Pink Sky

Monique of the Netherlands
Aura Walker, Soul Healer - Part 3

Because Monique had discovered the Cosmic Harmony web site by first reading Trinity's story, she wanted to pay her respects to him via email. He responded with his characteristic brevity as follows.

An Email from Trinity to Monique
Sunday, June 06, 2004

To close your eyes and all is SO different inside.
It can be a different place or state of mind.
Its like when I close my eyes its a different world -
completely apart from what its like with my eyes open ...
that the body is a film or a thin barrier.

I can be In another light being looking out at what he sees and senses.
. . . . .

Its been a long strange magical adventure of my life so far ...

We are blessed with our lives... Trin

Response from Monique back to Trinity
Monday, June 07, 2004

Hello! Good Morning!

When I close my eyes....Sometimes this is better for me to get a better picture. Other times it's better to keep the eyes open because I "see" way too much!

Sometimes I work with my eyes open and see very clearly into the other worlds, sometimes closed. I'm always intrigued by the fact that I can "see" into the universe with my eyes open.

Yes sometimes the body is a filter, and sometimes it's in the way.

Tropical Paradise I wish I could experience things as real as you do. This doesn't happen all the time for me. Those moments are special. Twice I've been where Jesus comes to communicate in his reality. It feels like I'm in another sphere of energy. There is no sound. All colors are most pure and radiant.

To the left is the ocean, pristine and loving, moving calmly and softly. I'm walking on beach sand that is illuminated (alive) and is also pristine. I do not feel my feet. I feel as if I'm only a person to reassure myself. To the right green growth as it should be. In front of me on the beach is drift wood, piled up. I decide to go to that and sit under this wood and wait. I'm all in white.

I feel a presence that I'm familiar with arriving. I look and see his feet and his robe. It's fascinating to me to see how his robe moves. It's like all things have come down to a tempo that should be. Placidly, flowing in time to all.

Fascinating! I look up further and fall into eyes that know all. Dark brown with gold. Here is love and understanding that makes me weep with the missing of him.

I can't talk. My emotions are in the way. Twice I have been here. Twice I have felt that "there" is more real than earth. Hard to describe the rightness of it all - the beauty.

I have walked on the beach here in the Netherlands and experienced that dimension coming down on earth. Pling! Then walking side by side with Jesus.

Patient [arrives]

Then walking and working with Raphael. It felt like I was walking for maybe half an hour but in reality 3 to 5 hours had gone by and my husband was beginning to worry about me. Other experiences are also real, but not as crystal clear as the above. Seems like there's still a damper on it all. So can understand when in such a reality you're afraid you might not come back!

Thanks for responding.

Have a good one!

Monique (TTT)

06/07/04   From Monique


Just reading Rainspirite (etc.) site. And low and behold! On page 4! I read:

"I have a perfect acreage for nature spirits - a sort of mini nature preserve with wild places, etc....In the summer the water flows through the irrigation ditches, there is a huge river willow along the bank, and a shady pool." etc.

Don't want to get on your case, but I will anyhow. (Still like me?). Exactly the place to be to allow Mother Nature to assist you in recognizing your fellow friends! Practice makes perfect! Bet if you sat there telling yourself and Them jokes things would start to happen. Don't be so serious! first joke: (told by my 17 year old!) Two strawberries in a jam pot, says the one to the other, can I sit by the window now?" (I know, I know!).


06/08/04   From Monique


Last nite at midnight up was upstairs in our attic. I stood before our open window and looked out into the night. I breathed in the cool air. The sky was rose colored. Everywhere I looked. It made me smile. What a beautiful sign that Venus was showing her love to us here on earth. The light in the sky was as if it were breathing, moving slowly and gently. Like angels' wisps. I felt a guide and then saw him briefly to my left (usually to the right). I was surprised that he was a he. He was giving me stability. I went out into the sky, and the sky came into me. I felt and saw this wondrous feminine energy. She looked at me and smiled. The sky, breathing, moved and spiraled towards me, this wondrous illuminated rose colored night. I felt her energy wrap itself ever so gently around me. Lovingly. I felt warm. Safe. "Thank you."

My guide then directed me to go to bed and sleep well and that all will be handled accordingly. I placed a gold lemniscaat on my third eye and wished for all communications on all levels within my own self to expand. I said thanks again and had the most wonderful nights rest!

How was it out in the USA?

This morning the same guide came back while I was meditating on the sofa and we cleared out some heart chakra problems. I feel so much lighter!!! This is great! I'm also working with AA Chamuel for a bit more trust in myself.

May your hearts be filled with this very special rose colored love,

Monique (TTT)

06/08/04   From Monique


I feel like I'm catching up!

I was sitting in my chair (yes, MY chair) and was looking at my right ear as my right side of the body is going through (a painful) change. I wished for my ear to be even more open. Deja vu! And an angry young man stood in front of me. (I'm now out There).

"Who are you?" I ask. He thrust an old yellowed piece of paper in my face, angrily. It's so close to my eyes, the text blurs and I need to blink to re-focus.

"Are you in the consciousness of God?" I ask as a safety precaution he is soooo angry. In my stomach I can feel a slight knot forming and I breathe it away. "Remain in my power", I say to myself. I again ask who he is and again he thrusts this torn piece of paper at my face - quite frustratingly with the thought, "How many times will I need to do this?" he asks. I know if I concentrate on the paper (if he gave me time - but he tended to take it away as quickly as showing it.) I would be able to read the text. However, priorities needed to be set here. Again I breathed the slight feeling of pressure in my abdomain (ab - domain?!) away.

"Why are you so angry?" I ask. I receive no answer.

"Your new here aren't you?" I see another extension of me conversing with this young angry gentlemen. This extension has beautiful long black hair, smiling eyes and mouth, beautiful face, body. She very professional looking, but also quite sexy and knowing. I felt like I was back in high school standing across from one of the popular cheer leaders and me feeling like a twit. Anyway, here in this energy I remained with the priority. (Amazing how FAST thoughts can move. It's almost like you could time them here.)

He doesn't answer. "Are you an angel?" I ask. "As you will." He responds. "Are you an ascended Master?" "As you will." Again the same response. He doesn't look directly at me. He's constantly looking down and away and moving with his upper body in a swinging motion, left and then right. He's very uneasy.

I let go of this extension and settle down into myself (abdomen again) and contacted my Wise Woman Self. "It is patience that you seek. I wish you well." And I (the Wise Woman Self) "PLING!" (like a magic wand) gave him from Self (me) patience (which I had to spare). AS gift from me to him. I see, feel, hear and know his needs. He is given to. The angry young man disappeared and Transformed into a most stunning and beautiful aura! One ring of energy on top of the other! Oh, I wish I could take pictures when this happens!!!!!!!! God, it was gorgeous! Most illuminating. I was hypnotised by it, being Monique again.

I saw my guide that I frequently see off to my left, all in white. Her hair is also white. She has always a gentle smile on her face. This never leaves. When seeing her I received Deja Vu!!! This I have done before!!!!! She confirmed this. This is what I can do well. My forehead began to tingle. I felt like I received a slight sun burn there. My ears prior to this were plip plop plopping. "We shall begin."

I will be receiving a new or other level of training now. Oh,boy!!!

Then I was in another dimension where souls (deceased) needed guidance into the "Light of the Lord" (Mantra - mine). There eyes would suddenly be filled with light - like chakra energies coming alive. I knew then that they were "seeing" this plane. I was at a back entrance (loading dock) of an energy ship. this ship is white and tube like. (combination of a train and a worm - I know but difficult to explain. Been here before also. Anyway). When ship is full, doors close and then we take off. Ship is REALLY FULL!

There is one man not wanting to depart. He is grieving and doesn't wish to travel with us. He is missing his daughter and keeps repeating, "My daughter, my daughter." It is up to me to explain to him, by letting him feel what our intentions are. The choice is his. I feel a worry that possibly we may have to go back. Choices ARE respected.

I explain that he will never be completely severed from his daughter - there will always be contact. "In the near future, which is why you're going where you're going. You will have COMPLETE connection."

He then let go of his link (idea) to his daughter and traveled with us. I was standing back against the wall of the energy ship and was not verbally communicating with this gentle man, but was emanating (thought). The other souls did not seem to be aware of our exchange, except for two or three that appeared to look over our way. I didn't feel them in any way join or interfere. I looked off to my left and saw others like myself standing so many meters apart from each other. Looking at this I "felt" as if it was my job (task). I really didn't want to do this anymore. I wanted to move on. It was a wish and a knowing in me. I would remain where I was for as long as needed knowing that there were other possibilities.

I went up front to the "cockpit" Huge front window. Feels like you're standing in space and not in the ship. It really does feel like a boat. I'll tell you why.

While in the cockpit, I know that there is another "bit" of me back with the souls. It's like reading and watching TV at the same time, and being able to follow both. (I use to do this all the time as a kid).

(Before I continue. The pressure in my crown chakra was really building and the energy pressing down and around in my aura also. It felt very uncomfortable and I was ALL FOR STOPPING!!! However, They said, "Finish what you start." and I know that this is always best for me. But I was here so long already - whew! So I am exercising in this too!)

From the cockpit looking back I see the souls have become white energy.

"Where are we taking them?" I ask the pilot (off to my right) There is also someone to my left but I don't focus on him. The pilot is female.

Galaxy spiraling past She steers to the left and we go to the right (ships rudders?) and I see a galaxy spiraling beautifully before us. This too I have seen before and take it as quite normal. I am pleased for them that the galaxy and the planet they will be residing on is quite beautiful. I knew that they would be cleared of all old debris and given a new start. We land and set off the souls. They are met by other light energies guiding them. My job with them is done. (Have you every been with someone and had the MOST FANTASTIQUE conversation ever?! and never wanted to leave the moment? Place love on that, and that's how it feels to depart from these souls. You have a connection, but have learned to let go.)

Back in the cockpit (sorry for the jumping around - except remember I'm two places at once) and I ask the female pilot if I may steer the ship. "Is it wise for you to do so?" She asks. I feel emanating from her that though I have been allowed to steer this ship in other places, by her permission, the return to the earth plane I hadn't done yet.

I say, "Allow me, I feel safe with you and know I can do this." So she gives me the wheel (huge white energy wheel) and as I stand at the helm (Ha-ha - really!) she places her right hand next to mine, her body into/onto mine, and her left hand next to mine. Then it's as if she disappears and I'm standing alone at the wheel. She is helping me in my head (brain energy waves - thought patterns - (difficult to explain). I am smiling like the cat who ate the canary (and spit it out to apologize! Sorry birdie. I have to say these in between things or I think people will think I am nuts. What a story!). Anyway I'm standing there with this huge smile, so happy! I just LOVE steering this huge thing! (I felt like a little girl sitting on daddy's lap steering the big car) What a riot! What a thrill! I cannot possibly describe how UTTERLY, ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC it is to have been able to experience this! The ULTIMATE RUSH!!!!! Wheeeeeee! Wow! So COOL! What Fun!!!! There is no train, speed boat or aeroplane, rocket ship (earth) that could top this! No Way! (I feel the presence of the pilot smiling at me and my childish enthusiasm.) (My ear is burning!!!) How to explain the feel of such a huge energy behind you, steering while feeling like you're standing in space with space racing towards you at hyper speed, lights flashing, zooming, no sound! Oh, boy! Oh, the adrenaline! Gosh! (I wasn't afraid at all. I absolutely loved it. Now I understand why I was always Racing in my car (Mustang), racing on my horse, racing in speed boats, going to F16 open days to feel the blast and hear the roar!)

(I'm breathing normally again!)

Back normally in the cock pit. I do settle after an initial thrill. This Wow moment was but a teensy moment (for me here on earth something to relive over and over again!), then I settle down to the seriousness of the task. An energy ship is not something to be played around with! We veered off to the left and started to descend into the earth planes. Each one we traveled through (I was thinking of Kiara's descriptions of the slimy goo we pass through - of forgetfulness) thumped the ship and I needed to stand firm and consciously remain alert to the task. Consciously holding the end point in my mind at a focus. We went through several layers each thumping the ship like a huge wave would a speed boat - thump thump thump - but then not just the under side but completely in the round. The female pilot returned to self, as did I. She had asked after the first level and thump if I could still handle it, and "wasn't it too much?" I shook my head no and kept flying.

So there you have it! Quite a ride heh?

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Wishing you a fun filled day!

Monique (TTT)


Dear Monique,

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts (emails). I just loved the description of your experience.

Ever since you and Rafael scrubbed my aura, I have been so careful to maintain it as pristine as I can. It was a great gift, that I treasured highly. I center in mind awareness but I want to center in love / higher emotion - awareness and this you helped me to do. Mind is so dull on it's own, no love, no feeling and this is where I usually live. Last month I had a CD player installed in my car so I could play beautiful music on the way to work and get caught up in the feelings that beautiful music brings instead of caught up in getting to work as fast and efficiently as possible. I still do this but I want to enjoy the beauty of the day, the passing trees and grass and not spend all my consciousness on trying to make that next green light.

This morning I was listening and hearing one person's guitar music in the mix and it had not only a nice harmony but a very catchy rhythm like a Neil Young tune - very lively, something you want to hear and feel like - yes, I wish I could play the guitar like that. Then I started feeling this love feeling like my heart swelling with love, like pink flowing out of my heart chakra into the universe. I'm feeling it again now as I type.

This is how I want to be. This is the magic I'm looking for. But then the mind takes over again, the feeling subsides, I go to my job and have to talk about technical things, disk drives filling up, email problems. This is what they pay me for. But I think mind is a base, like a slab of concrete, and then we build our edifice from there. Once the mind is solid, we can go on and add love and higher feeling and make a castle rising into the air.

Of all the people that have ever written to me. You are the most magical, the most poetic, combined. Trin was magical but he has a hard time putting his feelings into a lot of words. He puts them into a few words and those words are potent with meaning that can be understood by another who also has the third eye open and has been there. If your third eye isn't open, you get the feeling there is something there but it doesn't paint a picture. Your words build a picture, like a canvas, a landscape. I feel I want to frame them and put them up online like a museum of images for people to drink and invoke great feelings in their hearts also.

So ongoing the challenge is to maintain these higher feelings. I think this is the actual transition from third dimension into fourth. Third is the world we have built, the civilization with it's struggles, the news, propaganda, spin, information. It is causing the churning of minds. We read things and understand or we are influenced and buy or believe. Maybe we are fooled and bought an inferior product. Then we learn that quality is a good thing. Maybe we choose a person to believe in and find out he is only into self or rewarding friends and family. Then we learn that integrity and philanthropy are good things. So third dimension is building the base, the concrete structure like that of mind I described above. It's its own space, full of ambition and knowledge, wishes, hopes, disappointments. Once that is mastered. We go on to fourth dimension. We find we aren't alone in this universe. There's an unseen world we are all part of. There are Great Beings out there who have been waiting for us to get out of our 3D kindergarten and join in creating this grand universe that all are striving for. We begin to feel connected. We transition from mind to heart (both active) - we balance Yin and Yang, begin to work for the good of all because we now know that all are one.

So these are my thoughts this morning. I will write more later. I have to go breathe for a while.

With Love.


Dearest Jerry,

Thank you so much for your reply!

I was still, even though happy to be doing all this typing, quite unsure about typing some of the things I had. I mean me on a space ship, soul delivery? How many people wouldn't want to throw me into a basket and close the lid? It's still scary. But at the same time - I love it because it sets me free. This is who I really am! What a wonderful gift you are to many people by letting them be who they are and then putting it to "paper".

I use to write alot when I was very young. Couldn't stop. But no one understood my stories.

Bad Pig When I was 8 I wrote my first short story about pigs and a community of loving pigs and one pig who was "very bad" and tried to change them to be more like him. Or when I was 10 and received honours from my teacher because of a story I wrote at Easter time - "The Choosing". One man dies and has seven doors to choose from, but first he's allowed to view his life. My parents didn't promote any of this or support it. Others around me also didn't quite GET me.

I use to be able to stand in the middle of a party filled room of people, and they wouldn't see me! Literally! I would be standing under there noses, they calling for me, and nope, not see me. I had fun playing hiding and go seek with my brother. Use to frustrate the heck out of him. Even once he three times STOOD on me and Still didn't see me!! Ha-HA!

"Pristine feeling" - Keep up the good work! AA Raphael will/is pleased!!

Neil Young - I like him too!

"Like pink flowing out of my heart chakra into the universe." What a wonderful gift of giving in return to the universe. One of my sayings while doing my morning ritual is to say, "May I give as well as receive, may I receive as well as give." This to the universe. Both are SOOOO important! This I have verification of with all the clients I get. Most forget to receive and or give. All energy is 50/50! Flowing in and out!

"Mind takes over.." We all of us have this. Eventually, takes a while, we get to believe it and then do believe that Bliss can be in everything/everywhere! Takes practice believing.

"Mind is a base" - Exactly what I say to students and clients! First the foundation (self) and then layer upon layer of greater self! We learn to work with the mind, sans feeling. Sometimes we take this with us into this life or another lifetime. But indeed it is making the circle complete by re-being in touch with our feelings! These feeling do bring us into the fourth dimension. For me being in another dimension - whichever it is - is like coming again into something that is VERY familiar. Like talking to people at a family reunion and recalling things from way back when. A picture slowly forms in your mind and connects to your feelings and you start to smile - "Oh, yeah! I remember now!" That's what it is every time for me. "Oh, yeah! I remember now!"

Sometimes in my work all disappears and I don't know if the sound I created was created by me, or the universe! "Did that just come "out of" the universe "into" my living room, or did I just do that?" And you realize that it doesn't matter. Because it's one and the same! Home is home.

"Your words build a picture..." Thank YOU! My customers always laugh at how I tell everything in detailed story form. Spinning the web!

Thank you for this! You and Trinity are teaching me much!

It's bed time for us here! So gotta' go!

You guys have a good one!


Monique (TTT)


Do you prefer Monique or TTT? I love Monique. So French, European, mystery woman.

Today was a rough day and I can't control the time factor. Just didn't get more time to reply to your emails. But I loved them and will keep them.

Yes my place is even wilder now than when I exchanged emails with Rainsprite (she mostly just signs herself Rain which I think is a nice name). It is nice to be surrounded by nature but the down side is that as humans we are always scurrying around trying to get something done - a sort of downfall because then our consciousness is focused on that instead of just receiving and breathing (like you say). Hmmmm. Maybe that's a hint as to how to proceed. Do less, eliminate the non-essentials, take more time to breathe, appreciate, communicate. But right now I need to get the garden in before the summer heat is on. Those little plants need to get their roots down so they can defend themselves from that relentless Boise summer sun.

I want to ask you about your morning routine you alluded to. Your clients are blessed. It would be fun to meet you in person.

06/09/04   From Monique

Bon Jour!

I am going July 16 through the 26th to the USA! Yeah! I've signed up for a Jonathan Goldman workshop in sound and harmonics. "It is a step by step process of learning to use sound for vibrational patterning and alignment. Using sound as a healing modality." It's given just outside of Denver. Boy oh Boy! I've never done anything like this before so am kinda' nervous. The reason I'm mentioning this is I had read your section on Metaphysical Basis of Harmony and Music. As I had mentioned before I work with Tuning forks and get some WOW results! Today for instance a woman whose birthing canal (re-visited) that needed to be re-adjusted, healed, and opened so that she could re-emerge as whom she really is. I was working all bent and hunched over (still feel it in my back) and couldn't stand up because I was in a tunnel and could only emerge (with her higher self to my left) until I came to her soul path. What a relief to be able to stand up!! What all a tuning fork can do! Then I needed to bring her higher self and her conscious self together and together walk her soul's path. Even at the age of 64 she still doesn't feel at home here on earth.

Anyway, sound interests me because as a child I use to work in my head with a complete symphony orchestra. I could signal out each instrument one at a time, two at a time, 10 at a time. anyway, I don't do that anymore. For some reason this feels like the right thing to be doing for right now. Have you heard of this person before?

I've got a lot to do to get ready for this!

Take care and love your garden, because it does you!

Monique (TTT)

06/09/04   From Monique


Just replying before my first client comes! Thanks for the response. I know it's difficult to respond to all that you must receive from others and all.

I don't mind being called Monique as I'm use to it! (ha-ha-ha). I'm not so mysterious, believe me. Just a wife and mom who happens to do other things on the side! (sounds naughty!).

Remember to rest, breathe and love yourself!

Monique (TTT)

06/09/04   From Me To Monique

That cracked me up !

OK, last night I was wondering, so I have to ask.

Do you think the process of visualizing things takes place with the third eye? Lots of people don't have active Ajna (3rd eye) chakra but they can still imagine things and visualize things. But I think there is some relationship between the two.

Do you think practicing visualizing things opens or develops the third eye? I know you don't just visualize things but like Trinity, you actually see things in your mind even with your eyes open. So you are seeing other realities, higher realities with the third eye.

And what is the relationship to the third eye and dreaming. Do you have more lucid dreams now than you used to have? Do you exercise free will and "decide" to do things in your dreams, or are you more of a passive witness (my dreams). Do you mostly feel like you are awake while dreaming or do you sleep deeply and not remember them.

I was thinking about all these topics as I was drifting off to sleep and I made mental note to get your point of view on them if you don't mind.

And yes, today I asked. I don't know why I'm uncomfortable with that. I always feel like I'll do it some day - I'll have a special ceremony and ask - ask for enlightenment, knowledge, love, higher sensibility, etc. But first I have to be a better person because I don't want to call attention to myself and have my life scrutinized by some higher being and making judgments about me. I know this is dumb but I guess that's sort of my personal stumbling block that keeps me from asking. And when I first met Trinity I used to try to get "Them" (whoever they are) to talk to me. But I never got a response so I figured it's just not my path or I'm just not ready.

Well, sorry to dump all the questions on you. I'm signing off for the day. When you read this it will be Jupiter's day (Thursday). Jupiter - Holy Being. I think Thursday is the real Sabbath.


Hello Monique. Finally I have some quiet moments. I am a late night person. I get a second wind at midnight. I like to go for a walk at bedtime. I love looking up at the sky and seeing stars. Sometimes I see a satellite or a meteor. I always feel like spirit made me look up just so I could see the meteor - like it was a personal gift. I often (lately) wish I'd see a UFO. I never have but it would be a real gift. I like the night. When it's cloudy and warm at night I wish I could sit out in the dark and feel the breeze and listen to the sound of it swaying the tree limbs back and forth. It's alway this feeling like the Earth, or maybe the entire Universe showing that it's alive and conscious. A tree moving in the wind always has some special magic. I usually have to force myself to get to bed because I know I need six or seven hours sleep or I'll be all groggy in the morning. But when I go inside, I always have a feeling like I had to walk out of the theater before the movie was over.

I liked your description of looking out and seeing a pink sky. I wonder what made it pink at midnight. Our sky sometimes looks that way when there are low clouds lit by the city lights at night - the clouds glow with reflected light.

"I felt a guide and then saw him briefly to my left"

So please excuse my human curiosity but what exactly is a guide? Are these angelic type beings, or some kind of being who once was human but now is on a higher tour of duty. Or again are they intelligences from somewhere else in the universe that may have once been in human or similar physical life forms but have come here to assist us?

I prefer to believe that there is a parallel evolution of angelic type beings who don't have to go through this physical existence like we do, but like you say they watch over us and help us as long as it doesn't abridge our free will.

Do you have familiar guides that come often and then visitor guides that surprise you?

"I placed a gold lemniscaat on my third eye and wished for all communications on all levels within my own self to expand"

I don't know the term Lemniscaat. I searched but all the sites were in German (or Dutch). One showed a symbol - like infinity - two intertwined loops.

But details aside, I like the way you ask for things, thank the beings helping you, and have an awareness of connectedness at all times. No wonder you are speeding down the highway of spiritual evolution.

I wonder where you came from? Have you been on earth for long or did you come in recently. You mentioned something about past lives. Have you seen much from them? You definitely seem like a Wanderer (originating from another system) to me.

06/10/04   From Monique

Dear Jerry,

I think that if a UFO landed in front of my house (I have no front lawn but a street) it would scare the bejeezus out of me! From a distance would do just fine thank you!

The human Monique would feel the blood leaving her face, thinking of protecting her family, just in case. the other Monique (with the triple T's) would say: "We accept you in love and thank you for honouring us with your visit. Welcome."
Dangerous Light Energies
In my "travels" I have met up with some scary beings. They're not all sunshine, flowers and happy trails to you. Some beings are, just like us, learning how to leave the negative spiral, learning to travel toward the light.

I had a client today who out of curiosity got herself into a jam. Her spirit would zoom away into the universe and find everything interesting. She would be like a child finding sea shells along the beach, but would also find a shiny sharp piece of glass as beautiful. Glass can be beautiful, but also dangerous if broken and sharp. She met up with some energies that at first appearance seemed beautiful, exuding wonderful white energy light (giving the physical body warmth - which I felt). This led her to believe that this was good energy. However, she couldn't understand why she felt like a dark cloud had descended upon her, why she was feeling depressed, out of touch, grumpy and very angry. Her neck and shoulders were killing her. Seeing this energy I asked it if it came out of the light and love (consciousness) of GOD. It responded not. Silence is for me the red flag! So I sent it away in HIS light not to come back again. All is done with God's love. This doesn't always just, pling, go away. This took some time. It was interesting energy to see. It looked like a chakra with the base of a sea anemone. At the opening streamed out white light and energy. Looking closer I saw several smaller circles filling the larger. The opening had a flat surface. When being sent away in GOD's light and love it gathered its white streaming energy back up into itself, closed it's opening, back up into the universe, paused, and veered off to my right, its left, back into the openness of the universe. There were two of these things.

Phew! Crown chakra being very well felt afterwards and left with the impression - Wow - she can pull some tough stuff, on a VERY large scale, down to her. Then I needed to get her re-connected to the GOD light. Here I received help from little star bursts of which one attached to her aura to work on it. Of course I also asked them if they were out of the consciousness of GOD. the answer was yes. Then I saw rods of energy and perfect spheres of energy, from her right (where GOD energy comes from) enter her aura. (When working to get rid of the above energies I had my back to the clients back and was looking out into the universe.) Behind these energies I saw the glimpse of God light emerging like a new moon does peeking behind your favorite mountain. When I saw this I was filled with wonder and awe! A most amazing thing to see. Someone being touched by God's light! My heart fluttered, thrilled. "Oh, good. All will be well with her." A relief. The little star burst kept telling me, "You can stop now. I got it taken care of." And me, "Yes, I know, I just want to look." "Yes, yes, but you can go now, I got it." "Yes, I know, but I just want to look." Told you I'm stubborn. But I also "felt" that I was allowed no longer to view this process because it was very personal. So I stopped. I know when to listen. Really! Honest!

This lady needed here on her earth plane to learn how to place her boundaries, but also out in the universe. Nothing "negative" happened. But a lesson had been learned.

Lemniscaat - Loop of Infinity "Lemniscaat" is a figure 8 laying down on its side - infinity. But unfold this twist and you have a circle = one. Why the lemniscaat? Because when its moving within its own pattern you go counter clock wise, and then with the clock, and it keeps going unendingly in Yin and Yang, but at the same time it is both by being also a circle = one.

Relationship between 3rd eye and visualisation. Like you said. First we build upon the familiar, our foundation of experiences. We see that we can visualize from our home our route to our job, just by closing our eyes and following. Believing is the best tool we can give ourselves. We have but to believe! as They say. It's all about practicing in believing. And then with belief, allowing things to come through (in there own way) and then learning to accept. Sometimes I would see things and it would take awhile before my brain registered "it" completely. A week or two weeks, sometimes months would be necessary to garnish a complete picture of what had transpired. That is how I began. By continuously daring to look again and again at the same picture and seeing all of "its" facets.

Ummm, for instance. The first time that I saw angels in person here on our earth plane. That took me years to look at repeatedly. I wasn't able even tell this story to people without emotionally bursting into tears due to the emotions that overwhelmed me every time. Every time I encountered the feeling and emotion of "I am worthy" which I hadn't at that aged accepted.

That's how it works. It takes practice for some of us. I walk, eat, think and poop this stuff continuously night and day. SERIOUSLY. It never leaves me. It's a major part of who I am. Everything is seen by me as a possible lesson to be learned or given. And after reading that, know that it is also about just being. GOOD-LUCK!! Ha-ha-ha (think an ugly witches laugh - wart and all - ha-ha!).

3rd eye and dreaming: Visions are different than dreaming. Is there one or more dream(s) that stick, never forgotten? Dreams fade away. Visions - stay! My lucid dreams are less now. Lucid dreams are practice for later! Smiling widely!

As a child my dreams were like going to the cinema. Full color with feeling! Sometimes I participated and that felt like it was an accident. Then I started to purposely practice, willing it, to participate knowingly. This wasn't always a success or non-frightening. All was a learning experience which I took, as a child, as testing. Right, wrong, wrong, right. All is right. All is learning. But with every level of learning our abilities grow. This wanting to look, feel, know, hear, learn was like a thick elastic band that kept (still does, but now it's the light (love) that I follow) pulling me forward. Often I felt like I was being played. Like a cat with a mouse. Toss it and then look to see what it (me the child) does. Very unpleasant. I learned how say no to many things (beings). I learned to move forward without being waylaid or deterred, except by choice and not losing my objective(s).

YOU ASKED ME: Do you believe that higher beings - special ceremony - asking - but first I "have" to be a BETTER person Because I don't want to call ATTENTION ("Hello! Yooohooo! Jerry is right HERE!!!!! Yeap. Over Here!!!! YooHooo! Look! Look! Here he is!" I'm waving wildly a huge red flag!) to myself and have my life SCRUTINIZED ("Excuse me - larger, I mean Higher being - here's a magnifying glass so you can view Jerry even better") by some "HIGHER" (He most appreciates the title - thank you.) and making JUDGMENT about me (I beg your pardon? Ask this while being aghast! hand over heart).

Gracious! You think highly of yourself! First of all your life is (Just like Trinity has told you) of little interest to THEM. When you go to your job, drink your coffee, walk the dog, go to the bathroom etc, etc. interests them naught. You as a being however, does. How are you consciously growing? How is your heart? What do you do with it? Surround it with hate? Judgments? Partitions? Sorrow? Love?

You are no lower than GOD. Since you come from GOD (that Divine spark) you ARE GOD. Are you judging GOD? Or are you judging yourself? Why are you judging?

How much better do you need to be for yourself to believe in yourself? You know what I always say to my clients after asking how much trust and faith they had in themselves. "Don't worry. Even if you don't believe in yourself, GOD does, and always will." He loves you Jerry and doesn't scrutinize! He KNOWS and LOVES at the same time. There is no room for judgments in his HOME. Be as nice to yourself, as he is to you. And now be nice to Him. Share each others hearts.

We give because we want to, and not because we HAVE to. We give and expect nothing in return. We receive without guilt or remorse. We receive because we're allowed to. Happiness is allowed. If by asking for something we can attain a happiness, angels are MORE than willing to give it. You will not be scrutinized. Things will be done in that which is best for you.

Start feeling, start knowing your GREATNESS!!!

How's that feel!? Like I just kicked your butt? Sorry! No I'm not! If it works - great! If not be honest and cuss me out! I can handle it. And, now!


Lots of love to your heart,

Monique (TTT)


Dear Monique. You made me cry. I'm still crying. I feel very happy, like someone just gave me a wonderful gift - but not something of this earth, far far better. Thanks for all your beautiful words. I will read them again later and reply. But right now I don't want this feeling to go away.

With love.

To be continued...

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