, what I need, where I need to go. For me this is a significant life. I can tell you that when I was younger, I had great fits of temper, I visualized violence so that if anyone ever threatened me I was ready to fight. I had powerful hormones and expended lots of my energy sexually. I think this is all the psychic baggage I have carried forward from past lives. This is what I am talking about when I said I have had to purify and spiritualise myself, wake up the love and compassion side, energize the heart, seal off the lower chakras. For me this was important because these are the residues of our previous lives as animals. They are not traits of adepts, masters, ascended beings. They are to be left behind. I was too much involved in them. Maybe you can use lower chakra energy without being attached to it, but for me I need to rise higher and energize the higher centers. Now is the time because anyone who is even close to being ready is being helped forward to assist with the transition. So I want to make myself available and go forward.

You said: "The beauty of not choosing to be an angel is to have earthly experiences" Were you speaking about yourself or the movie (Michael)?

Do you understand yourself to an evolving human like others or are you a different kind of spirit? I have heard of angelic beings who incarnated as people for some specific reason or maybe as a last birth before liberation.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 3:30 AM

Boy you're keeping me

I believe regardless of who we were in 'past', where we came from, why etc. All on this planet are part of the ascending human. I feel this has never been done before ... anywhere! I have had many opportunities to remain as an angel to guide others (remain on the other side of the veil) but have All-ways chosen to return here for thousands of lives. My choice is to experience everything fully. I am in love with the human essence. I am in love with Mother. Viewing each experience as equal. I need to say, I do not believe in better or worse, higher or lower.. Just IS. How glorious. In speaking of myself, there is not/is ego involved. As ego is a beautiful gifted part of both human (whats called lower) and spirit (called higher). Its here that I speak differently than many for I am an ascended master of the star nations. I will speak of both light/dark love/fear light/ego equally. These things I speak of, pertain to this world and this plain.

In reality Jerry, we each carry a piece of what I call God Spark, that 'dates back' to the beginning of what we call time. My conscious memory now holds a huge gap of space between the beginnings of time and Pleiades. But its coming (unfolding)... smile.
I'll stop here for a bit.

Yesterday after work I spent some more time in meditation. I am focusing all energy on stilling the thoughts and drawing consciousness to the ajna center. I find it easy to still the thoughts and concentrate the energy there but I don't seem to be able to visualize things clearly. I'm not sure what the trick is other than many more hours of practice at it. You say you don't meditate but I think all your development time is behind you so you are carrying those skills you developed long ago forward with you effortlessly. Then again before I went to bed, I went out on my back deck and meditated again. It was relatively warm for our area and I just enjoyed the night and the moon.

"This brings me back to Crater Lake. Trinity's attachment to the lake was the city that was beneath. Quite the city I might add"

That is a revelation. What is the city like - is it in the water space or deeper where the volcanic fire is? What kind of beings live there?

Good morning Rain.

Trinity answered my question for some information on the city beneath the lake at Craters. Fascinating story.
I didn't know it was a sort of intergalactic power spot.
I send him a few pictures from my own visit to the place in 1992. Here is a picture I took while hiking along the rim.

Wizard Island from Rim, Crater Lake Oregon

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 9:36 AM

Beautiful Jerry! makes me a bit homesick. Thank you.

I am a minister with Church of The Creator.
I am ordained under the Melchizedek order. Its auspices are also AA Michael and lord Metatron...all under the Christ Consciousness. Last yr. my church met in Sept. in Colorado. The yr before at the end of The Trail of Tears in Oklahoma. I was sent a ticket to go to Oregon by my brother. Keep in mind, this is all during the 9/11 period. As i said, I KNEW Trin and i were to go to Crater Lake (I call it Crater Rock). This year my church has announced they will be going to Crater Lake this Sept. I wrote them telling of my experience last yr. knowing I had laid the ground for the great work they will be doing there this yr.

Last yr. we merged and anchored male/female energies , as i had told you. This yr. my task is to merge and anchor child/elder. This includes the children and elders today, as well as the child within us all with our elder. This is a big part of society's break down today. It is bringing in The Tidings of Great Joy.

Love Rain

I am reading about Church of The Creator right now - their web site. I want to understand.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 11:10 AM

laughinggggggg. you cant read about Church of The Creator. It took me over a yr to learn who they really are and Im still learning.

Now you are cracking me up! Well, you have to start somewhere. I'm reading history. Hope I have the right one. There was also a World Church of the Creator, and another interesting site (against them) that proclaimed: Church of the Creator - Creed of Hate! (Probably disgruntled Christians).

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 11:35 AM

yes, thats my beautiful church.. btw.. there is no church "building' per se.... enjoy!

Rain, did you see the city beneath Craters too? Through the third eye? How would you describe it?

Are there any physical remnants that might be discovered by deep diving submersibles? Or is it deeper than the bottom of the lake? Or is this on a different level of matter altogether seen only through psychic means?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 11:09 AM

You have me smiling. Its at the bottom but the bottom is quite deep. I don't see it being discovered any time too soon. Its definitely not time. I saw it before we went there. We both did. I see it as a harbor? Lots of conduits running from place to place. I followed the one to Mexico for some reason. This was not my focus at all once here. As i said, my focus is with Father and Mother, not galactic. No, this place is very physical and real.

I dont use just my 3rd for anything. I feel thru heart and bring in 3rd eye for physical detail, if I choose. I usually don't choose that. I naturally combine both as I peek if curious.

It is very similar in many ways to the Atlantean States.

love rain

decorative American Indian design

I wanted to ask you if you ever had visions of your past lives?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 11:19 AM

Yes I have refelt or rexperienced or re-remembered many of my past lives. I still travel back to some of them ... Those long ago, never the more recent ones. When i was 17 i went to a past life regression with about 60 people in a holiday inn. I thought it was all bunk. Then I had an amazing experience with my grandson and began to cry and cry. I thought what in the world is going on here. I was an old man (Jewish) in the Mediterranean. I began doing past life regress on friends... just playing of course. Then i pulled away from all that for yrs and settled down, bought a house, raised a family...blah blah blah till my re-awakening at 37 in 94. A few yrs. into my re-awakening, my brother went to Poland to find our family tree. Little did I know , my soul decided to go along for the ride. I began to remember my last life before this. It was Very traumatic for me... depression state I would say. This trip put me into a 2 yr. retreat into the cave to explore and be still, sullen, quiet. I found many past lives here. All quite difficult and traumatic in many ways. I was exhausted from remembering and clearing. Then i decided to come back into the light of Life.

I feel for you. It makes me sad. I think my past lives must be very ugly. I told you about all the violence I used to visualize. I thought of myself as a warrior. Not that I liked to or wanted to fight, just wanted to be strong, courageous, always ready just in case. So I probably have past lives of violence, maybe as a soldier or fighter. After years I was gaining more faith and it suddenly occurred to me to put my faith in my good Karma and my God to look after me and stop visualizing all the violence. The Kitty Companion Since then it just kind of drained away and at the same time my heart center began to open. It started when a kitten we found in the forest befriended me. He followed me everywhere and I was his special human. We became very close. I came home one night to find his body laying in the street dead - not a mark on him. I never knew what happened. I was completely devastated.

The next day I poured out all my memories of him into a story. I read it to my wife as I buried his body and cried so much I could hardly talk. This was new to me as I had never been this way before. After that I began to love more fully.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 11:52 AM

Awwwwww angel. So grateful for the kitty that allowed you to open the rose.
hm Dont feel bad for me plz. Its the best thing since sliced bread when I got that junk out. I wouldnt be where I am now had i not.

hmmmmmmmm I am truly, not just b.s. of words, grateful for all things in my life (lives). I recognize that I chose those things for very good reasons. I made excellent choices. I embrace them all as who I am.
I wouldn't be this great and shining star had i not experienced them... A little spiritual humor here Jerry ... laughing.
I'll have to share a walk in the woods with you.
Seriously I would not be able to reach this sense of whole, One, completeness had i not understood the full spectrum of experience - and honor and treasure each one in its own right.

If I may, allow yourself to forgive self
to love self
to bask within the glowing light of self.
Like Martha (Stewart) says .. Its a good

Thanks Rain. I feel your love. You must have a beautiful aura. If only I could SEE..

I told you, you were the Goddess in the picture.

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