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Cosmic Harmony: Lightworkers Interview

- Flying with Rainspirite -  Part II

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Sent to Steph and Trinity:

I found some interesting Indian mythology on Crater Lake.

"As one Klamath individual noted, Crater Lake was a particularly dangerous site for the spirit quest. (1) Gaining a vision of the supernatural beings residing in the lake was a major goal of that quest (Spencer 1952b:222). The seeker would often swim at night, underwater, to encounter the spirits lurking in the depths (Spier 1930:98). Leslie Spier commented regarding the father of one of his consultants, "having lost a child, he went swimming in Crater lake; before evening he had become a shaman" (Spier 1930:96). The quest for such spirits required courage and resolution:

He must not be frightened even if he sees something moving under the water. prays before diving, "I want to be a shaman. Give me power. Catch me. I need the power." (Spier 1930:96)

An elderly Klamath woman recounted in the late 1940s her experience of seeing a spirit being on the lake:

When I was young, I went up to Crater Lake with a woman I knew. She tied my eyes and led my horse. ... Then she said, "Untie your eyes," and I nearly fell off the horse. I saw a man standing on the water far away, just like in the Bible. He scared me so, I don't know who that was, but I like to think of that man now. (Spencer 1952b:222)

In other Klamath (Indian) accounts the floor of the lake contains a mythical world:
People were stolen and taken down into Crater lake by beings there. Some say they have found no water in the lake. Instead there were rocks as big as trees and deep tunnels in the bottom. There are animals, snakes, and a sort of people who live at (or in) the ocean. (Spier 1930:98)

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 6:19 PM

cool thanks...where did you get them from? The native american indian has left some amazing secrets there. I could live there for a solid month and still not gain all the wisdom held there

Rain, speaking of the underwater city of Crater Lake, you said:
"It is very similar in many ways to the Atlantean States."

What did you mean by this?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 4:10 PM

The city below Crater Lake is very similar to Atlantis...There were many Atlantean states or colonies .. Not just one

Rain, can you tell me what Trinity is like in person. Is he really friendly easy going or somewhat aloof? Sometimes I feel like I try his patience with all my questions but I don't know if that's coming from me or him.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 4:26 PM

he's very quiet, gentle. In the woods like a boy scout. Its very difficult to explain these things. Words are not adequate at all.

You mentioned some exercises you could send me on learning to go out (Flying).
When you get time. Thanks.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2002 5:58 AM
Subject: Our Birthright..To soar with Eagle


This is preferable to do outside in the beginning. I already felt some resistance from lifting my wings. ok..lets start one step at a time. First i need you to go out and take as many deep breaths as needed. Then bring your arms out to your side. Try to see them as wings.. Dont spend a lot of time on that vision. Make that feel them as wings. Here's your block Jerry, seeing things. Always start with feeling things, not seeing them.

We'll concentrate first on using your 6th sense. This is feeling using all 5 senses combined.

Much better. As you feel your wings, your arms, note how do they feel? Are they heavy/light ? Note where they feel heavy. Note what parts feel light. Zoom in on the heavy part(s) and see if you can lighten them. Directing your breath to these spots can help, or simply breathing might do the trick.
You can stop here and take notes as to what you found and send to me.
Tricks to lighten:
shake them out-shake your arms and hands loosely
Once shaken you can snap your fingers to cut it off.
Then breathe them back up gracefully.
Let me know how you do with this. If they are still heavy, we'll go further with that on how to energize and release them. Remind me to tell you about this. If they are fairly light and only if they are (dont ever force the process) simply allow yourself to go out. You can feel eagle is with you or you can just go out on your own. Close your eyes and gently, easily just drift. Keep the mind down here as much as possible by breathing and allowing the heart chakra to open wider with each breath.
Let me know how it goes.
Feels good. It may take a few times. Remember how many times and time itself has NOTHING to do with this process. Theres no room for mind and frustration in this process. Only the simple grace of allowance.
Happy flying!
Hugs of love Rain

I have already "installed" some things to help you. Let me know after and I'll see if anything needs repairing.
Try to keep your questions here to a minimum plz...Just BE and Allow..
Love ya!

Thank you so very much for this. I read it over and cut it into a small piece of paper which I folded and kept with me to practice the exercise. My only resistance - which you mention is from (moon in Leo) side of my personality which demands to be dignified (in case anyone was watching).

At sunset I stood and breathed deeply and stretched out my arms, imagining them to be glorious powerful wings. While I felt some resistance to holding out my actual arms, when I let my arms fall at my side, I breathed deeply and visualized my wings rising up to soaring position, then began gliding lightly, slowly. I felt successful at this. Then I seemed to be limited with the mental idea of "well, now what? Where do I go? Am I supposed to keep going or just practice gliding locally" I wasn't sure so I thought I'd report how things are going and wait for new instructions. When I first start this, should I just glide around familiar places or try to go somewhere?

"If they are still heavy, we'll go further with that on how to energize and release them. Remind me to tell you about this."

OK, the arms are just slightly heavy feeling between elbows and shoulders - that is a slight tug of the muscles to keep them in place. But raising up the wings by breathing feels effortless.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 11:33 AM

I will go into you tomorrow and see where you were, where you are, how your wings feel etc...Feels like you did good. Very good.
Where would you like to fly to?
Try to focus more on the experience rather than a destination if possible. Its not every day we get to experience flying.....
hm Im to remind you..Its the journey, not where the journey leads to..

I went out for a walk after lunch (escaped!!!) and meditated for a while. Then I suddenly remembered flying. So I extended my wings and just practiced gliding. It's a strange feeling to be aware in the body and be aware of being elsewhere at the same time. Kind of makes you feel split. Hopefully I'll get more time tonight.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 3:11 AM


Ibis, symbol of Thoth with Maat

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 4:32 AM
To: Trinity, Jerry, Norma
Subject: Crater Lake

Trin, I only read first few lines of this ( message) and then had to write you. This article mentions some exact locations of cities that network runs thru. Crater Lake is a sub-station. A place of coming and going. It is very similar to what the Atlantean State off Cuba acted as above ground. A port connector for provisions and such. The artery I felt from Crater Lake to Mexico is mentioned, I believe. This expanse in Mexico is a MAJOR city.

Ive been writing to Evan about visions I keep having of volcanic activity on the ocean floor. This activity is a symbol, or perhaps reality of Atlantis Rising. I believe you and I discussed this as well. I believe those were your first words when i mentioned my vision.

I believe we had a part in helping the substations arise. Its not quite time for the major cities yet..Perhaps 2012? My church will be going there in september to bring full emergence to this port. I believe others are working off the coast of Cuba to return that major port. That port was the CENTER of All ports. Dont know fully what that means yet. Will have to look at Piri Riis map. Not sure what design they based their strategic locations yet. Maybe you can help me with that one? I somehow sense it as the design of the Merkabah, Tree of Life . Geeeeez its spinning. No wonder we're all going crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Would love some thoughts and inputs here from all of you!
Blessings of Love Rain

Thanks Rain. I spent the last few evenings going through the Secret Doctrine reading of the rising and falling of continents over this Earth's history. But our scientists seem to only believe in plate tectonic where the continental plates drift together, apart, or butt together and one slides under while pushing another up (as in the Himalayas).

According to the Secret Doctrine, Lemuria was huge and sank at different times. Same with Atlantis when it subsided. It would be interesting to know if a new continent is part of the Divine Plan. Maybe the 6th root race forming in the U.S. will eventually migrate and populate a new continent.

It also has things to say about AA Michael and Melchizedek. It's been ten years since I picked it up. Had to blow the dust off!

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 9:03 AM
To: Davidson, Jerry; Trinity
Cc: Norma
Subject: Re: Crater Lake

hmmm great thoughts Jerry. Thanks for sharing. Interesting what you say Maybe the 6th root race forming in the US will eventually migrate and populate a new continent.

I have been told we will not all join together in this venture of 'Eden'.
I have some friends working with visions of huge tidal waves , separating continents. I have only tapped in as far as rising lands. Cant get that vision down pact and is almost near frustration to me. Very unusual for me to not feel even after being told. Im being kept back from this one for whatever reason. Perhaps i saw it in a doomsday light. My task is to alter that type of vision or perspective. So I have seen that vision in other ways... Separation of peoples, thoughts, ideas, and yes societies. I truly believe we can pull this off without destruction and annihilation.
I feel like the little train...I know we can
I know we can...he he
Scientists are way behind, but they're catching up as many more of them are lightworkers.

Love Rain

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 4:02 PM

Hi Jerry, Did you save that site address on Thoths secrets per chance?

Here you go, Rain....

The Secrets of Thoth By Paul White © All Rights Reserved
(Brief excerpt)

Thoth Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2 years ago, the most staggering data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the world.... At places like Guatemala in Central America, tunnels have been mapped under the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal which extend a full 800 kilometres to the opposite side of the country.

The SIRA radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids.... Film footage of work in progress called, Chambers of the Deep... reveals the discovery of a vast megalithic metropolis 15,000 years old, reaching several levels below the Giza plateau... The legendary "City Of The Gods" lays sprawled beneath, complete with hydraulic underground waterways.... The film shows massive chambers the size of our largest cathedrals, with enormous statues the size of the Valley of the Nile carved in-situ. Researchers risking their lives with lights and cameras, carefully negotiated rubber dinghies across subterranean rivers and kilometer-wide lakes, to penetrate sealed chambers beyond.... It is the legacy of a civilisation and a technology beyond our own. A technology capable of creating a vast underground city, of which the sphinx and pyramids are merely the surface markers.

The project scientist Dr. Hurtak, likens it to the impact of contact with an advanced extraterrestrial culture. He described it as the discovery of the Fourth Root culture, the so-called Atlantean civilisation, destroyed by the last earth tumble... The knowledge of Thoth/Enoch implies humans are meant to evolve beyond our present terrestrial form. As the Bible tells us "we may become greater than angels."... The Egyptians record stories of the "Star Walkers" occasional individuals who, like Enoch, travelled "beyond the Great Eye of Orion" and returned to walk like gods amongst men.... Are the Mayan "Lords of Light" and the Egyptian/Tibetan "Shining Ones" really a higher form of human? According to many earth legends, such beings are supposed to return regularly, at the beginning and end of each time cycle, the 13,000 year half-point of our solar systems 26,000 year zodiacal orbit around galaxy centre.... According to the "calendar in stone" of the Great Pyramid, which describes the so-called "Phoenix Cycle" of our galactic orbit, the present time period ends (converted to our present calendar) in the year 2012 AD.
----- Snip ---- See for more

Hello Rain. You've been very quiet. I spent a lot of the week reading up on things you and Trin talk about.

I wanted to send you some pictures of our backyard and garden. This is what things look like around the peak of the year. Big garden and lots of flower planters - but LOTS of work too. No Magic there.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 3:15 PM

wow Jerry! Come garden for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful...Geeeeeeeeeeeeez cant feel those fairies????????? They're too busy running around having fun in that wonderland of

I have to admit - my wife is the nurturer. She has a beautiful spirit and likes to bring forth beauty. I do some of the heavy work - like setting up planters, moving dirt, compost and such. She plants, weeds, waters, nurtures and brings forth an annual universe of beauty in our yard. You should see it in winter - it's totally dormant. The bugs, birds, butterflies just have this little galaxy of beauty to move around in all season long - while the sunshine and warmth last. It's kind of like being Creator.

I've been meaning to ask you. You said you use your mornings to do your psychic thing. Do you have several hours of quiet time or do you just take it in bits and pieces as you get a chance. Do you have cats, kids or others around that disturb your concentration? As I recall you said you didn't use your sleep time for visits.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 3:45 PM

Oh no..Im very busy during dreamtime .. joyful service. I have 2 boys. I get up before everyone and then once they and my hubbie go off I have the whole day to myself. I decide whether to work or 'go out (work.. he he).

I worked at Universal Studios doing readings. Since then .. nothing distracts me. I can even talk to you while out there doing something else ... its like breathing.

That must have been an interesting time at Universal Studio's. Who did you do the readings for? Is that something like Disneyland?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 12:07 PM

Hi Jerry,

I worked at Islands of Adventure in The psychic tent when they first opened. This was to do readings for the public as they came in. What a HUGE learning experience. It was so much fun. The 'tent' was gorgeous. All people in there are professional spiritualists. We each had to dress in costume (we were in the Ancient Lands of Egypt). Everyone that came in was curious about fortune telling... smile... I learned there to block out ALL distractions.
Love ya

Good to hear from you. I'm going through a grey period - send me some rose color. Grumpy and depressed this morning. Speeding ticket on way to work. Cat has cancer. One of the goats is dying. Life is rough sometimes.

You always sound so happy.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 4:54 AM

Hi Jerry,
Sending a little sunshine your way. There is a huge global dumping taking place before the 13th activation. If you're empathic, try to stand back without judgment. Im so sorry about your cat and goat. These energies can be so tough on the gentle four legged ones.

Love Rain

Thanks Rain. I feel better already.

What do you mean by "huge global dumping". And what is the 13th activation. Do you have a web address where I can read up on this stuff???

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 10:38 AM

Just as we go thru cleansings so too does Mother. So too does group consciousness. Tons of anger and pain being cleansed out there now. Can be very difficult for empaths. Heavy cleansings usually take place to clear space for large activations and anchorings. Many big ones are coming ahead. I can't even tell whats what on which day ... smile
Love Rain

From: Circle of Sacred Breath
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 7:46 PM

The Light Grid Activation:
Saturday, April 13, 2002
1 PM PDT, 2PM MDT, 3 PM CDT, 4 PM EDT, 8PM or 2000 GMT

Dear Ones, listen with your Heart ... be where you are guided to be during the Golden Light Grid Activation this Saturday.

There has been considerable circulation of Turtle Woman's Vision regarding the Golden Light Grid Activation due to occur Saturday. If you have missed reading it the website address is

Ibis, symbol of Thoth with Maat

Rain, I have a question on an old message you sent.
You said: "My work is with Mother, so my journeys usually consist with checking out Mother's rough spots...disrupted energies such as volcanos, earthquakes or mass amounts of negative energies from people. I go in and smooth or whatever is needed. Then I do distance healings on particular people and then in general. Im a smoother right now would be the best way to put it."

Can you describe what this smoothing process means with respect to violent earth events?
And what if it's mass amounts of negative energies from people? What do you do?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 10:54 AM

Smoothing is a conscious process still (re earthquakes, volcano's etc. Its like taking your hand Jerry Over smooth sand and reach a bump of a shell. In physical I would pick that shell up and toss it. In spiritual I send it light, visualize the static and put into smooth patterns. Keep in mind this is basically working with vibrations. If very difficult I might hum it into a smooth frequency. I never know what is needed and new processes come up constantly. As individual as people.

Sometimes I know I'm to do nothing. That took awhile to accept and respect.

Group consciousness dumping and cleansing I no longer do consciously. It comes as natural and as simply as cleaning my own junk.
I allow it to flow..If its pain, I cry it out, if its anger, I scream it out.. or whatever hits me. I keep allowing it to flow thru me. While it flows thru me, Im transforming, merging anchoring it.. Whatever is called for. I no longer concentrate on that. I just let it happen on its own without any energy from me.

It must be an especially rough time with all the conflicts taking place - lots of negativity, bad feelings, violence, hate, etc.

I think one possibility is that a lot of people full of hatred and living at a more primitive vibration are being cleared off the earth. Their time for incarnation is coming to a close for a while because the whole consciousness of humanity is tuning up and they are no longer compatible with the new vibrations (love, fellowship, etc). So a lot of these conflicts are cleansings.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 11:34 AM

I agree, but remember many will still remain. What happens there? Thats what Im working with now. I must respect them, not change them and judge them.. I havent figured out what happens here. Im starting by loving and accepting them as best I can.

I think the most extreme will be gone from the Earth. A lot will be left that are of the old world and the old ways of thinking but mostly their lives are behind them. As long as they are not actively propagating hatred and violence they really won't hurt much and maybe even can change some over time as things get better in their areas. Besides they are the keepers of their culture that has to be passed on to the younger ones.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2002 8:48 AM

Bringing earth to heaven !
God this is so much harder than bringing heaven to earth! ! !

Ibis, symbol of Thoth with Maat

You told me once about how you learned to do past life regression. But how did you first discover you were psychic? Can you describe some of your initial experiences?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 1:14 PM

Jerry Im sending this on and will continue tomorrow. I have to get ready for a dinner banquet. Tulio's 5 yrs with his company plus today is our anniversary.

Hugs to you..Love Rain

I didnt realize all the things I did as a kid until last year. I use to make voodoo dolls out of wool until I saw they really worked and then stopped. Every weekend as a pre-teen 6 friends and myself would play with ouija boards and hold levitations (that worked btw). For as long as I can remember I have always been aware of what i called ghosts back then. I would talk to them like anyone else. Ive always loved books on Africa, Native American Indians and Astronomy. I would spend weekends at the Metropolitan Museum in the Egyptian sections and in Native American , African and Egyptian at The Brooklyn Museum. I would stare at the bust of Nefertiti for hours on end,. I completely forgot about her until she came to me a yr and a half ago. Then i remembered how I'd known these things all along. Just forgot them.

At 17 I got my first deck of tarot cards and just use to play around with them. I kept them all these years. I also went for my first past life regression at this time. I didnt believe in it, but had a powerful experience that had me crying. That got me thinking. I then began regressing my friends as we documented and researched our notes.

For as long as I can remember, I always knew I had a very old soul. I also knew who I had travelled with in other lives. I knew we came here to learn and to grow and to help each other. I somehow always knew I was different. I became a quiet observer of life and humans. A people watcher. I was also drawn to churches, I even designed one, and religion. At the same time religion confused me. People would go to church and sing of love and compassion and come out and exhibit hate over race, color and religion. This began my quest and questions as an adult

Jerry, thanks for asking me these things. It helps me to remember and document and pay attention to those things I simply take for granted without a second thought.

Hello Rain. These are fascinating little tidbits. Your story is so much different from Trinity's. His life is basically divided into before and after the breakthrough. Yours is more like a gradual unveiling of your previously attained higher state.

Contrast your life with mine. I have always worn a heavy veil of maya, I think because I had so much unresolved karma to work through. If I had known a lot about spirit and how things really worked it would have prevented me from working out karma, fulfilling previously unfulfilled desires, etc in this life. I grew up just feeling awkward like I didn't belong. I always watched other kids being social but it was like they were spontaneous whereas when I tried to be social, it was forced and didn't quite feel right. I was a loner, an observer of others. Always shy. I liked to read; liked math and science. I didn't believe in God and thought anyone who did was just deceived. I didn't believe in much of anything I couldn't see.

Finally when I was about 25, I met a guy who liked to practice Buddhist meditation. He loaned me a book that talked about this state of "Satori" or Realization. I was spell bound that here was something I had never heard anything about. Since it was Buddhism, there was no God or religious doctrine for me to reject. I also started meditating - sporadically, but after a while I found I could stop the world and then it was like the world became a fishbowl - a vision wrapped around ME the observer. Things lost their individual identity and just became like a big movie screen that I was watching. This was a rare attainment at first but after a long while I could get into this state much more easily.

So this started my great search and I started reading everything I could get my hands on about spiritualism, Edgar Cayce, Rosicrucianism, Theosophy, Blavatsky, masters, later Yogananda and eastern classics. I just read continually working my way from the fringes to ever better material and expanding what I allowed myself to believe.

Although I feel like an "Old Soul" like you said, I still think I was very heavily involved in just living and experiencing and not in any previous lives of psychic development. I am probably like the kid that keeps flunking and has to take the coarse over and over again before getting it right. So I probably have a lot of work ahead of me to catch up in my development.

Do you remember the first time you went out? Where did you go? What did you do? Then did it become a regular thing?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 12:00 PM

"I have always worn a heavy veil of maya"
What is this please?

Those of us searching, those that have always felt different, are from the beginning and will also be at the ending...

Some in this life are right brained (appear psychic etc) and others left brained. Each of us carried here what we need to share and teach each others for what lies ahead. If we were all right brained and painting and singing and healing, we would lose the gift of knowledge, knowing, understanding.. such as yours and Trins gifts. Us rightbrains would care less about the science, challenge of proving, which brings us closer and closer to Truth. Theres so much more I want to say here... but will leave at that for the moment. Jer I see life as a giant wheel... not really.. its a pinpoint.. but trying to explain a concept.. smile... There is on this wheel an infinite number of cogs. Each of these cogs represents an individual path... our paths. All cogs on the wheel meet in the centerpoint - fulcrum, nucleus...etc...

You said: "I think I was very heavily involved in just living and experiencing and not in any previous lives of psychic development. I am probably like the kid that keeps flunking and has to take the coarse over and over again before getting it right."

Jerry, my belief is that we all came to experience. Each in our own way. None better or worse, but All Within Divine Plan. We chose that Divine Plan by the way! Its subject to the constant of ever changing though! So in other words, we can always rechoose at any given moment. I believe you are the scientific end, left brain, of mind, here to teach those of us with the right brain of heart. Dont get me wrong.. we all use both, but finally we are returning to the balance of heart and mind, right/left brain allowing the doorway to use 100% brain, 100% heart.. Aint that nice! There's no catching up.. We are each walking along EXACTLY as we should be.

"Do you remember the first time you went out?"

Neglected to mention , when i was about 5 my younger brother (then 3) and I would go into a large closet. It was our secret place together. We would astral project, (Thats not what i do now). We both forgot about this and never spoke about it until about 1-2 yrs ago. I did this till about 13 yrs old and began other things I wrote you. I think that completes childhood.

For 17 yrs. i let go (amnesia he he) and forgot all spirituality. In this time I married, worked and raised a family. No time for spirituality... smile.. No heart either... It was day to day life. After 17 yrs I left my abusive relationship (amazing lesson time which allowed for the rest to follow) . Here I met Tulio (no doubt he is a highly ascended master.. at one time I thought he Was Jesus... no joke... He's along these lines) He allowed, triggered and released many doors which were now hanging wide open, waiting for me to walk thru.

Leaving my X removed a HUGE weight I was carrying and released the FREEDOM of my wings. I was a young bird, ready to fly, but not knowing at all how to.. or even that I could fly.. smile.. I was a skeptic then and did not believe in any of this.. I was every readers worst nightmare.. A brickwall.... lolol I had forgotten everything Jer. Can you relate?....kiss. Meeting Tulio is a whole nother spiritual story in itself. (Think I'll write it for me.. he he)

Around this time, I noticed when a young woman passed by me, it sent Huge shivers up my back. I took a moment and said...what the heck was that?????????? I saw a vision of her crossed over to other side.. I said to myself, Steph, you need more sleep. Your really losing it!..

I cleaned out my dresser drawer and found my old tarot cards. I began to play with them. i did a reading for a friend and felt such light, I couldn't even touch them. Thats when I re-remembered energy. At the same time, a friend gave me Celestine Prophecy (she was given as a birthday gift and felt to give me). A few months later another friend told me about working on a psychic line. I had a great job in sales and marketing but wanted to be home with my kids.

As well you know, the rest just flowed as I took a leap in faith and kept following, testing and trusting in my heart.

About 4 yrs ago I basically put a halt on readings and just focused on me. I was cleansing a huge block.. My last life, with Hitler... another story. I began cleansing many lives.. all seemed horrific! I did this for about 2 yrs.. Talk about dark night of the soul! All this opened so much space to breathe and fill with light. Hence my return to journeying. In a way I never did before. I really went. I no longer needed to astral plane out. i no longer needed dreamtime. I just breathed and went. At the time White Buffalo Woman was with me. She assisted me thru prayer and chant and simply being still. Thats all. I raised my wings and followed the winged ones.

I traveled within Mother. But as i met others, such as Trin, Chris from EA board and several others, I realized I could fly with them as my guide. Chris took me to the black hole simply because i felt her working there. No words were needed. Its the first time I realized there was life in black holes. Trin took me to other galaxies... he's not from ours but not sure if he knows this. I believe I told him. Therefore he was difficult to travel with. I had to prepare quite a bit because in the beginning he roasted me a lot... he he.. He works purely on electrical energy.. A lightning bolt. ZAP.
We are electric and magnetic.. male/female.
Sorry for rambling...ok Im pooped..Thanks Jerry
Hugs of love Rain

Ibis, symbol of Thoth with Maat

"What is Maya?"

In the east, reality - the world - is spoken of as Maya (illusion). Because God is One and we are all part of Him - without Maya we would just see ourselves as God instead of as powerless, helpless individuals. Because we wear the veil of maya - in other words, we see ourselves as people and the vesture of God (the universe) as separate things - people, trees, animals, rocks, all the things that make up our world. Some people's veil is thin - like yours. My veil was thick - I didn't even believe that God or Spirit, Soul existed. Just blackness after death. So that's what I meant when I said I grew up wearing a heavy veil of maya.

Rain, your story is a marvelous piece of work! You made me laugh and cry. You made me feel the love of spirit. I think it will help so many others to want to go into the spirit life, spread their wings and fly.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 2:21 PM

"In the east, reality - the world - is spoken of as Maya (illusion)"

Wow Jer,
Maya...Could this be our initial word for Mother? Is it the reality of illusion? Or is it the creation from illusion to reality? Maya - Earth.

The east is where eagle flies and is The Old. The West is a baby, ready to create anew. Its the natural flow of water. Its our grounding? The human essence so quickly pushed aside in reverence of spirit, But its our human-ness that is the True gift. The gift given to each one of us, so easily forsaken and looked upon to be ditched and replaced with spirit. Its our meat suits.. he he (a friend just wrote that and i love it!) that is our true gift. Its so close, that no one can see it. hmm I wear mine proud.
Hugs to you angel!

Your 17 years of amnesia was no doubt a gift to simplify your existence so you could just raise a family without the psychic getting in the way. It may also have been some karmic adjustment between your ex and yourself from a past life.

Can you remember how after you met Tulio he opened your jail door and let you out. Where did you test your new wings? What was the turning experience?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 2:31 PM

I dont believe in karma. I do feel we have traveled together (me and my X) many many times to teach and help each other. Ive never traveled with Tulio before. Not sure if we will again. Our spirits are already joined and a piece of one another. i opened the door to free my spirit. I believe only the person can do that part themselves. I freed my soul when i decided to leave my X. That was just the exterior. What took place inside, is that I found my self worth, self love, strength and even self one truth. I found my voice and vision would be a good way to put it.
Then Tulio was allowed to enter the doors of my life and share his open doors with me. I was ready to walk ahead.
It took yrs to cleanse before i even realized I had wings, let alone use them.

That's interesting that as a child you could go out astrally and yet now you got out from the heart. Do you have any specific memories of going somewhere on these astral trips?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 3:25 PM

We no longer travel in the old astral projection. That was used in dense energies. Thats a great question and I was trying to see as I wrote it and couldn't. I'll try again and maybe even speak to my brother about it. I know we held hands (not physically) and traveled together to same places. This will blow his mind just asking...he he

"Chris took me to the black hole simply because i felt her working there."

That's funny you mentioned black holes. I always imagined that they were locations where some kind of higher beings lived. It just seemed to make sense since most of the black holes are at the centers of galaxies. So if you were going to locate a spiritual world - wouldn't that make the most sense to put it there?

Can you tell me about Buffalo Woman? Was this a connection from interest in Indians? Did you evoke her presence of did she just appear to you?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2002 5:00 AM

White Buffalo Medicine Woman Good Morning, You have prompted me to write about my guides. Let me know if you'd like to see when I finish.

I have never evoked them. They come when its time. White Buffalo Medicine Woman (I called her Mother) came to me after my trip to Mexico. In Mexico I was given my shamanic name Rainspirite. Between a sprite, earning spirit. When i returned I found myself singing these amazing lullabyes and chants... Not my voice. I was then told it was She who was guiding me. I had only had one other guide (consciously) before her so this was a new world to me. She taught me voice, how to speak my peace. She came with a warrior. Together they teach the balance of courage, strength and compassion. They were the entrance for Maat (speaker of Truth) and AA Michael, Peaceful Warrior.

I was always afraid to speak in front of large groups of people. With her I held full moon ceremonies with large groups. The chanting was amazing. It is here I began to use rattles and drums and taught how to help the kids in this way. I formed my ministry called ONE BEAT.
I have spiritual ancestry back to The Ancient Ones.

She also taught me how to connect stronger with become tree, sky, fly, possum, My connection to nature as I am you, You are me.
Through her presence , one hears the tone and frequency of the pipe/flute as well as the earth tone of the digediroo (sp?)
One runs with the Buffalo clan and flies with the Eagle clan.

Hello Rain. I love your stories. They are very moving whenever I read them. Just a beautiful thing to read. How did Tulio get you to open? You mentioned this briefly.

I was wondering if you could elaborate on this part:

"They were the entrance for Maat (speaker of Truth and AA Michael, Peaceful Warrior)."

Can you explain Maat?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 1:37 AM

Maat statue in gold and lapis Maat is the Egyptian Goddess that measures ones heart against the weight of a feather on the scales of justice. has some great info on her. I need to tell you, her and AA Michael are one in the same...or perhaps twin flames.. No doubt they work as ONE. I still have your question about Tulio but have not been able to focus on it. Very hard to explain... Jerry, every spiritualist that has met him or even not met and felt, feels he is someone very special. I have no doubt he was/is some type of Highly evolved Master, Saint...something. To be honest, at one time I thought he was possibly the reincarnate of Jesus or Buddha. He is quite evolved, but quietly. Its something you sense about him, not something he tells you... at all... Au contrare just the opposite. He will say very little unless asked.

My powerful shamanic teachers are quietly humbled by him. One told me of his back of head being flat. Ancient Mayan Keepers only have this.

I have tested those that profess to have great abilities by sending them a pic of us. I ask, what do you think of Tulio. If they dont see, I know much about them. Their ego stands in the way of their gift.
I think that explains it.
Hugs of love Rain

Rain, it's good you found such a great being to be with. Interesting such advanced people live quietly among us. I was quite floored when I linked up with Norma and then she put me in touch with your group. You are all so different than any others I have known in the past.

"With her I held full moon ceremonies with large groups. The chanting was amazing. It is here I began to use rattles and drums and taught how to help the kids in this way. I formed my ministry called ONE BEAT.
I have spiritual ancestry back to The Ancient Ones."

I can just imagine the effect this might have on some young potential shaman to come in contact with and experience this at a young age. You are no doubt making magic for some kids.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 10:13 AM

Hi Jer, Not nearly the magic they are making for me/us. Jer, its mind boggling what these kids are going to do!
Love Ya

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 10:33 AM

Hi Jer,
Lightforums has brought a new program in. Im on the management team. We decided to keep the board closed for a few days to reopen clean and in love. This affords me a chance to catch up on a few things... called life... he he
Ive been gardening! Its so hot here so i have to work in mornings and night, then just crash in day. Ive cancelled and put off my readings to allow myself my time with Mother and Father (Sun.. he he). I joked with Trin this morning that Im borrowing his shell...hermit shell that is.

Jer, Norma is Amazing. You may know I call her mom. Shes my spiritual mom. She assists when asked, but that woman is an amazing wealth of both spiritual knowledge and heart love.. Shes pure wisdom!!!!!!!!!! Roger, Suntarian is also, but he was burning out from doing so much. She connects with a powerful group of elders. They are wisdom keepers. They opened the doors for us. They worked in such thick energy, its amazing they are still here. So many are crossing from exhaustion and they have done their part. I cannot say enough about these people! I speak of Bruce, Jan, Roger, Dear Jason Graywolf (my brother)... so many angels of light. I try to watch over them and help. Bless their hearts ! They are the true heroes and heroines. They are the pioneers. Pheww I got lost there... smile. Guess you can feel how strongly i feel about them in true humble gratitude.

So tell me angel, how is life there? Have you hugged a tree yet? or played on its trunk? smile!

Big hugs and kisses of Love Rain

Don't know Light forums. Is this a local organization or a web site? If web site can you tell me the URL (address) please????

"She connects with a powerful group of elders. They are wisdom keepers. They opened the doors for us. They worked in such thick energy, its amazing they are still here."

Norma never mentioned this. I thought her main focus was Numerology and Tarot readings. She is so nice to me - explains things patiently and thoroughly. Who are the elders you speak of?

Can you explain. Opened the door for us, meaning Humanity?

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 10:55 AM

I mean all living creatures both small and tall. We are all starchildren. Some chose to come here when energies were dense to help open the gates...I guess you could say heavens gate. They opened the gates to allow the possibility to bring heaven to earth. I know of many that burnt out...fizzled like the string of a firecracker...
I think you would enjoy Light Fountains. We're reopening May 1st. I can give you the website then. It was planetlightworker board.

hmm, Norma is much more than just numbers. She uses her numbers and Kabalah to put complex forms into simple forms.

Elders......hmmmmmm just as stated. Teachers of teachers. Im a rainbow bridge to connect elder to child. Elders to Indigos.. In some circuits Im an elder as well. Depends on relations to who. We are all a bridge at some point, a child, a seed, an elder. All with different tones and frequencies and vibrations. It depends at where we are vibrating at. But no such thing as levels...vibrations is a better way to put it.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 4:19 AM

Good Morning Jer,
I pray you are well. Here is the planetlightworker...light fountains board. Ive been quiet. My little one is having respiratory distress. My focus is there right now. Im also noticing lots of distress with many of my clients. Not sure whats going on...just allowing it.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2002 11:25 AM

Hi Jer,
You've been in my thoughts. Ive been quite busy here..Frankes had severe asthma for 2 weeks. Have a bit of a break today. Theres enough love. compassion and sympathy to give to all..

be well
love rain

Ibis, symbol of Thoth with Maat

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 4:31 AM

Subject: stargate 44:44

Its not that often that I get so excited over a site. I thought it might resonate with you as well.
Blessings of Love Steph Rain

Gosh, Rain. What a beautiful site. I LOVE the graphics. Can't wait to read the text. I'm at work. Will peruse later tonight. Thanks for thinking of me.

From: Rainspirite
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2002 11:27 AM

Hi jer,
How are you? Yes I loved that sight...Heres another you might like..

Just wanted to say thank you and send a kiss...
Im not on line much of late, but you're always in my heart!
Love Steph

From SpiritMythos.Org Website
Remembrances from the Akashic Records

Excerpt from the Author's story.

My Personal Journey... By Maia Christianne

"At the age of four mother...took me outside underneath a canopy of tropical stars. I pointed to the heavens, and said 'star'.

When I was three, we moved from Venezuela to the Ozarks of Arkansas, where we owned a dairy farm. It was 1952. We had no television and seldom went to the movies. It was during this period in my life that I began to have very vivid 'dream' experiences, which I now believe to have been out-of-body travel. I would soar over a desert terrain (nothing like Venezuela or Arkansas) toward and then into, a large mountain. Once inside, I was greeted by nice-looking men who were tall and mostly blonde, and who dressed in skin-like white, seamless suits. They treated me as an equal and took me through their underground complex, explaining to me, how their 'machines' (computers) operated in the most scientific of terms, which I understood completely.

I began to commune with the fairy elements of the beautiful Ozark mountains, and may have been referring to them when my mother heard me say at age three to no one in particular, "Their thoughts shared a lovely, dreaming time with the high hills......"

Sample excerpt from Thoth - from Maia's inner attunement with him:

'Ultra-terrestrial' is a term Thoth uses to define the spiritually evolved beings from whom we are descended through our star genetics. ‘Extra-terrestrials' cover an assortment of types from other worlds who are at various degrees of spiritual and physical evolution, but are not spiritualized within their heart centers to a high degree. Many of these beings are creations of the angels who ‘fell from Heaven' with Lucifer, whom Thoth refers to as the ‘Nephilim.'


Maia Christianne has written her perceptions from the Akashic records over 35 years and from an inner communion with Thoth, who showed her glimpses of our earth's past and future. This is recorded in her books and given freely on her web site with great feeling and beauty.

Hello Rain. Always great to hear from you.

I was out on the Planet Light Workers board a couple weeks back - just kind of taking a tour - and I saw a bunch of posts by you. It's so nice when people share their points of views and spread light.

It's been a real experience for me to have met so many wonderful people associated with EA and also the Treehouse. I've learned so much this year. Thanks to you and Norma too. Thanks so much for links and articles you pass along. I always bookmark them and look them over.

L/L keep in touch.

Posted by Rainspirite on the Earth Alchemy message board:

Heya heya Grace,

How did you miss this one? [icon_wink.gif]

Love Rain


Message From Archangel Michael

A Glimpse Beyond Tomorrow

Reclaiming the Best of the Past as You Build the Future:

Please accept the fact that you left the vaster part of your Beingness in the higher realms, and now it is time to begin the process of reclaiming those many facets of God-expression that make up the totality of the real YOU. We have told you that this is a universe of great diversity, and as part of your training you have experienced many wondrous adventures in very specific and complex places. You now understand why the Earth is so important, because your planet is where all the diversity of this universe was brought together. You have had a grand time playing the game of duality and polarity, as you created great wealth and then painful scarcity, and in other lifetimes you brought forth wondrous talents and accomplished great deeds of valor, just as you have also experienced many simple-minded lives in a narrowly focused way. You have all experienced every situation imaginable, from the lowest to the highest. Now it is time to step through the veil of illusion and reclaim your Divinity. As you move more deeply into God-consciousness and tap into the higher dimensions of creation, you are beginning to flex your spiritual muscles, and you are amazed at how quickly you are able to manifest what you envision. The small miracles are turning into great and complex miracles as you become more proficient, and we tell you, it is nothing compared to what is in store for you in the near future.

How Do You Envision the Future ?

It is your choice as to how you experience the coming years of great change. You can move higher in consciousness to the vantage point of a master and know that all is unfolding as planned. You recognize that no matter how bleak the world looks, there is Creator Light shining down and penetrating the darkest shadows and hidden places on Earth and into the hearts of humanity. The majority of human beings on Earth want only to live in peace, comfort, and plenty, to express their godliness in their own unique way, and they are willing to allow others the same right. Even though it may not seem so, those who wish to dominate, conquer, and control are in the minority, and their power stranglehold on the Earth and humanity is growing weaker every day. As more of you step into your mastery and claim your Divine Birthright, the weaker and more ineffectual they will become.

You are molding the future each and every moment, with every thought and action, and so it behooves you to focus on what is right in your world instead of what is wrong. Make it a practice to see the good in those around you, and be sure to offer words of encouragement and loving support in any way possible. You are the ones who will lead humanity into the shining new world of tomorrow. You have weathered the wildest storms and walked through many dark nights of the soul, and you have emerged triumphant. Do not become discouraged or faint of heart at this late date, my brave friends. By stating "Thy will be done for the greatest good of all," you give us permission to intercede on your behalf, and to assist you through these tumultuous times of great change.

We relay to you the love of our Father/Mother God and a rarified infusion of Light from the heart of the Supreme Creator. You are loved and cherished beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

(Excerpt of message. Find the original at:

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