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The post that follows appeared on the Phenomenon section of Jim Berkland's [earthquake] message board. It was sent to me by paranormal researcher Kithra who frequents many earth change related web sites. Thanks go to Jody of California (and Kate) for courageously sharing her story on this public forum of her distant past as a non-physical being before incarnating onto this planet as a human being. To the average person such a notion sounds fantastic and probably unbelievable but anyone who has investigated the impending "Great Shift" in consciousness, our Ascension, the transition to a higher, more spiritual state of awareness - is aware of this possibility.

The concept of advanced souls or beings from other places living among us as humans was introduced to the public by Ruth Montgomery in her landmark book, Strangers Among Us. It was further popularized in the Ra Material (Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert) in 1984. According to Ra there are millions of such "Wanderers" or star seeds incarnated now to assist with our transition to a higher density. Their job is to hold a higher vibration that subtly permeates into every level of society surrounding them. The book, From Elsewhere - Being ET in America (Scott Mandelker, 1995 - currently out of print) is a collection of first hand accounts of people who know or feel that they are different or special and don't fit in with the people around them. Many of them in childhood, dreams, or under hypnosis, recall details of previous lives spent in far different places. Dolores Cannon, noted hypnotherapist researcher, also wrote of many such cases in her series, Convoluted Universe Vols I and II.

In the message post below, Jody tells how she came here as a mentally polarized spirit and as a result of her many experiences in the human form, added an emotional make up and sensitivity to the totality of her soul expression. This echoes the theme expressed by many such wanderers that each life experience in form adds some unique attribute, experience, and evolutionary expression to the incarnating soul. The path of each soul is endless and eternal, leading ever upward to higher manifestations, greater unity, to a purpose ever more aligned with the plan of creation, with each soul contributing and expressing some absolutely unique attribute.

From: Jody,CA,
Subject: An invitation; UFO's, new dimensions, etc

RE: Kate's Thread

"Sheesh - It is so weird how people interpret one's posts sometimes!" LOL--with both of us having Neptune so close to our Ascendants--we are the poster chicks for "misunderstandings"! ;)

Back to your post from Phenomena~.

Thank you for responding to my Dream board post about Level 12.
I think you hit the nail on the head about the veil thinning or dimensions sitting next to each other vibrationally. I am seeing my eldest son 23, doing the psychic thing daily--saying out loud what will happen in the next hour--and it does every day! His friends are getting a little freaked out about it but I'm so proud of him - He's LISTENING!

He came out with a strange comment today that was very out of his usual character saying: "We're all very lucky to be here talking to each other. I was walking down the street yesterday coming home when I realized how lucky I am to be walking down this street!"

This is NOT my son's usual train of thought! This proves to me just how vast this vibration of change is and that it's making each of us "choose" a side--right NOW! Which world will you choose to live in? I see my son and I are choosing the same world!

Now, your comment about Level 12 and Light Beings~

Once upon a time in the beginning of earth I was a Light Being that fell....

I was in meditation about 10 years ago when I channeled my "beginnings" and was shown them as I was being given this information. I was a clear, non-physical being from a galaxy, 2 galaxy's away where all the beings on my planet are "Mental" telepathic beings, no emotions whatsoever. I had promised to come here to Earth when "this" was to be set up and come to teach with several others also chosen for our various talents from around this Universe.

When the call came I simply left and I've never been back to that planet. I saw myself experiencing this journey and going through 2 dimensional "Gates" between our galaxies. I remained a Light Being for eons on Earth before deciding to become a human man. I never got out of the karmic cycle once I tried it and 'self-punished' myself by choosing crappy lives for the harm I inflicted on another in my first lifetime. I was overwhelmed by emotions and sensations having never experienced them before. Living inside a body for the first time was too much for me...then I was stuck there inside one!

Now, fast forward to present day..I'm a SENSITIVE! I've accomplished through my time on Earth, an emotional & sensitive side that my Soul never had before. This is the whole purpose of being on Earth: Soul Growth! All of us are here to 'round out' our Souls by learning what others can teach us. Earth was formatted to be a 'living, training Library' gathered from many volunteer Beings representing the different Living beings in our Universe.

This is why when I had this dream of: "Level 12. You are at Level 12", that it might mean I'm close to graduating from this karmic cycle. It would mean that I've finally come full circle. It was this "emotion and sensitivity" aspect that I most needed to learn and master. Now I feel for all its worth!!! :)

UFO's have always been part of the Earth experience because:


See, it's natural! I'm not saying that other life forms don't scare me--they do but I'm explaining that we all have a part of us that isn't from here. Indeed, God created ALL of this Universe and that means all life forms, not just "us".

Date: September 20, 2004 at 01:30:08
From: Kate in Seattle
Subject: Jody!

I loved reading this post. How amazing that you can see the places your soul has been over such a long, long time. I can't claim any such memories, but then I think we recall only what we can handle.

Neptune in the 1st, so close to the Ascendent, definitely confers a number of rather strange attributes to an individual. Since we both have it, we know just how weird it can get. I don't know whether or not you ever acted or worked in professions where illusion is such a strong component, but I have. I was on TV for many years as a reporter. I did an anchor stint twice, but never enjoyed doing it. One of the things I most disliked were the weirdos who would watch me on TV and decide that we were destined to be together. I kid you not - and I am sure the Neptune conjunct Sun and close to the Ascendent was a part of the problem there!

It also, of course, confers (if the rest of the chart supports this) an obvious and CONSCIOUS psi ability. Neptune close to the Ascendent in the 12th acts much more from an unconscious place.

Anyway, it was a pleasure reading this. Thank you for sharing it!

Date: September 21, 2004 at 00:02:30
From: Jody,CA
Subject: Kate!

Hi Kate,
This is the first time I've ever shared this so I was taking a risk by doing it. It was actually my Guide who stepped in during that meditation and said: "You need to know where you came from" and He began showing me as he channelled this story and I began feeling and remembering it as I was seeing it! It was very deep but I now see why it was important. It put everything that never made sense about me into perfect order and that was a wonderful gift to be given. Everyone should have this experience!

About Neptune & the Ascendent...
No I've never worked in theater or with illusion but I did notice this happening with boyfriends! They would "THINK" they knew me and it was if they were watching a screen thinking it was me but the real me was doing something totally different about 1 foot in back of that screen! It was at this point I realized that people really don't see the real me at all. It was this way with one teacher I had. He could never remember my name, I swear I was invisible the entire year sitting in the front row of his class... because I wanted to be! "Invisibility" was something I could accomplish when I needed to and that's the illusion part I could create. I think animals can cloak themselves in invisibility when they need to. It will work against you in that you have to really project strongly who you really are to come across correctly sometimes.

Different people see both sides; the stupid ones only the Neptune illusion, but the soul mates see you clearly right away!

Is this true for you too?

I think the stalker aspect would belong to the 12th House Neptune. With the 1st house, its how you are perceived and that translates to your looks. I've been told I'm dreamy looking and I'd stare out the window wishing I was somewhere else in class--very Neptune.

Take care & be safe Kate, use that Neptune to 'feel' the energy around you and that will tell you things long before they occur.



Date: September 19, 2004 at 18:15:41

From: Jody, CA
Subject: An invitation; UFO's, new dimensions, etc
(in response to a comment by T.M.)


It seems we are stirring each other up on this subject of 'emotions'...

I'll answer your question of my former self as a non-physical, no emotions Being. I'm going to try to find words to draw a picture for you of what I was experiencing as I viewed this. When I first saw myself I was seeing an 'energy form' that lived on a dim, cold-looking gaseous planet mostly in gray tones of swirling gases. I didn't breathe so it didn't matter, I didn't have a body so I didn't know it was cold there. No structures on this planet so we dwelled anywhere. We knew each other by "soul personality" and I doubt we were a family or a society but I did notice it was extremely intellectual--like everyone was an Einstein there and we all communicated telepathically and 'floated' or traveled by thought. I also felt I was a male.

When I left, I didn't say "Goodbye" to anyone because there are NO EMOTIONS--no one would miss me. I'd told them I was called to leave and the time had come, so I left. There was no 'spaceship' to travel in, it was all by thought. I knew where I was going and light years whizzed by me as that was the speed I traveled. I stopped at the two Dimensional Gates and maneuvered through them slowly then faster again until the next Gate. On Earth I was a TALL column of glittering light and I stayed that way since there were others there like me. I could change my form into anything I saw on Earth but chose not to and I continued my work here. Many 1,000's of years went by.. then I finally decided to 'try it' and became a human man to experience what a "form" was.

What you are trying to link together: Emotions = EGO is WRONG.

Emotions come with FORM! Every life FORM has emotions. It's what living in a body or form does via the nervous system and it cannot be helped or avoided! The Central Nervous System provides chemical 'sensations' throughout the cells of the body and to the brain. Every living thing in a body or form is hardwired to FEEL. Feelings are emotions. This has nothing to do with Ego, it's a biochemical reaction of the Nervous System.

So, this brings us to your avoidance of grief.

I am currently dealing with grief also this week. My dog of 10 years was just diagnosed with cancer on Friday and she is failing fast. I too lost my Father 4 years ago. I held his hand as he passed and talked him through it and helped him not to be afraid. I also believe death is not the end but simply a Birth to the Other Side. My father proved that to me the day following his death by saying something important to me! What he told me --only he could have known and he saved me from missing my flight by his 'perfect' timing! It proved he IS alive elsewhere and he is aware and can still communicate with me. That did not stop me from grieving his loss in my life and that is an important distinction to make.

There is a reason some cultures 'hire' a professional crier to attend the funeral of a family member. They realize that grief must be vented in order to heal from the loss of a loved one. You need to recognise your need to vent your grief over your Father. You cannot relegate this to "mental realms" and deny the emotional connection to your parent. It exists whether you want it to or not. It's still there and must be dealt with so you don't become ill with cancer in 2 years. Do you understand what kind of damage results in holding emotions inside? As long as you are inside a human body, you will have emotions. Now you must learn how to feel and then express what you are feeling. This will take work if you haven't been allowing yourself to feel much for a long time. I've lost both of my parents and have learned the only way to deal with Grief is STRAIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF IT. You cannot skirt the edges and escape hurt and will only delay for many years its final pain in your heart.

You have my sincere condolences on the loss of your father as there is no loss like it in Life. Cry and speak out loud to your father, talk about anything you'd like to say and he will hear you. Not only that, but he will HELP you!

Love and Blessings to you,


Thank you Dear Jody and blessings to you!

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