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June 2004

I first met Monique when she saw Trinity's story on the CosmicHarmony web site and sent an email. It soon became obvious I had met yet another extraordinary person. Like so many other psychically sensitive or clairvoyant persons her unusual childhood capabilities caused her difficulties and she learned to partially suppress them and keep her special knowings and powers to herself. After having been isolated most of her life from other Lightworkers, she was moved to tears when she read Trinity's interview and discovered another person with similar extra-ordinary capabilities. Monique sent a very emotional email to me thanking me for publishing Trinity's interview.


Greetings - from the Netherlands!

Many thanks to you for this interview! I realize I am not alone in this changing of my self. I am a person who walks (literally) in peoples auras (with permission from their higher self of course). Depending on the person's auric situation - different things comes through. There are many portals (with many dimensions within the portals) in a person's aura. I also am allowed to travel into other dimensions (sometimes) but mostly They (Higher Dimensional Beings) come to us (myself and the client who needs them). I also do not receive names as the feeling is more important than a title.

When first reading this interview I cried, blew my nose, read some more, cried, blew my nose, read some more with my spirit entities over my right shoulder following my process. There was also another group situated to my front right (at an angle) with which my entity over my right shoulder was conversing and discussing. Anyway, this interview made me feel willing to open myself up more than I have done, about my experiences.

I had to ask myself if I weren't short changing my customers by only giving so much. When in work mode I receive what is necessary for the person to assist them further on their soul paths and have no time to snoop around or work other things out - work and only work!.

I have been busy getting together a spiritual group (mostly woman) and now I have received the way to do this. So, thanks!!!! If anyone is interested in how I do my work please respond. This isn't something I learned from books or courses. This is something that has been given to me step by step - I'm still learning a great deal! I love my work! I wouldn't want to live without it!

Aquamarine Crystal I also work with crystals - I communicate with them - lovely beings! When I'm not working with them (because my body is going through adjustments - catching up with my consciousness) they shut down until I'm ready to communicate and work with them again.

I work with crystals for customers - not by laying on body but by intentions and what they as crystals do best - pretty heavy duty!

I also recently have started working with tuning forks. Wow! Talk about you 3D experiences - I actually ducked for a dolphin (male - dark gray - laughing) swimming right towards me! while working for a customer. Absolutely fantastic! Still learning here too! It's great being able to do all of this and know that there are people out there who don't find this strange but totally normal.

Living in Europe is a great way to learn alot of things quickly - but more difficult to come into contact with others who experience the same things. Has anyone ever experienced being in one place and another place at the same time while being quite conscious of both, seeing, feeling and smelling? A transposition I believe it's called. I was riding a horse when this happened to me. Even the horse felt what had happened. This was some 15 years ago. The last time this again happened to me wasn't in the present life with someone else but in a past life with someone else. He was riding a horse, and I was riding a bicycle (yuk-yuk!). I know it sounds funny but it was a very nice experience being again in two places at one time (strange word that - time. Want to learn about time??? AA Uriel is willing to help those interested.)

Hoping to hear from someone soon,


TTT (Monique)

I wrote back to Monique and asked her a lot of questions and encouraged her to continue telling her story:
What is the significance of TTT? You said you learned how to communicate with Them? Were you psychic as a child or did you develop this recently? Who is the AA Uriel you referred to? Do you know anything of the spirits who hover around you? Are they former humans, or from some other life stream? I recently read somewhere about using tuning forks.

I soon received another reply from Monique.

Greetings and Salutations!

This I get to hear when working with my crystals and when the energy (Entity, Deva etc.) comes through. Like I said I don't really get names. Once for someone else I received a name via my crystal ( I was channeling for her) and I couldn't pronounce even if I tried and they gave up after several times trying to get it through to me. Ever see someone tying a knot in a cherry stem with their tongue? That's what it's like when I'm trying to pronounce these things.

I'm not much of a computer freak or internet fan but do appreciate what can come out of it. This is new for me typing as such about myself to someone. Nice that it's to someone in the states!

Briefly my story: My name from my parents is Monique Helena Geraldina Martina... etc (was I raised catholic or what??). My name given to me by the universe (hold on) is Trinity (TTT). Came in in big black bold letters wham !! into my third eye. Really had to get use to it and still am.

Let me back up. I will come completely back again, I promise. I was born in Oudenbosch (small village) in the southern half of the Netherlands. When I was one year old the family immigrated to the south island of New Zealand. There for 8.5 years. Then immigrated to USA. First lived in Minnesota (you need to pinch your nose for the proper nasal pronunciation!) and then moved on down to Tucson, Arizona.! My favorite! In Tucson, Az. began a lot of my learning from books and experiences. I first would experience something and then received, found the book that explained it to me. Nice huh?

As a child I know that I was communicating mentally without vocalizing. (I have continually freaked my parents out - they do NOT talk about IT!) When I was five my tonsils became infected and I became deaf. I learned how to lip read and body language people before they discovered that I had gone deaf. tonsils out and repaired. My right ear (the spiritual ear) has since then been ultra sensitive and still is. It seems as if the energies keep going deeper but simultaneously further out (also deeper into the universe - other perspectives I call it).

Poisonous New Zealand Spider I used to communicate with animals as a child (This while I still was in New Zealand!) and was shocked out of it by my mother when I befriended a poisonous spider who wanted to play for awhile and then would have to go back to her children (spider babies she called them). I never really played with children. Horses used to scare the crap out of me because they kept following me everywhere and wanted to snuffle, lick, little bites. They thought I was one of their children and where continually trying to teach me my role in the herd! As a 5,6,7 year old I just kept shooing them away not realizing the beauty of this.

When I was 26 I bought my first horse and repaired this old fear of communicating with horses, because even being scared as a child I absolutely loved them! Still do! I have great passion for them. They are no longer in my life AT THIS TIME! (You might want to ask some board people if they know of people that have started to speak an old (but new to me) language when communicating to their pets or other animals. This is for me in combination with my ear becoming even more sensitive! Where was I? Oh, yeah. To continue. (I said briefly - Ha-Ha-Ha).

Thanks to my parents wandering feet I have seen wonderful places (just about all of USA) and many, many people! I'm like a sponge and suck it all up. Moving to the USA was VERY strange for me because for the first time I saw snow! Busy cities with everywhere cement sidewalks (remind me to tell you my soul journey to earth before coming here as a person) and tar roads, and busy, busy, busy, busy!

Minnesota Tornado Tornadoes in Minnesota. As children we thought they were a wonder and were not at all afraid and would stay outside as long as possible to observe them.

I was always surprised as a child by what surprised people. What I would think was normal, others thought as strange, surprising and even scary. I had learned to not talk (boy am I making up for lost time or what?)

I have had a near death experience. Live physical angels observe and even communicate. Threes are everywhere in my life. First angel experience of them being humans was in Minnesota., Second was in Tucson, Az., and the third, Utrecht, Netherlands.

I had a lot of dreams that would come true. Alot of Deja Vu's. I could predict what was going to happen to me later in the evening or the next day or weekend by feeling my third chakra and focusing on my 3rd eye (didn't know I was doing this!) and see what would happen.

Tucson, Arizona. I learned to ask if something came out of the light of God (God consciousness). Had my first vision. Wanted to see the future but was told that I first needed to see the past and saw my past life as an indian woman. (Remind me to tell you some other time). This let me know that her aspects are still in me. DNA never forgets. If we can believe that elephants have long memories and that they pass these on to other generations, why can't we do the same? Here also I began working with my wolf who is my best friend. I work with all animals, swimming, flying, crawling and walking. Their energies strengthen those that need just that energy that comes through. (also a story here). Someone from the future contacted me to let me know what happened to him in the year 2000 when it was only 19xx something or other! Started working with Tarot cards (didn't need them but people felt comfortable with them - and it was something for me to start with).

The Netherlands - things, in the beginning (I've been living here now for 15 years) were coming in so POWerfully that I closed myself off from everything!!! Then after 3 years (there's that 3 again) I started gradually step by step (difficult if you've already been way out there) taking myself COMPLETELY forward. Still doing this.

By accident I started to walk in auras where guides, angels, archangels, beings etc. can come through to help. A lot of times these beings come in to learn, to work with our energies (at the same time as me with theirs) and also work out some old karma between them and the client. Neat huh? I love it!

Anyone in contact with gatekeepers? I think they're tops! I'm going to send this, take a break and come back - okay? I will round this off!

Lots of love and light! Thanks for LISTENING!

Oh,yeah. Before I go. Just needed to say this. THANK YOU. For being the right person, at the right time, asking the right questions, to the right energy, at the right time in the right way. Listening is a wonderful talent and gift! Having such a wonderful open mind as yours, being able to think along with someone (or try to) so that you can pull the right teeth for the right response is terrific. You're doing exactly what you should be doing! If it weren't for you I wouldn't be talking (typing)! Nowhere in your questions do I perceive jealousy, only immense curiosity. Don't forget! DNA doesn't forget! If you chose to take this role on so that people would begin to share their whatevers - wow! Big! If you hadn't responded to my e-mail (because I'm good at doubting myself at times!) I know I wouldn't have continued even thinking about a spiritual group and etc. So thanks again for being there!

Till later!

Lots of sun,


By then, Monique was on a roll. It was like having a hole in the dike (dam). Once started, the water just kept pouring out! I was totally blown away hearing her experiences and looked forward to every word she had to say.

Hello Webmaster (I'm saluting!)

I'm baAAAAAACK! Uh-oh! boy you started something!

My kids needed my attention for awhile - snacks, homework etc.

Uhmmm. In the Netherlands I've seen a blue entity (always smiling and does remind me of gumby!!!! I laughed so hard when I read that part in your interview (Trinity's) and thought - if he only knew! No pointy point - a totally rounded head. But walked and flexed as Gumby!) I've seen (I lived in Antwerp, Belgium for 6.5 years) in Antwerp two alien beings that let me SEE them. I was at work in a restaurant. And even though someone else had helped them with their order, they remained standing where they were while continually looking at me so that I would look up at them. Our eyes met, they bowed (I wish to cry here - many beings do this and there is such a wonderful loving feeling that accompanies this bowing - such respect and honour) I felt wonder and they let me see their hands. Their skin was yellow, slanted eyes, short in stature, short dark (black) hair, black eyes - I mean really black as if to be able to sink in them unendingly. Their hands had no finger prints, no lines! Totally smooth! Cool huh? I was glad to have seen them at that particular time because I needed the universal support!

Oh, yes! I came upon your web site by accident! Don't know how I got here/there. Doesn't matter. But I was surprised that only 2000+/- people have visited your site (Webmaster's note: This was the hit count(er) for Trinity's web page at that time)! I would think that millions would want to know this! I always think that what I experience a million others have too. I never think that I have something "new" to tell.

Underwater breathers! (Webmaster's note: This refers to the higher dimensional Crater Lake beings reported in Trinity's Story) Yeap! Saw an underwater entity whose teeth frightened me but am now used to them. They swim and play with the Dolphins and take care of many underwater situations - however they're VERY SHY!!!!and have a tendency to swim away when they see that I see them. I used to practice as a child not holding my breath under water, but practicing how long I could keep breathing under water! Ever done that? Whales are great gifts aren't they? They go to great depths to sonar out to heal the great oceans. And not so much for themselves but to protect the humans. Elephants do this also above ground!

Learned if I really want something - like a meeting with God - I'll get it. A Meeting with Jesus - he's there! I work with Raphael (Always laughing at me). Uriel took me into the Universe and said - "I'm timeing". Are you sure you mean Ariel 1 and Ariel 2 (Webmaster's note: these are two email servers named in honor of the air spirit Ariel mentioned in Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream) and not Uriel? Feel and see and what comes through? When Gabriel comes through, my stomach plummets and I think, "Oh, God no not this again!" Awful huh? But geeeez he's so intimately there and BANG Pow I forget everything that I'm doing, I forget that I exist, the clients gone, the house is gone, Tilburg (where I live) is gone, all is gone and there's only blue angel light. When "it's" over I'm exhausted! Head between the knees and then walking it off! Literally. I'm always glad he comes because huge things happen then but I always have to take a deep breath before beginning.

Brandberg Namibia Lilac Crystal Crystals: I love my crystals. They're family. I'm very proud of them. Crystals are so pure and clear! They teach me alot and have great patience (needed with me). They keep reminding me I don't have to "DO" anything, just let them "do" their work. I'm allowed to observe, feel and clean what "I" need to clean when working with a customer. I hold a crystal (I've never taken courses in what I do. Only been to one healing touch weekend where I ended up teaching the teacher one month ago! Wonderful energy which I meditated on for two days, but wasn't TAUGHT by herself anything new. Did receive the tuning forks! Dream about them and the universal connection. Still learning.) I'm not the type of person to follow courses besides the ones the universe (God) throws at me. But I am more willing now to go to certain workshops where energy is shared. That I like!

I hold a (I'm left handed if that has anything to do with anything) crystal in my right hand, butt towards me and point out to the universe. I look at it closely. I focus only on the crystal and not what is around me - that falls away. I click (attach, or sink into etc.) with the crystals identity. I ask, "Do you wish (or would you like to) work with me?" Silence is a No. Or you hear - No. Or you feel - No. (Trust, trust, trust!!! Let your eyes go soft, let your shoulders fall, concentrate a little on your breathing and make IT soft - relax. Feel your butt relax otherwise your tail bone will be up around your ears!!) I also ask (even if they do not wish to work with me) "May I talk with you?" I also ask, "What is it that you do best?"

My intention is always clear. I choose (they choose me, we choose each other) crystals that are willing to help HEAL people either emotionally or physically. I don't lay crystals on peoples bodies. I work with a customer with them sitting in a chair. The points are facing the customer & they search out where they need to be to do what they need to do (constantly reminding me in the beginning "let us do our work!"). I clean them also with sea salt, but they also LOVE COLD COLD WATER!!! Under soft streaming cold water they feel rejuvenated. I also place them in a place in my house that receives moon light and soft sunlight so that they can look outside. I also ask them where they wish to be positioned amongst each other (I have several) and where in the house.

Under the soft cold running water after working with a client it's as if a jelly containing the energy sucked away from the client (cleaned away from) comes loose (releases itself) from the crystal and then PLOPS down and away via the drain. I hold the crystal upside down under the water faucet so that the water hits its butt and runs down the sides. Sometimes a crystal requests laying in a bath of cold water, or sea salt cold water combination, or outside in the dirt (must be healthy soil!) They rest here. It's like when bears hybernate.

When I'm not working with the crystals because my body is catching up and I can't exactly "handle" until rested they "shut down". They wake up again when I recontact them and they say, "Hey! Welcome back!" I swear they're out in the universe chit-chatting and doing other things! I don't believe they just lie there and do nothing. Once I had only two shelves with crystals and took one crystal and move her to the other shelf amongst the other crystals.

Whoop! All the other crystals jumped into her with their energy to find out what it was like where she came from. At first (briefly) I thought maybe it was too much for her, but she let me know (honoured) she was quite happy with the attention and the explaining.

They're like trees! Trees travel too! Ever introduce one tree to another tree even though they weren't in the same country. It's like what Trinity does. He gets an (energy) signature. I give the signature to a particular tree and away they go! Really neat to see this! Nights (dusk/dawn) is a good time to observe this. Remember to relax your eyes and not to place expectations!

I'll talk about the tuning forks another time.

Triple T Truck stop outside Tucson, Arizona.!! TTT. No idea! But I was always attracted to this sign! No one else was! And I'd say, "look again! Isn't it cool?" (I need to spend some time thinking about this. Even though Trinity came in LOUD and CLEAR. Triple T suits me better.)

Don't talk about what you're NOT


May you walk your soul's path that is best for you.


Monique (TTT)

Continues.... Part 2

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