Crystal Mandala

Monique of the Netherlands
Aura Walker, Soul Healer - Part 2

Bubble of Protection, Working with Mother Earth and Angels. A Remote Aura Healing
Raphael, Zadkiel, Gabriel, Magic Crystal, Vision of Spirit Animal Guides

After reading about her crystals, I wrote back

"Good morning Monique. It was nice to get your messages today. I loved reading your story. You have been so many places! Are still deaf today."

I told her about my own ear problems which results if I consume too much salt. The inner ear of my right ear swells and blocks most of my hearing in that ear. It can also cause loss of equilibrium and intense dizziness and nausea

"It's funny that you mention horses. I have an acreage here in Boise and we have always had horses. Right now we have two Egyptian Arabs that were rescued from starvation. They were very thin - bones almost protruding and nursed back to health by a kind lady dedicated to animals. She placed them with me and they are very happy now together with plenty to eat - mother and daughter though they don't look it - she is light grey and daughter is dark. I just try to be nice to them because they were abused and didn't really take much to humans at first. I have always felt close to animals. I like to feed the squirrels and put out bird seed too.

You said: "By accident I started to walk in auras where guides, angels, archangels, beings etc. can come through..."

I should imagine those devic beings feel very glad when they meet a human who can communicate with them. I think it's pretty rare.

I have several books on Devas and studied the angelic and nature spirit evolution way back a couple decades ago. Your life is most unique and it's good to hear your point of view on things.

06/04/04 (From Monique)

Hello again and thank you for responding!

"Ariel: Oversee-er of the elements of earth and air, Pluto in the ultra violet light. He is the elemental angel that rules over the healing powers for earth and air. He assists Archangel Raphael in healing physical insults (diseases) for those that have to do with these two elements!" [From: information on Ariel]

I gave you her website so you could read it yourself because I'm translating from Dutch to English!

"Arielle: New psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you view the world and yourself. Allow your spiritual gifts to open - through study, prayer, and meditation." This written by Doreen Virtue.

I'll try to tap into Ariel and see what he/she says for you.

Your ear: Which ear? Left ear has to do with your earth duties and how you go about them. Your right ear has to do with your spiritual duties.

Salt: I love my salt!!! I know, I know! But on french fries I let go and pour on the salt. This is once a week in our family! Oeps! However all other days I cook without salt. Oh, and I have a very low blood pressure? This helps to stabilize. Try step by step lessening the salt (we become addicted) to learn and feel how to do without.

Horses: Before closely approaching them. From a distance of say at least 2 to 3 meters stand still and look at them. Let them know in your HEART that you are there. But for NO OTHER purpose are you there than to just stand before them. Be still in self. They honour and respect this and they will settle down quickly. (It's difficult to do this when you've already been petting them.

This is also what I mean by taking steps back to begin again FULLY with your COMPLETE self.) Want nothing from them or of them. Let your ego stand aside. Observe only. Do this until all are comfortable in this. (This is also being comfortable in your 1st chakra - the tail bone - feel it settle / relax) then re-do this procedure (concentrate on breathing softly helps) and add a sphere around the three of you. Looks like a bubble that you blew as kids with soap suds, but not oily rainbow colors, but crystal rainbow colors. This is a very clear sphere.

Two horses, one dark (Princess), one light (Queenie) By containing the three of you in one sphere you become isolated from any outside influences. Become comfortable in this. The dark horse is more sensitive in that he pays attention and is more careful and guarded. The white horses recognizes and lets go. But does remain observing by lifting her eyes every once in a while towards you. They are testing you to see if you're the REAL thing! Compliments on this to you! Here in the sphere you build up a trust, a warmth, and companionship. Horses are big on companionship. Do this first. Feel it by feeling your heart chakra. Know it by accepting through your crown chakra and your third eye. If you do not SEE things - so what. It's your connection that's important. And believe me the HORSES WILL see and feel this. Remain true to yourself - always! I can give you the basics - and you need to take it from there. Good-luck. Any questions - please ask.

Crystals: I don't know of any web-sites either. But there is a big thick book out by a woman name "Melody" that explains the stones very well! In Hawaii they have a two year program teaching how to lay stones on the body - but I don't think this is what you need. Besides, you are already so close to the earth.

Oh, I see Mother Earth now! She is willing, and has been patiently waiting, to work with you and your communication skills with the plant devas and the stones. Do you have running water anywhere close by, a stream? Here she wishes you to go and practice making contact. Really it's quite easy. Love what you see and believe that it CAN communicate with you.

Anyway call upon Mother Earth's help, she will come and assist. Relax your brow and LET (allow without preconceptions) things come to you on their own time, in their own way. Some people receive things instantly, and others need to have patience and 1st learn to remain in the energy before making contact. (Same exercise with the horses). Some things come to me quickly, and other things slowly. Everything has to do with timing!!! If the other dimensions are willing and you are willing, bang it happens! Other times it's as if you need to request permission.

I'm also not always allowed to heal a person if it's not on their soul's path. Sometimes I need to ask the Angel of Love (wonderful experience - wonderful energy - absolutely beautiful to see!) for permission by stating my intentions and those of the client that has yet to learn to communicate for his/herself with these Beings. She comes beautifully, gracefully to the client, looks softly and lovingly into their eyes down to the soul (all is seen here: past, present, and future) and either gives the yes or no herself or goes back to the Group, discusses, and then comes back with the resulting answer.

3rd Eye Exercise

Third Eye: This exercise I received by a Dutch woman who had gone to the states for a Doreen Virtue workshop. Some people feel it works, and others don't feel a thing. We all experience what we need to experience in our own way. There are many levels to each experience! Remember that! Your level in one thing may be deeper than the one I'm in, and more on the surface in other things. I believe you're deeper than you think you are or you wouldn't have the website you have! Wonderful.

Okay the exercise: Two people sitting across from one another. One gives. The other receives. It's easier with real people across from one another, but if you feel you know your supporters well (guides), use them to do the exercise with! With your working hand believe (people say there is one that gives and one that receives - this confuses me and I work with both and how it happens I don't care so long as it works. Sometimes thinking too much about something blocks our natural abilities!).

So. Believe that via your crown chakra the energies needed will come in down through your head, neck, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, wrist, the hand palm, and through the pointing and the middle finger (or a finger you're comfortable with because some people see the pointing finger as negative. I think you can put as many blocks on some things as you wish. KISS - Keep it simple...) Feel the energy exit your fingers (or see it). Feel this energy enter the receiving persons third eye.

Thats the basics.

Calling In the Angels

Next. We will work with three angels. Raphael, Zadkiel and Gabriel. When working with them, just believe that they are standing behind you. That they are cloaking you (with their filigree wings of golden light and warmth, understanding, and love. They see all that needs to be seen. They know what needs to be known. Believe in this and "let" them do their work. Let go. Relax. Take a mini-vacation during this exercise).

Concentrate on softly breathing. Relax your STOMACH muscles!!!!! Feel them relax and enjoy this. Call upon your first assistant Archangel Raphael. Ask him to assist you as needed (that which is best). Feel his presence, raise your working arm and hand, allow the energy to flow that is his through you to the person across from you into their 3rd eye region.

Raphael: Green. He will remove the band-aid we've placed on our third eye. Then he will fill the 3rd eye with his healing light.

Feel this.

When finished, lower working arm and hand. Say your thanks to Raphael and feel his response. Then allow him to leave.

Now feel the presence of Zadkiel. Follow the same procedure.

Zadkiel: Violet light that fills and expands. Inner/outer freedom. Movement. Transformation. Knowing and accepting of self. opening the doors (to self and other dimensions. We begin with self).

Thanks are given, feel his/her response and allow Zadkiel to leave.

Gabriel: White light. Fills the eye with joy! Knowingness and a oneness. An acceptance of your connection with the universe. Hope. Forgiveness. Transformation.

Thanks are given to Gabriel. Wait for his/her response. Allow Gabriel to leave.

Feel how you feel.

I always say thanks and then wait for a response. The response could be just a slight bow to let you know they are finished, but they could also have a message for you. They let you feel, see, know a symbolic something that YOU will understand. Or you will hear them speak. Allow this.

Good-luck! Any questions, let me know.

I'm no longer deaf. But my right ear is super sensitive, and the sensitivity is growing to the whole of my right side of the head. Things are popping, burning (tingling), draining etc. It feels like the inside of my ear wants to come out. I let this energy flow. Its an uncomfortable pressure at first. You think it hurts, but then it doesn't. Anyway, we'll see where this goes. I'll keep you posted.

Remind me to tell you some other time (my daughter is insisting on attention - from me - so time to go!) about a crystal of mine (smoky quartz? Rookquartz in Dutch) and the ethereal energy change it brought about and now remains for me to call upon.

DNA, Healing the Aura

All DNA contains all knowledge. However, we don't yet have all out DNA strands. And the DNA strands that we do have are not always healthy and complete. Here I use my crystals to remove old negative thought patterns (where things begin), emotions etc. to allow the healing to take place (or the newer to come in). In the aura I see the missing DNA links. Some clients allow me to heal these. I have not yet been allowed to place this DNA into the physical body. I have repaired the DNA inside the body. Everything is step by step, layer upon layer. When one layer is cleared, the next to be treated shows itself. (Hi! I'm here - me too! Not really!)

I always work with four assistants that are always available, and on location. Actually my ego isn't THAT big. I'm allowed to work with them, they teach me. They let me do what I can as FAR as I can and only take over when I don't know how to go further.... I always ask permission to stop before ending a procedure.

Okay. Time to go. Thanks for listening. Next week I start working again (I'm on vacation now) so I can't guarantee everyday contact etc. I do enjoy doing this so thanks for the opportunity.

Have a nice DAY! Let the sun and moon shine their light on you and know that you are Loved.




Hello Monique. So you have children? I bet they are beautiful souls to be entrusted to you.

I was familiar with Ariel a little bit. I work with computer servers. I have worked with computers ever since I first started working. I must have some connection to electrical or high technology because I have always been in that field - with a specialty in communication, email, etc. I have two mail servers that take and receive internet email. I named them Ariel1 and Ariel2 in honor of the air spirit Ariel. I read a bit about him in Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream. People say Shakespeare was really Francis Bacon, one of the early ascended humans.

I haven't read about the Devic beings for a long time.

Ever since I met Trinity (See Trinity interview in the Lightworkers section), it opened up my mind to the thought that there really were other physical and higher dimensional life forms in the universe. Trinity convinced me that these beings were real. So I've spent the last few years catching up on all that literature. I especially looked for information on the higher, more spiritual space brothers that many say are here to assist us. As I'm sure you are aware, we are approaching a critical point where there will be a period of trial followed by an ascension process. So I have been reading, trying to find reliable information on this.

It was my right ear that was always affected.

Thanks for the "bubble" visualisation with the horses. I will try this out.

You inspired me with your talk about crystals. I sort of forgot that I need to think of them as being alive. Trinity said that as well. I have a large quartz crystal I bought at a gem show last winter. I put it in a bag of sea salt to neutralize it and have had it in a cupboard in the garage since then. I've been waiting for an opportunity to bring it out and charge it. So last night just before bed I got it out and washed it under cold water like you said. Luckily, it was a full moon day and there was a soft moon with haze in front of it and lots of beautiful clouds silhouetting in front and beside the moon. It was also a warm, peaceful night. I held the crystal up to the moonlight and told it I wanted it to be a magic crystal for me with the power to help me to open to more spiritual realms and also to assist by removing lower vibrations from my body. I passed it around in front of my body. Then I asked it if it wanted to stay outside in the moonlight or come back into the house. I didn't really feel an answer, but I decided to put it outside on the roof so it got moonlight most of the night because it was such a beautiful and peaceful night.

My Magic Crystal

Did I make any mistakes here? Was this a proper thing to use the crystal for? And where do I go from here? I used to take the crystal (a previous one) to bed and hold it against my third eye. I'm not sure this is the best use of a crystal. But I didn't have any instructions so I was just winging it.

Thanks for the third eye exercise. I really don't have another person I can practice with. But I get the feeling that visualizing is part of the trick of getting things to work.

Re: the angels. I always get the feeling - who am I? , a lowly human to call some awesome angelic being to my presence. So maybe this is a self esteem problem. I mean, if a lot of people are calling these angels, how can they ever get any work done? It's different where you are healing others. But to call them for my own selfish benefit. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. Is that wrong thinking? I am intrigued with the exercises, especially Raphael removing the band aid over the third eye (the veil of forgetfulness, Ra calls it).

Thanks again Monique for talking with me. I do feel very blessed to have met you.

"Let the sun and moon shine their light on you and know that you are Loved"

Yes the moonlight last night was so lovely. I would like to have stayed up half the night to enjoy the magic but I had to go to work the next day.

Thanks for all.

06/04/04 (From Monique)

When re-reading what I wrote (wow - lots of mistakes!) I felt that I was automatically sending you energy (3rd eye exercise) together with Raphael. He showed me that your third eye was filled with yellow light. You're a major thinker! All in the head.

We went down to your heart chakra and allowed a stream of green light to flow upward towards your 3rd eye. It started to pulsate - like your heart. I needed to remind you to breathe!!! The pulsing allowed the green dot on the surface of your yellow to change into a flower. It's open but small and tight. Raphael said that this was enough for now. Again a reminder to you to breathe! (Stomach knots - tightens). Next Zadkiel with the purple light. Wow! Your whole aura was filled! No problems here. Except! (Mean huh?) Don't forget your BACK. Chakra's are front and back. Needed to scrub your back with white light which then became full of rainbow colors. Again - a reminder to breathe!!!. We let go and very quickly Gabriel filled your third eye with white light. I saw and felt child like JOY!!! I then needed to stop. They say the next step is up to you. Connect with Mother Earth. Feel her energy. Enjoy!!!

Well DONE!!!

Green, Violet and White have become a part of you - believe! Use your child like joy to do this and you will go far.



Dear Monique !

I have to tell you I was totally moved when I read this. It made me feel so good I just sat there reading with tears streaming from my eyes. Hope nobody at work saw this !

It was so nice of you to look out for me. When I was reading about your helping others with your crystals I wondered if you could do anything from a distance but I figured the answer was probably NO. I didn't ask. I guess I must have been sleeping at the time. I don't know the time difference. I certainly felt energized after I read your message. I was so blissed out I felt like my chakras were all glowing with love.

"he showed me that your third eye was filled with yellow light. You're a major thinker! All in the head"

Yes, that is true. My mind works a lot but not on a surface thinking level. I don't like puzzles and intellectual pursuits. But I do like to try to find wisdom and understanding. I think this is one of my challenges to stop doing, doing doing and more often Be, Be, just be. I am a very action oriented person. I always have lots of things I want to get done, and concentrate on that. I read a lot and am always looking for wisdom to add to my web site (a multi-year project). You mentioned hits to Trinity's page. Yes about 2000. But the whole web site had received close to 100,000 visitors since I put it up in 1998 - wow sounds like a long time ago.

I meditate occasionally but I think I'd benefit from doing it daily. I just don't know when. I use my lunch hour now to catch up on reading and emails. I used to read and then go for a walk and try to find a place to meditate (in the middle of downtown Boise). Not easy. Sometimes I'd just sit on the edge of a concrete wall, put on sunglasses and then go into a light trance. People walking by just thought I was looking around. There's no place to meditate at work without being interrupted.

Well, I don't know the significance of yellow light in the third eye chakra but I understood that the heart was the green chakra, throat blue, third eye purple, crown chakra indigo. Is that about correct? So I probably need to shift from yellow (a much lower energy) up to a higher spectrum color). I think feeling love and universal brotherhood and also feeling a connection to creator is revving up to a more blue - purple - indigo energy. I try to feel love as much as I can but I am somewhat withdrawn from people and instead feel more like a mental understanding of them versus an affectionate / loving feeling for them. People sort of avoid me because I'm mostly quiet. I guess they just don't know what to say to me so mostly I just joke or laugh to put them at ease but don't really have a lot to say to them. I keep hoping I'll meet someone who is interested in deeper subjects. I try to talk to people about spiritual subjects but it quickly becomes clear they aren't interested in the same things I am. Guess it's just not that common. I'm just glad for email and message boards so that I can connect to people who have similar interests.

"We went down to your heart chakra and allowed a stream of green light to flow upward towards your 3rd eye. It started to pulsate - like your heart. I needed to remind you to breathe!!! the pulsing allowed the green dot on the surface of your yellow to change into a flower. Its open but small and tight."

Do you normally see the third eye chakra a different color or more open? What can I do to help it along in it's unfolding?

Thanks for calling in some help. I really appreciate it. I'm not sure where to go from here. Can I call on these Beings for assistance?

What kind of a place do you work at? If you think I'm mental, you should see most of the computer people I work with.

Have a great weekend. The Venus transit is Tuesday. It's supposed to have an impact on moving human consciousness towards better communication (at the soul level) and put us on a higher stage of understanding. This is a good thing.

Talk to you next week.

Venus Transit - June 8, 2004

Excerpted from:
The Venus Transit: A Call for Global Oneness
By Kiara Windrider and The Experience Foundation

For the full text, see the original article at:

The darkest hours of night come just before the dawning of a new day. There is no question that Earth faces a tremendous crisis today, a painful "dark night of the soul", even the possibility of catastrophic obliteration. Yet, according to the prophecies and calendars of many ancient traditions, this Age also represents a time of hope. We are moving into a time of evolutionary renewal, a time of global purification, even what some refer to as the dawning of a Golden Age!

Venus Crossing the face of the Sun: June 8, 2004 The planet Venus... is often known as the Morning Star, the Bringer of Light. It is related to love, human unity, beauty, and oneness. On June 8, 2004, the path of Venus directly crosses over the disc of the Sun. The energies of Sun and Venus blend together, and as these blended radiations make their way into the Earth's electromagnetic fields, it weaves the energies of love and unity into the mass consciousness of the planet, and potentially into the hearts of every man, woman, and child alive on Earth!

Interestingly, Venus transits always come in pairs. The second passage of Venus across the Sun's disc takes place on June 6, 2012. The eight-year period in between represents a "doorway" through which Unity consciousness will come to dominate the mass consciousness of the Earth.... every time this transit has taken place in human history, it has represented a new level of harmonization on the planet.

The transition into Unity consciousness could be turbulent. As old structures of human consciousness collapse, it may be accompanied by a degree of darkness and destruction. This process should be seen in proper perspective. "When the light hits", as Jose Arguelles, puts it, "the dark gets tough"! This current "doorway of Venus" is especially significant because it remains open until 2012 AD, the completion of our current cycle of human evolution. Some refer to this ... as the end of a period of human consciousness conditioned by separation and duality. The Mayans ...look to this eight-year doorway as the timeframe within which the mass enlightenment of humanity will take place.

Kalki Bhagavan [Sri Mukteshwar], a "mukti avatar" [avatar of enlightenment] in South India, sees this doorway of Venus as the actual transition into the Golden Age. Although Venus transits happen on a regular basis, this is the first time in human history that an avatar has been on Earth during this transit. Kalki says that rapid changes will take place on Earth beginning with June 2004. His mission is to have 64,000 enlightened by 2010, and as they begin to spread it spontaneously over the next couple years, the entire planet will move into an enlightened state. By the second Venus transit on June 6, 2012, Kalki promises that planetary enlightenment will be accomplished.

Once this happens, Earth will become a paradise. The deep environmental, social, and political crises that plague us today will be instantly resolved. The human mind will undergo a structural change, and even our DNA will be transformed. As a new morphogenetic field of enlightened humanity replaces the thoughtsphere of greed, separation, hatred and violence that pervades the Earth today, a new species will emerge....

060604 (From Monique]

Greetings and Salutations!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! The sun is shining here, and Jan (my husband) has taken the kids to the woods for a walk and to a park to play. This way I can work undisturbed. Isn't he nice?

Lisa is turning 5 June 29th! I could never have children, didn't produce any eggs! When 40, someone told me I "looked" pregnant! I laughed but went to the doctor anyway since I take these things seriously. He did a test, fainted and sent me to the hospital for a sonogram to make sure it wasn't something else. There was the little heart beating. I was already in my 3rd month!!! Tears of surprise and joy! Wow! So I'm an older mom as I'm now 46 years old. This is positive and negative. My body says, cheesh, what alot of energy in such a small thing, but the mind says, I understand! We call Lisa our miracle child! We love her dearly and she knows it! Thereby showing how intelligent she is by using that to her advantage! No worries. I'm very consequential with her.

Time zones: we are indeed 8/9 hours ahead of you guys! Ha-Ha-Ha! So there! Just kidding! No such thing I know! But couldn't resist! In Tucson, Az. I had the label of being ornery. What? Who me? Nah!

Horse: My horse was a Morgan and with 1/4 of quarter horse in her. Also a rescue situation as all my pets in my life! Everyone thought I was nuts to go and "waste" my money on her (I didn't have much - worked an extra job to have her). She looked really bad! Dull - you know? Anyhew. I said to everyone - come back in three months! She'll not only look good, she'll be my bestest friend. Scoff, Scoff! Three months later - and Tada! Wonder horse! She was wonderful! Naughty mind you. But wonderful! I could literally talk your ear off about her so I'll shut up (about her).

Devas: Don't read about them, experience them!!!

Snake River [In Idaho]: Went rafting on that!

Basic truths: Go with yours! Remain true to thy self! Trust self (instincts, intuition) Know your STRENGTHS (you have many - concentrate on them) and be glad of them!

Right ear! Yeah! I knew it! Good for you! What a ride huh? Definitely a purging! Also a major sign that they have been communicating with and wanting to communicate with you! Concentrate on your ear. Feel it go warm. Feel it tingle a bit. Feel energy going in your ear, and how your ear returns it outwardly. Now breathe through your ear. This opens up the channels more. good luck!

EAR: Balance and realignment - vertigo! Learning to be still while all else moves. Trusting your balance. Breathe!

Chakras and their colors:

1st Chakra - red, [Base of Spine]

2nd Chakra - orange [Sacral Center]

3rd Chakra - yellow [Solar Plexus]

4th Chakra - green [Heart] (back chakra is antique rose and green)

[Thymus, Base of Neck]- extremely light blue, silver or white (thymus - soul path)

5th Chakra [Throat] - turquoise (blue and green. Heart and 3rd eye combination-using heart and wisdom to communicate)

6th Chakra [Third Eye or Brow]- indigo (in children, deeper indigo or white)

7th Chakra [Crown of Head] violet, lilac, white, gold or silver.

Be true to who you are. See what your colors are. If you can't do it via the 3rd eye, do it using color paint strips you get for free from the paint store. Line them up - think 1st chakra, feel it, open eyes and the 1st color that grabs your attention is it for you at this time (all is temporary). Do you need pink or red? Add it like adding paint to a paint mixture. Or use a pendulum to pick for you. pendulums are chosen as are crystals. "Do you wish to work with me?" Swinging left and right is no, swinging forwards and backwards is yes. "Program" the pendulum first by swinging left and right thinking this is no, then forwards and backwards, this is yes. Then! ask will you work with me?

I need to go downstairs! Will be right back!



Hello again! Boy do you ask alot of questions! Good for you! I don't mind at all! This is fun!

Salt: You're air. Air can go anywhere! Air doesn't need salt but what mother oceans gives in evaporation (filtered) to you which you as air absorb as needed. Air too is a body which works in joint efforts with......

Crystals: Since last winter in a cupboard? I'm laughing! You're cute! Boy does she have patience!

I'm so glad you did what you did with your crystal - timing is all. Also that passing in front of your body! Very good! Works for me too! If you allow the crystal to move your hands where they "need best" to go it works even better. It may be that you will stand still with the crystals (approx. 6 inches?) from your physical body in any of the chakra areas, or they / you need to make an up and down movement (small and/or large movements), or sideways, or circular ( begin with still, up and down, and then circular). Just let it go. I personally do this with the smoky quartz to clean out any debris. This crystal removes old thought patterns, and emotions.

Back to timing. Could it be because you had done what you had done that I was then allowed to work on your third eye? Could be. All I know is that when I was reading, typing I felt energy come to me which allowed me to join with yours so that Archangel Raphael and I could do what we did. Thank you for the privilege. AA Raphael does wish for you to join with Mother Earth (+Air) so that (by going small we learn to grow) you can do what is best for you.

Still, with Crystals: Soft sun is allowed - you did great! Winging it is the best way to learn what works for you. even in this we are learning what works best and what doesn't. What's great is that you did it! You tried, and you're not afraid!

Magic crystal: I like that and so does she. She feels special now. Taking you to higher realms should be easy. Being connected to both is stabilizing for many.

Angels: "Lowly human" Excuse me? we are growing towards our greatness. But I do understand the feeling VERY well.

Is asking too egotistical? NO WAY! Taking care of oneself is NOT egotistical - it's healthy!!!
Ask, ask, ask, ask, ask, then for a change, ask some more!!!!!!

They love it and are here to serve and so are you!!! Hello! They're our friends and what are friends for? We all have free will (choices). They will try to guide us but are not allowed to interfere unless universally commanded too. All other actions are because we ask. From the simplest things to the largest thing. In All things! ASK! Okay! Am I clear!?! Good. Now go ahead and ask! Pauze. Did you ask?

Asking: If it's what's best for me on my soul's learning journey, may I? Or - I wish.....(and then they ask - are you sure? Or they say "soon" a favorite of theirs!) Sometimes things that we've asked for come about two years later or are on the doorstep the following day! Fun, huh?

Veil of Forgetfulness - Exactly! I still have yet to read all of what Trinity and you wrote (part IV) and Rainspirite. And yes I will read the Ra story. I'm a sponge of curiosity! Also what you have on sound.

Thank you for saying, "I'll bet they are beautiful souls to be entrusted to you." bless you for that. Actually, I'm the one who feels privileged. Truly!

Ariel/Computers: Ha! Wonderful! The Ether! Literally! Neat!

If  Doing is part of who you are don't discredit it because you're so trying to Be. It's all about finding our balance in who we are. Feel. And don't forget to breathe. Think dolphins! They love to breathe! It's a joy to them!

Yes, I work with all spirit animal guides.

I was standing in a clearing with a beautiful
grass field in front of me. Further back stood,
flew, swam all creatures great and small.
I had a rose in my hand for them,
to pay thanks and respect and my love.
I bowed.
They bowed to me. All of them.
They bowed to me!
The love that they emanated (pouring forth)
I can't describe it.
Something that still after all these years
fills me up with joy!
And come they do when needed.

I was once a spirit who worked through
the layers when animals were one and joyous. (joy us)
I gave them blessings and manna from the universe.
And all were well.
I spoke the language of the universe,
earth and creatures. Very difficult to describe,
I see it so well!

It's like working in energy that doesn't veil,
but moves with, very flowing,
but does filter enough
for protection for those who can't
handle the light, warmth, love etc.

Anyway a wondrous experience.
I felt so - present.


Detail from paintings by Douglas Taylor


...Withdrawn from people: But first, "I'm mostly quiet." Huh? Say again? Anyway when your brain is racing at 500 mph, why should your mouth bother? Ha-Ha!! Just kidding - but then again - not. Don't worry - it will all balance out appropriately. I enjoy you as you are - I'm learning alot. So thanks for being so quiet!

Withdrawn: This way you have a larger picture. You're in/on the periphery of things. You see more. You understand more (seeing the connections). You FEEL more. Besides, who said you need to hold hands with everyone? When happy with self, others come and go as necessary and we are still happy in self. Some are for 1 minute, some an hour, some a day, some weeks, some months, some years. As long as we are learning and enjoying....

Also, when in/on the periphery you note your teacher self. "I'm not that common." When the student wishes to ask and have answers, the teacher is ready. Do you realize how many you have taught (100,000 hits!). Hey - hello! We can't force our wanting upon others. We give because we wish to - without expecting anything in return. What we receive is a gift. Not an obligation.

I normally see the third eye differently, but due to the exercise AA Raphael and I were doing I saw yellow and green. (Symbolic) Appropriate colors are placed appropriately to balance all.

Work: I do aura healings, balancing, cleaning (what ever you wish to call it) in my home. After bringing Lisa to school, I come home, clean up the mess, client anywhere from 2 - 4 hours. Quick lunch, Lisa from school. Lisa and mom time. dinner. Jan puts Lisa to bed. Client at 19:30 again for 2 or 4 hours. What's needed.

You're a riot! Boy do you make me laugh! "If you think I'm mental, you should see most of the computer people I work with." What an image.

I used to work for Ericsson - Tele Comm. Co. I know exactly what you mean.

Family is calling again. gotta' go. Will try tomorrow with more.

Until then.

Triple TTT


Oh, yes, I forgot! Did you ask?

Ornery aren't I?

Have a good one!


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